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Sang - Emulated the sirens

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  • Sang - Letter on S
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Sang - Acted like a rat Sang - Acted the fink Sang - Acted the ratfink Sang - Acted the stoolie Sang - Aired out one's pipes Sang - Auditioned for 'american idol' Sang - Auditioned for a musical Sang - Belted one out Sang - Belted out Sang - Belted out a ballad Sang - Belted out a song Sang - Belted out a tune Sang - Blabbed Sang - Blabbed to the feds, say Sang - Blew the whistle Sang - Caroled Sang - Celebrated in informal language, not latin at first Sang - Celebrated name in short novel series Sang - Chanted Sang - Chinese organ emitted melodious sounds Sang - Chorused Sang - Competed in "american idol" Sang - Competed on "american idol" Sang - Competed on "the voice" Sang - Confessed under pressure Sang - Crooned Sang - Crooned a tune Sang - Délice de vampire Sang - Delivered notes and spilled beans Sang - Delivered some notes? Sang - Did a ditty Sang - Did a number Sang - Did a number in los angeles Sang - Did karaoke Sang - Did numbers drop after new cuts? Sang - Did some karaoke Sang - Did some selling out Sang - Did vocals Sang - Didn't play an instrument? Sang - Emulated 5-down Sang - Emulated a 19 across Sang - Emulated a canary Sang - Emulated a rat Sang - Emulated faith hill Sang - Emulated nat king cole Sang - Emulated pavarotti Sang - Emulated taylor swift Sang - Emulated the sirens Sang - Engaged in karaoke Sang - Entertained with a tune Sang - Finked Sang - Imitated a bird Sang - Informed on direction to be taken in slump Sang - Interpreted numbers Sang - Irrigue les tissus Sang - Joined the choir Sang - Joined the chorus Sang - Joined the glee club Sang - Made like a rat Sang - Made music with the bloody french? Sang - Made music with the voice Sang - Mowat's and no birds_____ Sang - Named names Sang - Participated in a choir Sang - Passed notes? Sang - Performed a ballad Sang - Performed a cappella Sang - Performed a tune Sang - Performed an aria Sang - Performed as a vocalist Sang - Performed at a cabaret Sang - Performed at the met Sang - Performed ballads, e.g Sang - Performed in a choir Sang - Performed in a chorus Sang - Performed on "american idol" Sang - Performed the national anthem Sang - Performed with the choir Sang - Performed, in a way Sang - Played the pigeon Sang - Proclaimed with gusto Sang - Provided backup, in a way Sang - Provided backup, perhaps Sang - Provided backup, say Sang - Ratted Sang - Ratted out the bad guys Sang - Ratted to the fuzz Sang - Ratted, in mob lingo Sang - Rendered a ballad Sang - Serenaded Sang - Showed disloyalty Sang - Snitched Sang - Snitched on one's cohorts Sang - Spilled the beans Sang - Spilt the beans Sang - Squealed Sang - Squealed, so to speak Sang - Succumbed to being grilled Sang - Tattled Sang - Tattled, slangily Sang - Told all Sang - Told all to an interrogator Sang - Told all to the cops Sang - Told the cops everything Sang - Took a turn at the karaoke bar Sang - Took the mic Sang - Tried out for "american idol" Sang - Trilled Sang - Trolled Sang - Turned state's evidence Sang - Used one's pipes Sang - Violated the 'code of silence' Sang - Vocalized Sang - Warbled Sang - Warbled and squealed Sang - Was a fink Sang - Was a rat Sang - Was a ratfink Sang - Was in a choir Sang - Was in the choir Sang - Went caroling Sang - What angels did during killer show Sang - What one on stage perhaps did in los angeles Sang - What paul stanley did Sang - With 42-across, coolness of mind