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Ursula - Phoebe's sister on 'friends'

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Ursula - Phoebe's sister on 'friends' Ursula - Author ___ le guin Ursula - Actress andress Ursula - "dr. no" star andress Ursula - Saint said to have been martyred by huns Ursula - Name meaning 'she-bear' Ursula - Author le guin Ursula - Sean's first "bond girl" Ursula - "the little mermaid" role Ursula - Author leguin Ursula - 'the little mermaid' villain Ursula - Legendary christian martyr Ursula - Sci-fi author le guin Ursula - She's honey in "dr. no" Ursula - Villainess in 'the little mermaid' Ursula - British saint Ursula - Octopus in a disney film Ursula - "the little mermaid" villain Ursula - Bond girl andress Ursula - "the little mermaid" antagonist Ursula - Sci-fi author __ k. le guin Ursula - Andress of 'dr. no' Ursula - Sea witch in "the little mermaid" Ursula - The woman's usual disguise includes beard, but not one drop of perspiration Ursula - She played honey in "dr. no" Ursula - Sean's 'dr. no' co-star Ursula - Phoebe's twin on 'friends' Ursula - Art teacher's daughter who suffers at the rainbow's end Ursula - Saint, pure at heart, linked to saul, somehow Ursula - Girl runs into usual suspect Ursula - Legendary saint said to be martyred with virgins Ursula - Lawrence's teacher, who was in love Ursula - Martyred female saint Ursula - George of the jungle's beloved Ursula - Name meaning "little bear" Ursula - St - - , legendary british martyr put to death by huns at cologne Ursula - Girl who might reveal us running back? Ursula - - - andress, the original bond girl Ursula - --- andress, swiss-born glamour star in the film industry Ursula - Author ___ k. le guin Ursula - Moniker that means 'little she-bear' Ursula - 'the left hand of darkness' author le guin Ursula - Sean's first 'bond girl' Ursula - Disney's sea witch