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Blur - Cloud

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Blur - Cloud Blur - Out-of-focus picture Blur - Photography woe Blur - Bad photo Blur - Result of using the wrong film speed, maybe Blur - The world, to mr. magoo Blur - Picture problem Blur - It's out of focus Blur - Dim memory Blur - Make less clear Blur - Mr. magoo's vision Blur - Become hazy Blur - Make unclear Blur - Run together Blur - Indistinct image Blur - Hazy appearance Blur - Obscure Blur - Sports photographer's bane Blur - Moving picture? Blur - Make less distinct Blur - Visual image, to an astigmatic Blur - It's not clear Blur - Fuzzy image Blur - Go out of focus Blur - Memory, sometimes Blur - Become indistinct Blur - Foggy image Blur - Astigmatic view Blur - The road runner, often Blur - Become unclear Blur - Confused impression Blur - Make out of focus Blur - Out-of-focus picture, e.g Blur - Something poorly seen Blur - Make indistinct Blur - Fast runner on slow film Blur - Astigmatic's view Blur - Result of a long exposure, often Blur - Confuse Blur - Make fuzzy Blur - Become fuzzy Blur - "parklife" group Blur - Smudge Blur - Vague memory Blur - Become unfocused Blur - Unfocused photo, e.g Blur - Out-of-focus image Blur - Hazy memory Blur - Photo mishap Blur - Photo problem Blur - Unfocused sight Blur - Astigmatic's problem Blur - Unclear image Blur - Astigmatism effect Blur - Astigmatism factor Blur - Vision problem Blur - Indistinct view Blur - Astigmatism problem Blur - Render unclear Blur - 'parklife' group Blur - It's not clear how one might polish up about fifty like this Blur - It's not clear if one can polish up about a pound of this Blur - Would he go on ahead with the help of a pound? Blur - Polish up about fifty and make a mess of it Blur - It's not clear if one might polish it up around fifty Blur - So to rub up about fifty will fail to make it clear Blur - So to polish up about half a century would not clear it Blur - It's not clear. polish it up about fifty Blur - Indistinct appearance like smear Blur - This brit-pop band is a bit hazy Blur - Hazy or indistinct image Blur - Fuzzy memory Blur - Indistinct appearance, smear Blur - Smear, make indistinct Blur - Hazy or indistinct representation Blur - Make or become indistinct Blur - Unclear image, of a pop band Blur - Mr. magoo's world? Blur - Speeder's view? Blur - Distinctly not parts of blue peter? Blur - Group one can't make out Blur - Promotional material, for the most part, giving hazy impression Blur - Confused impression created by publisher's recommendation, mostly Blur - Soften back massage, taking in middle of shoulders Blur - Group - thing not clearly seen Blur - Smudge - group Blur - Make vague Blur - Indistinct object Blur - Group - smudge Blur - Smear Blur - Indistinct impression Blur - Indistinct object - smudge Blur - Haze - obscure Blur - Indistinct representation - obscure Blur - You can hardly see it Blur - Lose focus Blur - Vision imprecision Blur - Get fuzzy Blur - Smudge, in a way Blur - Obscure lawyer takes on old city Blur - Time-lapse photography phenomenon Blur - Indistinctness Blur - Unclear view Blur - Censor, in a way Blur - Photoshop special effect Blur - Smudge - britpop band Blur - Smear former labour leader in liverpool? Blur - Damon albarn band Blur - Hazy vision Blur - Unfocused image Blur - Out-of-focus sight Blur - Line in sticker is a smear Blur - Her sky went high Blur - Think tank manufacturers Blur - Befog Blur - Mist over back of hill - difficulty climbing round Blur - Pop group; make unclear Blur - Obscure second book excluded from publisher's promotion Blur - Obscure publicity from publisher falling short Blur - Confused impression given by incomplete advert Blur - Smear tory cut short by runs Blur - Endless run on pound is about to fade Blur - Memory of a very busy day, maybe Blur - Opens bank loan under religious cloud Blur - Short commendatory advertisement leaves a confused impression Blur - Puff endlessly, in dubious shape Blur - English britpop band Blur - An indistinct impression of speed Blur - Something hazy with colour not completely right Blur - Short spiel leaves a confused impression Blur - Smudge most of blue and red to start with Blur - Be leaving rubble creating confused impression Blur - Pop group curtailed promotional material Blur - Difficulty about housing left confused impression Blur - Haze Blur - Advertising material mostly making indistinct impression Blur - Fog causes problem crossing lake from far side Blur - Confusion caused by endless hype Blur - Smear with colour, not quite right Blur - Badly out-of-focus picture, e.g Blur - Indistinct memory Blur - Dim colour that's right for earl Blur - Muddle Blur - Smudge cosmetic she took away Blur - Become cloudy Blur - Obscure; smudge Blur - Rock band given central stages in dublin? sure Blur - Hazy representation Blur - Image of a speeding car, maybe Blur - Obfuscate Blur - Hazy image Blur - Photo of a speeding car, maybe Blur - Lack of focus Blur - Britpop band - indistinct vision Blur - Damon albarn british band Blur - Obscure band beginning to blow old trumpet Blur - "parklife" english guys Blur - Obscure endless stuff on jacket? Blur - "it all happened so fast" memory Blur - Image of a speeding road runner Blur - Fuzzy picture Blur - Rock band - make less clear Blur - Make unclear, novel advert cut short Blur - Becloud Blur - Obscure, miserable endless writing Blur - Band of cloud Blur - Faint, fuzzy memory Blur - Indistinct appearance Blur - Make unrecognizable, as a facial photo Blur - Obscure blemish Blur - Obscure comments by publisher left unfinished Blur - Scenery, to a speeder Blur - Indistinct sight Blur - Hazy patch Blur - Vague shape in monet's colour, reportedly? Blur - Vague shape in monet's colour, reportedly?