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Dealer - Narc's collar

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Dealer - Auto hawker Dealer - Auto seller Dealer - Blackjack "adversary" Dealer - Blackjack opponent Dealer - Businessperson who loses heart several times? Dealer - Buyer and seller Dealer - Buyer and seller of goods Dealer - Caesars palace employee Dealer - Car seller Dealer - Card dispenser Dealer - Card distributor Dealer - Casino employee Dealer - Casino figure Dealer - Casino position Dealer - Casino staffer Dealer - Casino worker Dealer - Chip handler Dealer - Connection for 8-down Dealer - Connection for a dime? Dealer - Crack investigator's target? Dealer - Deck worker Dealer - Firm engaged in trading Dealer - Game chooser, at times Dealer - He gives his companions a hand Dealer - He may hold all the cards Dealer - He'll give you a hand Dealer - He'll give you a hand in loo, perhaps Dealer - Head of the table? Dealer - His business is to give you a hand Dealer - In school, person who gives out wooden ruler Dealer - It's his business to give one a hand Dealer - Leader broken by man working in casino Dealer - Man of the house? Dealer - Merchant Dealer - Merchant who holds all the cards Dealer - Merchant who makes first bid Dealer - Merchant, one who can give you a hand Dealer - Merchant, one who'll give you a hand Dealer - Narc's collar Dealer - One gives out the cards Dealer - One giving you a hand? Dealer - One in a pit Dealer - One playing with a full deck Dealer - One standing in a 51 across Dealer - One who trades in suits? Dealer - One who trades, perhaps on stock exchange Dealer - One who'll give you a hand Dealer - One with the goods Dealer - One's hand is in his Dealer - Opponent in blackjack Dealer - Other side of the showdown Dealer - Person engaged in trading Dealer - Person in upper sales? Dealer - Pro at the blackjack table Dealer - Retail distributor Dealer - Salesman with a line in expensive-sounding animals Dealer - See 24 Dealer - See 28 Dealer - Seller of cars Dealer - She may give you a good hand! Dealer - Someone who enables you to reach higher? Dealer - Someone who'll give you a hand Dealer - Stockjobber putting his cards on the table? Dealer - Strung-out rocker's enabler Dealer - Test drive offerer Dealer - The german holds the beer for someone working in 18-down Dealer - The one who distributes the cards Dealer - The person to give one a hand? Dealer - Trader Dealer - Trader - distributor of cards Dealer - Trader as on stock exchange Dealer - Trader who holds all the cards Dealer - Trader; card player Dealer - Trader; issuer of hands Dealer - Trump castle employee Dealer - Vegas employee Dealer - Vegas job Dealer - Vegas worker Dealer - Worker of the pit boss