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Vera - Norm's wife on 'cheers'

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Vera - Miles of hollywood Vera - Norm's wife on 'cheers' Vera - Actress miles Vera - Aloe ___ Vera - 'white christmas' dancer ___-ellen Vera - Designer wang Vera - 'laura' author caspary Vera - Aloe --- Vera - See 22-across Vera - "psycho" actress miles Vera - Miles from hollywood Vera - Unseen "cheers" wife Vera - Norm's wife, on 'cheers' Vera - Mel's diner waitress Vera - "alice" waitress Vera - With 64-across, cosmetic ingredient Vera - Gown designer wang Vera - First name in the "psycho" cast Vera - Girl's name that means 'true' Vera - Miles of film Vera - Aloe __ Vera - Aloe additive? Vera - Wang of fashion Vera - Missing from 16-down Vera - Miles from hollywood? Vera - Mame's pal Vera - Mame's "bosom buddy" Vera - Aloe __ (lotion ingredient) Vera - Billy of the beaters Vera - See 28-down Vera - Lynn who sang 'we'll meet again' Vera - Tennis star zvonareva Vera - See 55 down Vera - Fashion's wang Vera - "at this moment" singer billy Vera - Ditzy waitress on "alice" Vera - Aloe __ (healing plant) Vera - Flo's co-worker Vera - Wedding dress designer wang Vera - Aloe __ (houseplant) Vera - Wang of wedding wear Vera - Bea arthur's 'mame' role Vera - Entertainer miles Vera - "up in the air" oscar nominee farmiga Vera - 'ship of fools' ship Vera - Miles of movies Vera - Aloe -- Vera - Miles in hollywood? Vera - See 108-down Vera - Waitress on 'alice' Vera - See 69-across Vera - It could be true that she might get over the city Vera - Might she, in truth, get over the city? Vera - A girl to rave about Vera - Actress farmiga Vera - ___ cruz (name on old mexican maps) Vera - Waitress at mel's diner Vera - Wife whose face was never seen on 'cheers' Vera - A clergyman upset lady Vera - Julietês town is just not on for her Vera - Rave review for a duckworth Vera - Juliet's town is not on for her Vera - In truth she is head of a big place Vera - Girl getting rave review Vera - Woman's name Vera - Girl's name (meaning faith or true) Vera - Girl's name Vera - With 24-across, voguish woman of bridal fashion Vera - Wang who ivanka trump wore at her wedding Vera - Nominally, she gets five years Vera - Couturier wang Vera - Dress designer wang Vera - Stylish wang Vera - First name in fashion Vera - Wang the designer Vera - See 29 down Vera - See 37 across Vera - Woman's half-truth Vera - Woman taken in by love rat Vera - Woman in truth is only half there Vera - Woman in overalls Vera - Woman in truth avoided city Vera - Dame - lynn, singer Vera - In truth, she goes to the city Vera - See 16-across Vera - Wang known for wedding gowns Vera - Juliet's town is just not on for her Vera - - - lynn Vera - Rave about the woman Vera - She's given a number the time after Vera - Name number and age Vera - She saw king edward in virginia Vera - She was with the quintet a long time Vera - Duckworth, lynn Vera - She made her comeback in 'a man of the cloth' Vera - Showing the woman a few years on Vera - Dame - - lynn Vera - Woman with very little time Vera - Midwives have a lot of time for this girl Vera - Brave, head off a mad woman Vera - Girl whose age is beyond five Vera - Did she view road oddly? Vera - She came from denver ages ago Vera - Girl half in love with artist Vera - Overalls more than covered her Vera - & 16 'the forces' sweetheart' Vera - Dame -- lynn Vera - -- lynn, singer Vera - Nominally she gets five years Vera - And 15: singing dame Vera - Unseen 'cheers' wife Vera - __ bradley handbags Vera - Miles of 'psycho' Vera - Aloe Vera - 2012-'13 "bates motel" emmy nominee farmiga Vera - A religious sitcom returning as a police tv drama Vera - Farmiga of 'bates motel' Vera - Wang of gowns Vera - Bradley of bags Vera - Farmiga or wang Vera - Scarf signature Vera - Wang with a hippie princess fragrance line Vera - Girl upset a clergyman Vera - This woman, in truth, is at the head of a big place Vera - "the wall" song about a lady? Vera - Pink floyd "does anybody here remember ___ lynn?" Vera - Billy ___ and the beaters Vera - Pink floyd "___! what has become of you?" Vera - Wang of wedding fashion Vera - Beaters frontman billy Vera - See 126-across Vera - Singer lynn Vera - 'bates motel' actress farmiga Vera - "bates motel" actress farmiga Vera - Co-worker of alice and flo at mel's diner Vera - Woman's name that means 'truth' Vera - Girl a man of god rebuffed Vera - See 60-down