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Pants - Reacts breathlessly

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Pants - 'an article of clothing that children are always losing.' '___' Pants - *see 1-across Pants - A hot dog does it Pants - Acts like a hot dog Pants - Alteration candidate Pants - Attire for just about everywhere Pants - Attire for the family decision-maker? Pants - Being on the bottom, one is out of breath Pants - Bloomers Pants - Breathes hard Pants - Breathes heavily Pants - Breathes heavily in trousers Pants - Breeches Pants - Briefs Pants - Capris and clamdiggers Pants - Capris, for example Pants - Cargo -- Pants - Clam diggers, e.g Pants - Clothing item i will revolutionize by eliminating zippers and belts. think about it, when you ever use a zipper or a belt? Pants - Cords Pants - Cords, e.g Pants - Covering the bottom one gets restless Pants - Different kinds of them are split (but not in an embarrassing way) in the four starred answers Pants - Dockers/denims Pants - Donald duck doesn't wear any Pants - Donald duck's lack Pants - Drawers of god reflected holy man Pants - Emulates a hot dog Pants - Fly holder Pants - Fly holders Pants - Fly's place Pants - Garb in garbage? Pants - Garment that can follow the starts of the answers to starred clues Pants - Garment; rubbish Pants - Gasps Pants - Gasps for air Pants - Gasps for breath Pants - Gauchos or clam diggers Pants - Gauchos, e.g Pants - God starts to try swimming and gasps for breath Pants - Half a suit Pants - How wearing they are - enough to have one out of breath! Pants - Huffs and puffs Pants - Husky breaths Pants - Imitates a boxer Pants - Imitates a hot dog Pants - Imitates a hot dog? Pants - Is breathless Pants - Is dog-tired? Pants - Is out of breath over the bottom Pants - Jacket's mate Pants - Jeans and khakis Pants - Jeans or slacks Pants - Jeans, e.g Pants - Jeans, for example Pants - Katharine hepburn trademark Pants - Khakis, e.g Pants - Knickerbockers Pants - Knickers Pants - Longs to get trousers Pants - Many have comfortable seats Pants - Most have comfortable seats Pants - Old-fashioned symbol of authority Pants - One in charge wears these Pants - One-third of a three-piece suit Pants - Pair of ___ Pants - Pair to press Pants - Part of a suit Pants - Part of a three-piece suit Pants - Part of an outfit Pants - Participant seems a bit breathless Pants - Pressure on workers expected to cover both legs Pants - Puffs, gasps Pants - Quiet workers making clothing Pants - Reacts breathlessly Pants - Rubbish (slang) - undergarment Pants - Rubbish; garment Pants - Seat cover? Pants - Seat site Pants - See 17 Pants - See 21 Pants - Shocking underwear Pants - Short breaths Pants - Shorts and longs Pants - Slacks Pants - Slacks but snap up in the beginning Pants - Slacks but sounds exhausted Pants - So wearing! that's what has one out of breath Pants - So wearing, they have one out of breath Pants - So worn, one is quite out of breath Pants - Strokes embracing hem of satin knickers Pants - Suit piece Pants - Suit component Pants - Suit half Pants - Suit part Pants - Suit piece Pants - Symbol of authority Pants - They cover boxers Pants - They cover the bottom Pants - They have seats Pants - They have two legs Pants - They may be cuffed Pants - They may be hot Pants - They're short of breath - so wearing! Pants - They're worn by the head of the household Pants - Tripe can barely breathe Pants - Trousers Pants - Trousers or britches Pants - Undergarment Pants - Undergarments; rubbish Pants - Underwear Pants - Underwear is worn out, by the sound of it Pants - Underwear less than desirable Pants - Uniform piece Pants - Useless (slang) - gasps Pants - Useless - underwear Pants - Useless trousers Pants - Useless trousers Pants - What suspenders suspend Pants - What the one in charge wears? Pants - What you get from a hot dog is rubbish Pants - Worker in pigs skin trousers Pants - Yearn over small underwear