Half - 50%

Word by letter:
  • Half - Letter on H
  • 1 - st. word H
  • 2 - st. word A
  • 3 - st. word L
  • 4 - st. word F

All questions by word:
Half - Kennedy item Half - 50 percent Half - 50% Half - See 64-across Half - Soccer segment Half - Fair share, maybe Half - Two quarters Half - 24 minutes, maybe Half - One of two, e.g Half - Word with brother or nelson Half - Better ___ Half - Lead-in to wit or way Half - Game segment Half - Football game division Half - Fair split Half - 24 minutes of basketball Half - Kennedy's coin Half - 10 to 20? Half - Radius, to diameter Half - See 41-down Half - Five, to ten Half - Inning segment Half - It's better than nothing Half - 50/50 share Half - Bisection Half - Word with brother or sister Half - Fifty percent Half - 5, to 10 Half - Football game segment Half - Equal part Half - Semi Half - Fair share? Half - Almost most Half - Not quite a majority Half - Even share Half - Better follower Half - First of two parts Half - Not __ (not really) Half - .5 Half - Chicken portion Half - Football-game segment Half - Equal partner's cut Half - Game division Half - Almost a majority Half - Partner's cut, typically Half - With 38- and 40-across, grocery purchase ... or what can be found in some other across answers in this puzzle Half - 30 minutes of football Half - 30 minutes, in the n.f.l Half - --- moon bay, ca Half - Fair share Half - Fifty, in a sense Half - One of two that make one Half - Two, to four Half - Either 50 of 50/50 Half - One of two equal parts Half - College basketball period Half - Partner's share, often Half - With 69-across, ship of 55-across Half - "you don't know the ___ of it!" Half - Top or bottom, in baseball Half - Even share, perhaps Half - Part of a roughrider game Half - One out of two Half - Equal share for two Half - Sports division Half - One of two equal portions Half - World cup game division Half - Soccer period Half - 24 minutes, in the nba Half - 30 minutes, in the nfl Half - Word before life or moon Half - Better part of a loaf? Half - Share, at times Half - Basketball period Half - Sports period Half - Partner's share Half - Fair share, often Half - Fair share, at times Half - Five out of ten, e.g Half - Nelson's intro? Half - That sounds enough to get you to quarters Half - When he is over two, henry gets loud Half - That's the way to be in the middle of your journey Half - On be this over two is for Half - After on, be this for over two Half - Over 2 Half - One over two is less than one Half - The sort of crown that used to be worth two as well as six Half - Fifty per cent Half - That's over two (4) Half - On be this would be for over two Half - One like this is over two Half - Won over to the sound of it Half - One gets over two like this Half - Over to sound Half - That one's over two Half - That's always over two Half - 50-50 share Half - The 50 in 50-50 Half - Quarter of two Half - __ bath Half - Game part Half - Henry ford's first share, not quite a majority Half - See 3 Half - Ready to drop ad? Half - As clued above in 9? Half - Clue about little boy, quiet little chap? Half - Portion of bread (better than none?) Half - Short distance - steal! Half - Moiety Half - Two of which make the whole Half - Football break Half - Point 5: you need two under one for this Half - 45 minutes, in soccer games Half - Fair share for one of two Half - Word seen twice on some dairy cartons Half - Word with pay or page Half - Pint, to a quart Half - Appropriate short distance Half - An equal share, say Half - Thirty minutes, for a jet Half - __ moon bay, california Half - Word before back Half - One over two Half - 30 minutes of nfl football Half - Too clever by ___ Half - Equal share, often Half - Point five: one needs two below dividing line Half - Radius, vis-à-vis diameter Half - Drink shared round Half - Wife the better one (joc.) Half - Fractional success on the green? Half - Fractionally, time for a break? Half - Prince frederick's first alcoholic drink Half - Two of these to the pint Half - Term for twelve - such term being a holiday? Half - One who became falstaff's companion following a drink Half - Grapefruit serving, often Half - Five tenths Half - Word with mile or marathon Half - With 12-down, only partially accurate Half - He has only one parent in common with him Half - Henry ford initially got a fair share Half - 50 per cent Half - Henry and alfred get their fair share Half - Dunce has only fraction of intelligence Half - 0.5 Half - Turned vulgar, abandoning fourth beer? Half - Measure of beer Half - Ten to twenty? Half - Hoops division Half - Word with "brother" or "nelson" Half - Almost a controlling interest Half - " ... on the sand, / __ sunk, a shattered visage lies": "ozymandias" Half - Partner's share, perhaps Half - Better __ Half - Super bowl segment Half - A score of forty, say, in part of match Half - L, vis-г -vis c Half - Grapefruit serving Half - Time for a marching band Half - See 5 Half - Court period Half - It may be followed by a marching band performance Half - Game period Half - Hard little fellow, one of two getting together for a pint? Half - Partner's share, at times Half - Break in end of paragraph where n-z found to include l Half - Finally crash via fall of fifty per cent
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50% (****) 4 letter. - what is this?

**** - 50%. word on "H". 1 - st. letter H. 2 - st. letter A. 3 - st. letter L. 4 - st. letter F.

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