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Amenity - Chocolate on a hotel pillow, e.g

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Amenity - Chocolate on a hotel pillow, e.g Amenity - Convenience provider Amenity - Concierge service, e.g Amenity - First-class hotel offering Amenity - Hotel pool, e.g Amenity - Shower cap at a motel, maybe Amenity - Convenience Amenity - Something nice Amenity - Extra Amenity - Creature comfort Amenity - Agreeableness Amenity - Hotel room list item Amenity - Comfort Amenity - How sobeitery, perhaps, can be so useful and pleasant Amenity - Responsive, perhaps, to this facility Amenity - Desirable or useful feature of a place Amenity - Facility, useful feature Amenity - Feature that makes life pleasant or convenient Amenity - Any time for convenience or pleasentness Amenity - Feature of place that makes life easy or pleasant Amenity - Facility making life easy or pleasant - any time Amenity - Feature of place that makes living pleasant and convenient Amenity - End the prayer with it to start with it with facility Amenity - Pleasantness shown in matey arrangement Amenity - Any item used as a source of pleasure Amenity - Facility serving the public Amenity - Item provided to make life easier Amenity - Pleasing facility Amenity - Motel wi-fi, for one Amenity - Hotel extra Amenity - Hotel spa, e.g Amenity - Valued facility Amenity - Spike milligan initially standing in vote for something useful Amenity - Hotel pool, say Amenity - Hotel bonus Amenity - Pleasant, useful, feature Amenity - Useful facility Amenity - Pleasantness of quarters, surrounded by friendship Amenity - Useful feature of place Amenity - Useful feature (of place/ building) Amenity - Pleasantness of french in entering into friendly relations Amenity - Useful feature (of a building/place) Amenity - This useful service can be arranged any time Amenity - Any time, anyhow: that's convenience Amenity - Useful feature that can be arranged any time Amenity - Pleasant feature of friendship - seen regularly to be welcomed Amenity - Desirable feature Amenity - Building's useful feature Amenity - Any item (anag.) Amenity - Service offered by nurse in friendly spirit Amenity - There are cracks in my tea service Amenity - Anytime (anag.) Amenity - Facility one half repaired before gangster left italy Amenity - Facility can be arranged anytime Amenity - The last word on it and youth leader's facility Amenity - A point cropping up in my facility Amenity - Tiny meal left out after cooking in day centre, maybe Amenity - Pleasing feature (of a place or building) Amenity - Grace introduces the first couple of enemies to friendship Amenity - Convenience - any time (anag) Amenity - Convenience, gents in first-class, thankfully vacant Amenity - Library perhaps to be renovated any time Amenity - User-friendly feature Amenity - Hotel attraction Amenity - Free wi-fi, e.g Amenity - Hotel spa, say