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Ends - Aims Ends - Brings to a close Ends - Wraps up Ends - Goals Ends - They may be loose or split Ends - Loaf pair Ends - Quashes Ends - Volumes a and z in an encyclopedia Ends - Parts to tie Ends - Outcomes Ends - Tips Ends - Bounds Ends - Winds up Ends - They may be split Ends - Means justifiers Ends - Doesn't go on Ends - Concludes Ends - Targets of men who make passes Ends - Conclusions Ends - Gridiron group Ends - Some scrimmagers Ends - Breaks off Ends - Purposes Ends - Completes Ends - You hope they meet Ends - Epilogs Ends - Means' justifiers Ends - Means' justifier Ends - Termini Ends - Make/meet connector Ends - They justify the means? Ends - Goes no further Ends - See 7-down Ends - Budget meeting? Ends - Justifiers of means Ends - See 64-across Ends - Odds companion Ends - Unpopular slices Ends - Pulls the plug Ends - Some gridiron players Ends - Loose ___ Ends - Least popular slices Ends - Comes to a halt Ends - Some fast giants Ends - At loose ___ Ends - A string has two Ends - Loaf parts Ends - Partners of odds Ends - Pass catchers Ends - Odds partner Ends - They're offensive and looking to score Ends - 'loose' things Ends - Some receivers Ends - Partner of odds Ends - Certain linemen Ends - Extremities Ends - Drops the curtain on Ends - Puts a stop to Ends - They may be split or tight Ends - Final stages Ends - Parts cut off Ends - Expires Ends - Destinies Ends - Signs off Ends - Leaves off Ends - Ultimate objectives Ends - They're on lines Ends - Word with split or bitter Ends - 'tight' ones Ends - Forbids any more of Ends - Prow and stern Ends - Outer limits Ends - They may be tight or loose Ends - Some linemen Ends - Terminals Ends - They may be loose or tight Ends - They can be tight or loose Ends - Periods Ends - What a ring lacks Ends - Where hairs may be split Ends - Some giants Ends - Where hairs may split Ends - Brett favre targets Ends - Pass masters? Ends - It's sometimes hard to make them meet Ends - Stopping points Ends - Volumes a and z, e.g Ends - They justify the means Ends - "... in the two ___ of the mercy seat" (ex. 25:18) Ends - Ceases Ends - Means' justification Ends - It's good when they meet Ends - Football positions Ends - Earth parts? Ends - Make ___ meet (get by) Ends - Some pass receivers Ends - These might be split Ends - Candle burning sites Ends - They're far from the center Ends - Cuts off Ends - Abolishes Ends - Clippings Ends - Front and back Ends - Word with split and rear Ends - Pulls the plug on Ends - Brings to a halt Ends - They can be made to meet Ends - Peters out Ends - Word with rear or book Ends - Rings lack them Ends - Poles of a magnet, e.g Ends - Denouements Ends - Remnants Ends - Means justifiers, some say Ends - Word with front or rear Ends - They may be bitter Ends - Two slices of a loaf Ends - They catch bombs Ends - Some sausage slices Ends - Comes to a close Ends - Finishes Ends - ___ of the earth Ends - Stops Ends - There are two in a loaf Ends - Word with rear and book Ends - Comes to a conclusion Ends - Word with split or book Ends - Comes to a stop Ends - Extremes Ends - Borders Ends - Odds' counterpart Ends - Loaf tidbits Ends - These may be split Ends - Some try to make them meet Ends - Tackles' teammates Ends - Shuts down Ends - Reaches the coda Ends - "all's well that ___ well" Ends - Book ___ Ends - Gets done with Ends - Wraps things up Ends - Abates in court Ends - Drops Ends - What means may justify Ends - Pair in a line Ends - Tom brady targets Ends - Loaves have two Ends - They might be split Ends - Calls it a day Ends - Goes no longer Ends - Confining features Ends - Discontinues Ends - They're offensive and chase bombs Ends - Loaf extremities Ends - Terminates Ends - What a ring doesn't have Ends - Finishes with Ends - What rings lack Ends - Intentions Ends - Sports receivers Ends - Quarterbacks' targets Ends - Is over Ends - Draws to a close Ends - Some nflers Ends - See 37-across Ends - Most-cooked parts of roasts Ends - Nfl positions Ends - Omegas Ends - Objectives Ends - A ring doesn't have them Ends - They may be living or dead Ends - Finales Ends - Closes down Ends - Calls off Ends - Termination points Ends - Furthest points Ends - Phases out Ends - Top and bottom, e.g Ends - We hope they meet Ends - Far left and far right Ends - They may be loose Ends - Boundary lines Ends - Tight positions? Ends - Companion of odds Ends - Finishes up Ends - A loop doesn't have any Ends - Budgets make them meet Ends - Puts to bed Ends - Loose things Ends - Terminals or terminates Ends - Some bread slices Ends - Earth extremes Ends - Wurst pair Ends - Boundaries Ends - Cuts short Ends - It's better when they meet Ends - Left overs Ends - They may be offensive Ends - Tackles' neighbors Ends - Closings Ends - Line pair Ends - Hits 0:00 Ends - What circles lack Ends - Means justifiers, at times Ends - Last parts Ends - Patriots in a line Ends - Some pass catchers Ends - Make ___ meet