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Logical - Like mr. spock's answers

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Logical - 'rational, coherent (7)' Logical - A soldier in a pub - it stands to reason Logical - According with reason Logical - Based on reason Logical - Based on sound thought Logical - Characterized by sound reasoning Logical - Clearly and soundly reasoned Logical - Coherent Logical - Consistent with reason Logical - Correctly reasoned Logical - Correctly reasoned, makes sense Logical - Correctly thought out Logical - Deducible Logical - Deductive Logical - Find soldiers in pub? that's reasonable Logical - Following correct reasoning Logical - Frenchman in aristophanes play? Logical - Housing soldier in the vicinity is reasonable Logical - In accordance with reason Logical - Intelligent Logical - Is it reasonable to be private in public house? Logical - It follows us soldier into the pub Logical - It's reasonable for an american soldier to enter pub Logical - Like mr. spock Logical - Like mr. spock's answers Logical - Like vulcans, notably Logical - Look at soldier's state, not without reason Logical - Making sense of gallico? Logical - Objective of soldier getting in close Logical - Ratiocinative Logical - Rational Logical - Rational in thought Logical - Rational, coherent Logical - Reasonable Logical - Reasonable serving man in the neighbourhood hostelry Logical - Reasonable to find us soldier in pub Logical - Reasonable, getting grip oddly in pub Logical - Reasoned Logical - Record i demand missing final sound Logical - Record one short visit that's reasonable Logical - Regional housing good, one reasoned Logical - Rightly reasoning that a piece of wood has little dietary value Logical - Sane Logical - Sensible recruit takes refuge in pub Logical - Serving american in pub is making sense Logical - Serving american in pub is reasonable Logical - Serving us soldier in one's pub is sensible Logical - Showing rational thought Logical - Soldier found in pub? stands to reason! Logical - Soldier from the states locked in pub is capable of reasoning Logical - Soldier in pub is definitely coherent Logical - Soldier in pub is plausible Logical - Soldier in pub making sense Logical - Soldier seen in pub? it's to be expected Logical - Sound Logical - Sound from record and i almost cry Logical - Sound made by soldier entering hostelry Logical - Sound of american soldier in pub Logical - Sound of us soldier in bar Logical - Sound record by laic assembly Logical - Soundly reasoned Logical - Stands to reason you"ll find the american soldier in the pub around the corner Logical - Stands to, re a son Logical - Suggesting reason for what follows Logical - There must be some reason for the start of 1 across to be in the nearby pub Logical - Using clear thinking Logical - Using reason Logical - Vulcanlike Logical - Well thought out Logical - Well-reasoned Logical - With good reason, serving american in pub