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Alters - Changes a suit

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Alters - 'about turn in the last, for a change (6)' Alters - Adjusts, as hems Alters - After dismissal of fellow hesitates to make changes Alters - After the ps it is such a change for psalms Alters - Are they round the necks of the unaspirated, for a change? Alters - Changes Alters - Changes a suit Alters - Changes in the church, by the sound of this Alters - Changes rope round 'orses Alters - Changes suits? Alters - Changes to staler state Alters - Changes, as a hemline Alters - Changes, makes different Alters - Changes, modifies Alters - Does a tailor's task Alters - Does a tailoring task Alters - Does some tailoring Alters - Does some tailoring on Alters - Doesn't leave alone Alters - Edits Alters - Fiddles with Alters - Fixes Alters - For a change they get it in the neck for the unaspirated Alters - Gives change for a half-century, together with all the rest Alters - How a half-century changes with the rest Alters - Interpolates Alters - Later comes s for a change Alters - Lets down, maybe Alters - Lets out or takes in Alters - Lets out, e.g Alters - Lets out, maybe Alters - Lets out, say Alters - Lowers the cuffs on, maybe Alters - Makes changes Alters - Makes changes in Alters - Makes changes to Alters - Makes different Alters - Makes fit Alters - Makes over Alters - Modifies Alters - Nips and tucks Alters - One does not leave it, just the same Alters - Perhaps produces some small change for 'er in the salt Alters - Raises or lowers a hem, say Alters - Redoes Alters - Rehems, maybe Alters - Remodels, e.g Alters - Revamps Alters - Reworks Alters - Shifts Alters - Sizes up or down? Alters - Sounds as if one has them in church for a change Alters - Sounds as if they're holy, but one changes all that Alters - Sounds as if they're in church for a change Alters - Sounds like what the churches haven, but all the same it's not Alters - Special places in churches announced for converts Alters - Takes in or lets out Alters - Takes in or out Alters - Takes in, for example Alters - Takes in, maybe Alters - Takes in, perhaps Alters - Takes in, say Alters - Takes up or lets out Alters - That makes a change for slater Alters - The cockney may get them in the neck for a change Alters - The sound of them in church as one gets change out of them Alters - The unaspirated will get it in the neck with them, just for a change Alters - They're all for a change in church, by the sound of it Alters - This changes the sound of what are in church Alters - Transfigures Alters - Transforms Alters - Turns and stumbles losing head Alters - Tweaks to fit Alters - Tweaks, say