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Meals - 'square' things, ideally Meals - Airline freebies, sometimes Meals - All the same, about fifty of them come as a matter of course Meals - All the same, there could of course be fifty in there Meals - American plan inclusion Meals - American plan inclusions Meals - Banquets Meals - Board Meals - Board at an inn Meals - Board with a room? Meals - Board, in a rooming house Meals - Boarding house squares Meals - Breakfast and dinner Meals - Breakfast and lunch Meals - Breakfast, dinner and tea Meals - Breakfast, lunch and dinner Meals - Brunch and linner Meals - Brunch and lunch Meals - CafŽ offerings Meals - Collations Meals - Daily sustenance Meals - Daily trio Meals - Diner offerings Meals - Fast-disappearing airline amenities Meals - Had at fast food joints while on the road Meals - Lunch and dinner Meals - Offerings on many cross-country flights Meals - One's three squares Meals - Part of room and board Meals - People prepare them daily Meals - Prix fixe offerings Meals - Repasts Meals - Sit-down affairs Meals - Some are on wheels Meals - Some are on wheels? Meals - Some are square Meals - Some come on wheels Meals - Square trio Meals - Suppers Meals - The "board" of room and board Meals - The 'board' of 'room and board' Meals - The squares of 'three squares' Meals - They can be square Meals - They come as a matter of course Meals - They often have multiple courses Meals - Three squares Meals - Three squares, e.g Meals - Vacation package inclusion Meals - What american plan includes Meals - You can have them out - in the home also!