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Manifesto - Declaration

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Manifesto - Declaration Manifesto - Unabomber's writing, e.g Manifesto - Marx and engels' 1848 work, e.g Manifesto - Policy statement Manifesto - Thus might he declare if he's got his toes broken Manifesto - Thus, if his toes are broken, he will declare it (9) Manifesto - That's himself declaring if his toes are broken Manifesto - It is his declaration if 'e's got broken toes Manifesto - Pre-election promises make some faint Manifesto - Statement of inmates altered Manifesto - Policy statement could be obtained by means of it Manifesto - Declaration of intention to clear ring Manifesto - Chairman maintains order of finest declaration Manifesto - More jobs, less tax, better services - same (if not radical) Manifesto - Aims often turned into policies Manifesto - Reveal circle responsible for party programme Manifesto - Show-off's first statement of intent Manifesto - Public announcement repeated in show ring clear round Manifesto - See 6 Manifesto - Soften aim (anag) - platform Manifesto - Declaration of political programme Manifesto - Party's publicly declared aims Manifesto - Public declaration of intent Manifesto - Publication containing political programme Manifesto - Promises of party in show ring Manifesto - Declaration of intentions by a political party Manifesto - Statement of policy, if not same, must be changed Manifesto - Statement of beliefs exploding old testament famines Manifesto - Nothing needs adding to clear statement of policy Manifesto - Obvious hole in public declaration of policy Manifesto - Silly of times to appear without an electoral programme Manifesto - Public declaration of policy Manifesto - Political statement included by spokesman if 'e's tory Manifesto - Operate one foolish set of policies Manifesto - Robert owen wrote of inmates' changed characters Manifesto - Aims often may be organized into this Manifesto - Chap overcoming doubt points to platform Manifesto - Public policy declaration Manifesto - Aims often set out in this Manifesto - Planks assembled here in patent office initially? Manifesto - Chap is carrying iron to platform Manifesto - Famine review by holy man with old mission statement Manifesto - Show-ring pronouncement Manifesto - Clear love declaration Manifesto - Party promises to reveal nothing Manifesto - Public announcement of clear round Manifesto - Opposition leader following obvious policies Manifesto - Nothing to support clear party promises! Manifesto - Policy-holder has nothing to show, initially Manifesto - I'm not safe to be let loose on programme Manifesto - Declaration of policy Manifesto - Employee of site defaced statement of intent Manifesto - Clear root of orthodoxy in a set of party goals Manifesto - Platform setting out team�s info Manifesto - Proclamation Manifesto - Public announcement in show ring Manifesto - Often aims can be represented in such a document Manifesto - Communist accepts finest amending for 'little red book'? Manifesto - Chairman hosts themed event after backing in party programme Manifesto - From italian for "make public" Manifesto - Public declaration in the show ring Manifesto - A condition set out in second policy statement Manifesto - Obvious there is nothing added to the party promises Manifesto - Policy document Manifesto - Promises made by politicians as i foment revolt Manifesto - Chap i briefly own up to in statement Manifesto - Mission statement Manifesto - Obvious hole in mission statement Manifesto - The form aims often may make Manifesto - Suspect inmates of making programme Manifesto - Public declaration from inmates of stir? Manifesto - Provided accepted by house, chairman welcomes published statement of intent Manifesto - Comic often aims to make political statement Manifesto - Robert peel’s tamworth ____ of 1834 promised a review of civil and ecclesiastical institutions