Ends - To the ___ of the earth Ends - See 40 across Ends - Stops existing Ends - Some defensive linemen Ends - Relatives of odds Ends - Speedy linemen Ends - They can be loose or tight Ends - Airs its final episode Ends - Reaches 0:00:00 on a countdown clock, say Ends - Closes Ends - Targets of men who make passes? Ends - Pigskin receivers Ends - Vanishing points Ends - Lowers the curtain on Ends - Tie up loose ___ Ends - Good things to have meet Ends - Airs the final episode Ends - Stops it Ends - Completes the coda Ends - Kingdom of ___ (kantian concept) Ends - Grinds to a halt Ends - See 71-across Ends - Make-meet link Ends - Partner of 56-down Ends - Loose things to tie up Ends - Windups Ends - They're well off-center Ends - Some of the fastest football players Ends - Tails Ends - Halts Ends - Rem-nants Ends - Odds' mates Ends - Make -- meet Ends - Calls a halt to Ends - Reaches a conclusion Ends - Means justification Ends - Some footballers Ends - Tackles' teamates Ends - See 3-down Ends - Odds and -- Ends - Odds' partners Ends - Odd's mates Ends - See 38-down Ends - Runs out Ends - What a circle lacks Ends - Means justifiers, perhaps Ends - Objects Ends - Plays the coda Ends - Final word of a budgeting quip Ends - Final parts Ends - This never gives a start to the last of 4 down Ends - They're enough not to give you an 11 down Ends - You can't be 31 across, perhaps, if they meet Ends - There's one of them at 2 down Ends - They don't meet in the red Ends - Bill may be met if they meet Ends - At last one is apt to be 29 across Ends - If it's after five one finds a purchaser for them at last Ends - They need a leg to make them mythical at last Ends - It's ok to make them meet Ends - They meet when you can meet your obligations Ends - The fin is what does it Ends - Sounds as if one might make meat of them so as to pay one's way Ends - They meet when all is well at last Ends - One could never beg in them Ends - They're proper at last on the shelf after the book Ends - The fin is for them Ends - They won't meet if you're broke Ends - They come under a leg to a fabulous extent at last Ends - Make them meet to be solvent Ends - 11 across Ends - 4 down does them this way Ends - If they don't meet it's broke Ends - They have to meet to be able to meet the charge Ends - Goals, objectives Ends - 'goals, objectives (4)' Ends - Results Ends - They're 19 across if you can pay your way Ends - Make them meet to meet one's commitments Ends - Shockey and gonzalez are tight Ends - All is well if one can make them meet at last Ends - ". . . in the two ___ of the mercy seat" (ex. 25:18) Ends - Objectives, purposes Ends - Completes the coda, e.g Ends - Terminates, concludes Ends - Burn the candle at both ___ Ends - Send to conclusions Ends - Prow and stern, e.g Ends - Ceases, closes or dies Ends - Stops in dens Ends - Terminates in dens Ends - If they may be made to meet, you're all right Ends - One may be 27 across to make them meet Ends - They come 16 across Ends - Not broke when they meet at last Ends - It pays to make them meet Ends - Solvent when they're made to meet Ends - One leg might make them mythical at last Ends - Ned's confused at last with them Ends - When they don't meet in solvent they're making one Ends - Not indebted to meet them at last Ends - It will never give one a start to send them Ends - Not owing to get them to meet Ends - They meet at last to make one solvent Ends - It's apt to finish them after tea Ends - When not in red they're made to meet at last Ends - Some blockers Ends - They may justify the means Ends - Things rings lack Ends - Two on a line Ends - Closes out Ends - Airs the final episode of Ends - Fades to black Ends - Doesn't last forever Ends - Terminations Ends - Calls to a halt Ends - Completes games of bowls Ends - Objects to odd pieces Ends - Suspends only half of one's objectives Ends - Objects and doesn't go on Ends - Objects to extremities? Ends - Winds up with leftovers Ends - Objects when tips are offered Ends - Finishes in tears, but not at first Ends - Finishes despatch from first to last Ends - Destroys ambitions Ends - See 9 Ends - Ambitions for the finals Ends - See 8 Ends - They may be made to meet! Ends - Completes - purposes Ends - See 5 Ends - Do they justify the means? Ends - Make-meet middle Ends - Justifications for means, sometimes? Ends - Send for how a book finishes Ends - Means may justify them Ends - Extrema, e.g Ends - Means justifier, for some Ends - Odds' partner Ends - Culminates Ends - Nips in the bud Ends - Finishes with friends at last Ends - Theme of the puzzle Ends - See 72-down Ends - Wraps Ends - Machiavellian concerns Ends - Final chapters Ends - They may be tight or right Ends - Leaves them on table as they¿re generally loose Ends - Plays the last note Ends - Puts to rest Ends - Some big giants Ends - Leaves them on the table in termini Ends - The grim reaper and the dark angel produced holy grails Ends - "to the ___ of the earth" Ends - Puts