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Cadet - Citadel student

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Cadet - Officer-to-be Cadet - Citadel student Cadet - West pointer Cadet - West point drillee Cadet - Space ___ Cadet - Trainee Cadet - Midshipman's counterpart Cadet - General wannabe Cadet - Potential officer Cadet - Training ship trainee Cadet - Space __ Cadet - Vmi student Cadet - Army trainee Cadet - Military student Cadet - Mouton _____ Cadet - Middy counterpart Cadet - Army athlete Cadet - West point attendee Cadet - Air force academy student Cadet - Army rooter Cadet - Naval academy freshman Cadet - Space ___ (ditz) Cadet - Future officer Cadet - Academy student Cadet - West point student Cadet - Officer of the future Cadet - Academy enrollee Cadet - West pointer, e.g Cadet - Student at the citadel Cadet - West point undergrad Cadet - Military academy enrollee Cadet - General starting point? Cadet - Uniformed student Cadet - Colorado springs student Cadet - Officer-in-training Cadet - Enrollee at 56-across Cadet - War-games participant Cadet - Student in uniform Cadet - Massachusetts maritime academy student, e.g Cadet - Academy attendee Cadet - West point newbie Cadet - Plebe, e.g Cadet - The young editor is back in feline form Cadet - Pussy is in training to get around the editor up there Cadet - Is the editor returning to learn there's a cat around? Cadet - Military trainee Cadet - Trainee officer Cadet - A trainee army officer Cadet - Apprentice officer Cadet - Military trainee officer Cadet - A trainee officer Cadet - One that's learning to start to be a rotter Cadet - Middie opponent Cadet - Future cop Cadet - He is working on commission Cadet - Trainee acted in play Cadet - Revolutionary took time as a trainee fighter Cadet - Bounder getting alien support for younger son Cadet - Trainee caught taking notes Cadet - Rebel took time as a trainee Cadet - Officer in training Cadet - Younger son's branch of a family Cadet - Young trainee, eg in the police Cadet - 100 to date, worked to get one training Cadet - Midshipman counterpart Cadet - Cop-to-be Cadet - Tomboy Cadet - Officer trainee Cadet - Younger member of family edward and bill brought up Cadet - Trainee acted irregularly Cadet - Police force trainee Cadet - Young police trainee Cadet - Police trainee Cadet - Trainee officer needs time to follow rebellious jack Cadet - (police) trainee Cadet - Acted out junior role Cadet - Trainee soldier Cadet - Trainee needs time in paris to secure lady's heart Cadet - Trainee roughly dealt with little boy fleeing Cadet - One in training roughly declared obligation Cadet - Younger son acted badly Cadet - Trainee officer is revolutionary on the square Cadet - Armed services trainee Cadet - Officer-trainee Cadet - Rebel, last to inherit - not the heir Cadet - Bad fellow from another world who needs to be properly trained? Cadet - Trainee acted in unusual fashion Cadet - Rebel sergeant finally becomes aspiring officer Cadet - One of those whose morale was raised by cyrano (coming from america – detained at port of entry) Cadet - Young trainee Cadet - One being trained forced to waste minutes in court Cadet - Student in a uniform Cadet - Trainee tom from in france entered Cadet - Rebel's time as potential officer Cadet - Recruit acted badly Cadet - Trainee soldier from america detained Cadet - Rake over limits of experiment with trainee Cadet - Trainee in college, skilled figure ignoring pressure Cadet - Trainee given whip, having collected low exam grades Cadet - Panic a detective arresting soldier in training Cadet - Young trainee acted badly Cadet - America, determined, arrests soldier in training Cadet - Young trainee hack ignoring judge in court Cadet - Air force trainee Cadet - Junior officer Cadet - One receiving military training acted strangely Cadet - Tom is shown round employment department as trainee Cadet - Space (ditz) Cadet - Major in the future, perhaps Cadet - Trainee pet bites revolting little man Cadet - He is working on a commission Cadet - Air force student Cadet - One taking instructions from baddie gets fleeced Cadet - Midshipman's grid foe Cadet - Trainee's heel and toe vacantly twisting Cadet - Il vient après l'aîné Cadet - Patton, circa 1904 Cadet - Younger brother Cadet - Élève officier