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Bias - Pollster's worry

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Bias - Slant Bias - It's unfair Bias - Partiality Bias - Polling problem Bias - Diagonal Bias - Partisanship Bias - Leaning Bias - Proclivity Bias - Bent Bias - Prejudice Bias - View with a skew Bias - Pollster's worry Bias - Judge's no-no Bias - Tendency Bias - Hate crime cause Bias - It inhibits impartial judgement Bias - Penchant Bias - Objectivity spoiler Bias - Civil rights concern Bias - Inhibitor of impartial judgement Bias - Hiring no-no Bias - One-sidedness Bias - Skewed view Bias - Kind of crime Bias - Inclination Bias - Hindrance to fair judgment Bias - It's not fair Bias - Predisposition Bias - It's not fair! Bias - Fairness obstacle Bias - It colors commentary Bias - Dressmaker's cut Bias - Favoritism Bias - Sampling undoer Bias - Favoritism or discrimination Bias - Pollster's concern Bias - Sampling problem Bias - No-no for newsmen Bias - Color Bias - Hindrance to fairness Bias - Systematic distortion Bias - Sampling flaw, in statistics Bias - Angle Bias - Partial condition Bias - Judging partiality Bias - Partial quality Bias - Subjectivity Bias - Preconception Bias - View that's askew Bias - Poorly-designed survey’s problem Bias - Subject for a media ombudsman Bias - Askew view Bias - Lack of objectivity Bias - Partial attitude Bias - Whichever way you look at it she would never be as good as gold in india Bias - Sounds as if you might purchase this for us, though not without prejudice Bias - I have an inclination to be among the graduates Bias - This prejudice is of importance to the bowler Bias - An inclination to purchase for us, by the sound of it Bias - That's a sound way to purchase us this with prejudice Bias - Sounds as if you might purchase such prejudice for us Bias - Has one got a prejudice to purchase this for us, by the sound of it? Bias - An influence against, prejudice Bias - A leaning or prejudice Bias - Inclination of prejudice Bias - Inclination or prejudice Bias - Prejudice, partiality Bias - Unreasonable inclination Bias - Prejudiced or weighted opinion Bias - Have a tendency to purchase this for us, by the sound of it Bias - Leaning to purchase this for us, by the sound of it Bias - Purchase such prejudice for us, by the sound of it Bias - 'a tendency to purchase this for you and me, by the sound of it (4)' Bias - Diagonal line Bias - Slant or prejudice Bias - Lack of objectivity one gets in arts graduates Bias - Being intransigent and shaking heads, demonstrating partiality Bias - Belief in one way Bias - Predilection Bias - Journalist's concern Bias - Leaning towards irish food before self-starter Bias - Leaning towards irish food with head of state Bias - Skew Bias - Distorted judgment Bias - See 54-down Bias - Prejudice results in indian master going back gutted Bias - No-no for judges Bias - Decision clouder Bias - Diagonal cut Bias - Judicial no-no Bias - Influence unfairly Bias - Editorial slant Bias - Media concern Bias - Favouritism Bias - (bowls) irregular shape Bias - Again hiding a prejudice Bias - Large city in florida Bias - As used by an impartial bowler? Bias - Prejudice on the bowling green? Bias - One-sided prejudice Bias - Prejudice american leader's given into twice Bias - What partial bowlers put on the ball? Bias - Partiality shown by bowlers? Bias - Prejudice for one side Bias - Black is absorbing a colour Bias - Prejudice for or against Bias - Prejudice, one-sidedness Bias - Bigotry Bias - Prejudice that could be binding Bias - Toby doesn't have to exert unfair influence Bias - Spin when following centre of orbits Bias - Prejudicial inclination Bias - Unfairness Bias - Narrow-mindedness Bias - Hindrance to random sampling Bias - Particular tendency or inclination Bias - Tendency of bowls to swerve Bias - Prejudice one found among arts graduates Bias - Tendency that's found in wood Bias - Prejudice found entering club, i assume Bias - Prejudice shown by one in hq out east Bias - Graduates accept one has prejudice Bias - Swinging while leaning Bias - Bishop is hiding a prejudice Bias - An inclination to show prejudice Bias - Strong predisposition Bias - Prelate half concealing a partiality Bias - Reporting no-no Bias - Sampling flaw Bias - Partiality for one side Bias - Prejudicial view Bias - __ cut: fabric design technique Bias - Partial view Bias - Has a leaning for bringing in a stew for starters Bias - No-no for a judge Bias - Statistician's concern Bias - A.c.l.u. target Bias - No-no for judges and journalists Bias - Data skewer Bias - Lack of fairness Bias - Musical leaning Bias - Judgment concern Bias - It can color commentary Bias - Media slant Bias - Skewer of a sort Bias - Prejudice from another time restricting author initially Bias - Musical slant Bias - Musical slant Bias - Confirmation ___ Bias - Confirmation ___ Bias - Favoritism or prejudice