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Hag - Witchlike character

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Hag - "blue meagre __, or stubborn unlaid ghost . . .": milton Hag - "blue-eyed" one in "the tempest" Hag - "macbeth" cauldron stirrer Hag - "macbeth" character Hag - "macbeth" figure Hag - "macbeth" trio member Hag - 'blue-eyed' one in 'the tempest' Hag - 'hansel and gretel' figure Hag - 'macbeth' character Hag - 'macbeth' trio member Hag - 'thimble theatre' sea-dweller Hag - A nymph she's not Hag - A witch or ugly old woman Hag - An ugly old woman Hag - An ugly old woman or witch Hag - Any of three who prophesy macbeth becoming king, e.g Hag - Battle-ax Hag - Beldam Hag - Beldame Hag - Blue-eyed one in "the tempest" Hag - Book between zeph. and zech Hag - Broom hilda, e.g Hag - Broom rider Hag - Broomstick rider Hag - Cauldron stirrer Hag - Cauldron tender Hag - Common halloween costume Hag - Crone Hag - Definitely not a hottie Hag - Dungeons & dragons villain Hag - Enchantress, in shakespeare Hag - Evil queen's disguise in 'snow white and seven dwarfs' Hag - Evil queen's disguise in 'snow white' Hag - Evil-looking old woman Hag - Folklore crone Hag - Frightful female Hag - G is what is needed to make her acceptable to a scot Hag - Gis follow her in scotland, old and all as she is Hag - Gorgon Hag - Gorgon, e.g Hag - Halloween costume Hag - Halloween costume character Hag - Halloween costume option Hag - Halloween figure Hag - Halloween get-up Hag - Halloween persona Hag - Hansel and gretel adversary Hag - Hardly a beauty Hag - Hardly a beauty queen Hag - Hardly a knockout Hag - Harpy Hag - However ugly, sounds as if it is for a scot Hag - However unpleasant she may be, g is what will make a scot love her Hag - Makeover challenge? Hag - Mirror cracker, perhaps Hag - Miss america she's not Hag - No beauty Hag - No miss america Hag - Old as she is - gee, is that just what a scot would love? Hag - Old biddy Hag - Old crone Hag - Old though she is, one might drag back after her to make her gaunt Hag - Old witch Hag - Old witch-like woman Hag - Old woman in biblical book Hag - Old woman insultingly labelled a bad speller! Hag - One of a 'macbeth' trio Hag - One who might crack a mirror Hag - Prince leaves preaching to witch Hag - Scary woman Hag - Scary woman Hag - She's no venus Hag - She-demon Hag - Shrew Hag - Something spooner might have "flung out" Hag - Spooky woman Hag - Storied cauldron stirrer Hag - Storybook baddie Hag - Storybook crone Hag - The bard's witch Hag - Threat to hansel and gretel Hag - Ugly old witch Hag - Ugly old woman Hag - Ugly witch Hag - Unlikely beauty pageant winner Hag - Unlikely pageant winner Hag - Unpleasant old woman Hag - Virago Hag - Wart sporter Hag - What prospero calls caliban's witch mother Hag - Witch Hag - Witch found in this puzzle's four longest answers Hag - Witch or ugly old woman Hag - Witch's laugh before midnight? Hag - Witch, to shakespeare Hag - Witchlike character Hag - Witchlike woman Hag - Witchy sort Hag - Witchy type Hag - Witchy woman Hag - Withered woman Hag - Wizened caster of spells Hag - Wizened woman Hag - Woman on a broomstick Hag - Woman with a stereotypically warty nose Hag - World of warcraft figure