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Inky - Like an octopus's defense

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Inky - Like an octopus's defense Inky - Black Inky - Black and wet Inky - Very dark Inky - Blackened Inky - Pitch-dark Inky - Like the ocean depths Inky - Like cuttlefish defenses Inky - Apt name for a pet squid? Inky - Like a squid's squirt Inky - Only ghost not mentioned by name in "pac-man fever" Inky - Quite dark Inky - Deep black Inky - Black as pitch Inky - Jet-black Inky - Pitch-black Inky - Like ocean depths Inky - Black as night Inky - Jet black Inky - Name for a pet squid? Inky - Like printing presses Inky - One of pac-man's pursuers Inky - Blacker than black Inky - Like a moonless night Inky - Pitch black Inky - Like 52-down Inky - Jet Inky - Like a starless sky Inky - Like an octopus' defense Inky - Blue ghost in "pac-man" Inky - One of the pac-man ghosts Inky - Pac-man ghost Inky - Light blue ghost in pac-man Inky - Turquoise ghost in pac-man Inky - Like a stained shirt pocket, maybe Inky - One pac-man ghost Inky - Adjective for a dark night Inky - Like a nerd's shirt pocket, stereotypically Inky - Dark and murky Inky - Like some smudges Inky - Light blue pac-man pursuer Inky - Being black, 'e might be in there for the lock Inky - For 11 across. e might be to make a key Inky - Light-blue ghost in pac-man Inky - Like the ocean around sealab Inky - One "pac-man" ghost Inky - Extremely black Inky - Keep yellow tops after wearing black Inky - Black rhyme for greene's coloured boy Inky - Very black Inky - Coloured black Inky - Like a starless sky in the kingdom Inky - Certain pac-man ghost Inky - Like printing-press smudges Inky - It describes the black stuff in kerry Inky - Like squid spray Inky - One of the pac-man characters Inky - Black as pen fluid? Inky - Appropriate name for a pet squid? Inky - Bluish black Inky - Like cartoonists' hands Inky - Like printers' fingers Inky - Squid-like, powerless finger Inky - Marked by leaky pen Inky - Leaked on by pen Inky - States bordering illinois briefly in dark Inky - Dark Inky - Dark; stained Inky - Like the printing trade in part of america? Inky - Black in bluegrass state Inky - Like pen smudges Inky - Black; drunk (aus. sl.) Inky - Black in kentucky Inky - In pink, yellow and black Inky - Very black in an american state Inky - Top of finger chipped off -- black! Inky - Black visiting kentucky Inky - Very dark part of 16... Inky - Finger losing tip becomes black Inky - Like writing fluid Inky - Like octopus secretions Inky - ___ cap (mushroom) Inky - Like a squid's defense Inky - Like new stamp pads Inky - Like a printer's fingers, perhaps Inky - Black knight seen in disney regularly Inky - Dark, like the ocean depths Inky - Dark black Inky - Like a squid's discharge Inky - Dark, like ocean depths Inky - Very dark; stained Inky - Blue pac-man ghost Inky - Dark, like a starless sky Inky - A ghost in "pac-man" Inky - Like the sky on a moonless night Inky - Stained, like a pressman's apron Inky - Hard to see through Inky - Extremely dark Inky - Like a cuttlefish's discharge Inky - Blue ghost in pac-man Inky - Very dark in kentucky Inky - Very dark in kentucky Inky - Like material for writer that's popular -- okay, but oddly lacking