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Cretan - Islander in wild trance

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Cretan - Canea resident Cretan - El greco, by birth Cretan - King minos, for one Cretan - Canea native Cretan - King minos subject Cretan - Canea denizen Cretan - '90s greek p.m. constantine mitsotakis, for one Cretan - Greek islander Cretan - Modern minoan Cretan - King minos, e.g Cretan - Iraklion resident Cretan - Certain greek Cretan - Greek from canea Cretan - One that might have a canter there from the mediterranean Cretan - Island nationality of citizen of heraklion Cretan - From greece Cretan - Inhabitant of a large greek island Cretan - Native of greek island south of mainland (6) Cretan - Native of a large greek island Cretan - Native of large greek island Cretan - One comes from a mediterranean island Cretan - Can't get round about one from the island Cretan - Iraklion native Cretan - Nectar befuddled this greek islander Cretan - Certain greek islander Cretan - Like el greco and the minotaur Cretan - Icarus, e.g Cretan - Like 'zorba the greek' novelist nikos kazantzakis Cretan - Subject of king minos Cretan - Islander in wild trance Cretan - One from largest greek isle Cretan - Clubs concerned with end of sunbathing on greek island Cretan - One from greece's largest island Cretan - Islander wandering in trance Cretan - Native of minoan island Cretan - Islander needing initial spot of cream, about to get sunburn Cretan - Greek gang dropping with effect of sun's rays Cretan - Can't translate 'concerning' into greek Cretan - Islander imprisoned in secret annexe Cretan - Can't translate 'on the subject of' into greek Cretan - A mediterranean islander in strange trance Cretan - Islander comes out of trance Cretan - Islander knocked out in trance Cretan - Chromium and bronze around east of mediterranean island Cretan - Ancient knossos denizen Cretan - Of a greek island, centre of the minoan civilisation Cretan - Of a greek island, centre of the minoan civilisation