the kibosh on Ends - Means justifiers, for some Ends - Goes last Ends - Limits Ends - Make-meet connector Ends - Scraps Ends - Doesn't carry on Ends - Bread heels Ends - The grim reaper and the dark angel produces holy grails Ends - Throws in the towel Ends - I've left endives facing each other on the table Ends - Closes up shop Ends - Suspends half of those at both edges of the table Ends - Finishes (loose or dead, perhaps?) Ends - Stops goals Ends - More than one of those in 21 down going around endocrine glands Ends - Some touchdown scorers Ends - They may follow the odds for various things Ends - They are changed in matches Ends - They will be changed this afternoon Ends - Remembrance of things past Ends - Modestine, perhaps, with some chaps, is on time - that's the estimate Ends - Associated with averages, perhaps, in huxley's enquiry Ends - Wanting goals, is likely to miss header Ends - Nurses taking time off in borders Ends - Objectives initiating early norse dramatic sagas Ends - Brings down the curtain Ends - Is discontinued Ends - Ultimate purposes Ends - Borderlines Ends - Loaf heels Ends - See 44-across Ends - Concludes by setting forth objectives Ends - Kills ambitions Ends - Objects, so doesn't go on Ends - Stops giving tips Ends - Given a bit of dividend, seldom objects Ends - Finishes up at both sides of the pitch Ends - Concludes there's no time for cares Ends - Closes the borders Ends - The aims of termini Ends - Objects when tips are offered? Ends - Limits one's ambitions Ends - Closes top and bottom Ends - Stops and repairs, removing the top Ends - Tears top off or top and bottom Ends - Aims to make repairs when the front's fallen off Ends - Is inclined to reject leader's aims Ends - Poles, aims Ends - Send cycling tips Ends - They may follow odds for those finishing Ends - The financially savvy make them meet Ends - Stamps out Ends - They may be split, tight or loose Ends - Bread slices Ends - Fizzles out Ends - Make meet Ends - Pencil points and erasers Ends - Partner of "odds" Ends - Starts to eat -- needs drink, so finishes Ends - Tips accompanying the odds? Ends - Finalizes Ends - Pair in a loaf Ends - Ultimate goals Ends - They might be loose or tight Ends - Leftovers Ends - Some nfl players Ends - They can be loose or split Ends - Two slices of a loaf of bread Ends - Many rushers Ends - Means justification, for some Ends - Loose things to tie up? Ends - Winds down Ends - Odds and __ (miscellany) Ends - Some football linemen Ends - Means justifier Ends - They might be tight or loose Ends - Circle's lack Ends - Modern synonym for 5-down Ends - Hair parts that might be split Ends - Aims and kills Ends - Doesn't keep going Ends - Objects to extremes Ends - Heels on a pumpernickel Ends - Brings to a conclusion Ends - Draws the curtain on Ends - Split ___ (tonsorial woe, and a hint to this puzzle's theme) Ends - Loose __ Ends - Send out the last bits Ends - Some eligible receivers Ends - Certain blockers Ends - Hoop's lack Ends - Winds up or winds down Ends - Sundays: "here's where the story ___" Ends - "sometimes kids get murdered for the ___ ..." (everlast) Ends - "before we go any further i want my ___" (everlast) Ends - "i want my ___" everlast Ends - "sometimes kids get murdered for the ___" everlast Ends - Green day "wake me up when september ___" Ends - Everlast's '99 hit Ends - Devotchka "how it ___" Ends - What even the longest show does Ends - Sundays "here's where the story ___" Ends - "here's where the story ___" Ends - What even a springsteen show does Ends - "some people will rob their mother for the ___" everlast Ends - "here's where the story ___" sundays Ends - All-american rejects "it ___ tonight" Ends - '90 sundays hit "here's where the story ___" Ends - Split __ Ends - Terminal points Ends - Certain gridiron positions Ends - The two to a loaf Ends - Finishes the finale Ends - Things that are farthest from the center Ends - Doesn't continue Ends - Extreme pair Ends - Budgeters make them meet Ends - What most donuts don't have Ends - Final boundaries Ends - Some football players Ends - Heels of loaves Ends - "before we go any further i want my __" everlast Ends - Swift pass receivers Ends - "please don't tell me how the story ___" Ends - Machiavellian justification Ends - Everlast single off "whitey ford sings the blues" Ends - "wake me up when september ___" Ends - They can justify the means Ends - Mobius strip's lack Ends - Says 60 across Ends - Reaches a coda, say Ends - Good things to make meet Ends - Ginger ___ Ends - Utmost boundaries Ends - What hoops and rings lack Ends - Terminal parts Ends - Finishes repairs without beginning! Ends - Word with "rear" or "tight" Ends - Closes the book on Ends - Winds up sam out of madness Ends - Crustiest parts of a loaf Ends - Some offensive or defensive gridders Ends - Lose rag in garden's borders Ends - Lose rag in garden's borders Ends - Loaf heels, essentially Ends - Loaf heels, essentially Ends - ... candle at both ___