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Seaside - Oceanfront

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Seaside - Oceanfront Seaside - Site of many resorts Seaside - Vacation destination Seaside - By the shore Seaside - Fun-in-the-sun spot Seaside - Like many a resort Seaside - Where some vacations are spent Seaside - The land along the coast Seaside - Summertime lure Seaside - Near the shore Seaside - Resort locale Seaside - Bathhouse site Seaside - Place for a boardwalk Seaside - Coast Seaside - Coast along here and see about the broken dais Seaside - That is a seed one may coast along with Seaside - A mixture of this with water is enough to give one a disease Seaside - Where one might coast along Seaside - Strands there Seaside - One may coast along here Seaside - Just coast along there Seaside - One may coast along there Seaside - One may just coast along there Seaside - Coast along there Seaside - Sounds as if there are beeches there Seaside - Ocean shore Seaside - Vacation area Seaside - Old song 'i do like to be beside the . . . . . . .' Seaside - By the ocean Seaside - I do like to be beside it in the old song Seaside - Coast along this way Seaside - Coast along here Seaside - Resort location, often Seaside - I hear after the b-side it might be sandy Seaside - Apart from the southeast, where to go in summer Seaside - Resort site Seaside - Disease possibly spread by water Seaside - Point to fish in repose on the coast Seaside - Coastal resort, though not in kent Seaside - Disease? Seaside - Coastal area Seaside - Like many resorts Seaside - Coastal region Seaside - Boardwalk locale Seaside - Beach location Seaside - Holiday resort Seaside - Disease rampant in coastal area Seaside - Beach area Seaside - A place on the coast Seaside - Beach resort area Seaside - Holiday spot visited by shute? Seaside - Popular resort area for treatment of disease Seaside - Beach area or resort Seaside - By the shore setting seed is a problem Seaside - Dreadful disease in holiday area Seaside - Disease (anag.) Seaside - Holiday destination in kentish area, out of the way Seaside - Kind of resort where disease is treated Seaside - Oceans fish by the shore Seaside - Shoreline Seaside - Coast of toulouse, as i described Seaside - Land by water for treating disease Seaside - Second confidential remark about english resort area Seaside - Like many a resort (or a hint to this puzzle's theme) Seaside - Holiday destination: kent, perhaps, excepted Seaside - Terrible disease where land and water make contact Seaside - Boardwalk's locale Seaside - Coast excluding southeast? Seaside - Vacation spot Seaside - Disease ravaged resort Seaside - London area team touring a place on the coast Seaside - Resort area Seaside - Dodgy disease from on the waterfront Seaside - Shore - disease (anag) Seaside - By the briny Seaside - Like where cruise ship bands play Seaside - Disease ruined coastal area Seaside - Disease ruined coastal area Seaside - Resort beach Seaside - Resort beach Seaside - Beach house locale