Twists - They're not what one expects from perverts

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  • Twists - Letter on T
  • 1 - st. word T
  • 2 - st. word W
  • 3 - st. word I
  • 4 - st. word S
  • 5 - st. word T
  • 6 - st. word S

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Twists - 'oliver & co, not 33 across (6)' Twists - A pair of dukes but not of perverts Twists - Alternatives to olives Twists - Bends and turns out of shape Twists - Bends out of shape Twists - Coils Twists - Coils around something or dances vigorously Twists - Contorts Twists - Dances à la chubby checker, say Twists - Dances and turns as chubby checker used to Twists - Dances as chubby checker used to Twists - Dances as chubby checkers used to Twists - Distorts Twists - Distorts or misrepresent the meaning Twists - Does one down like those fools around the south Twists - Does them in turn Twists - Emulates chubby checker Twists - Features of many spy films Twists - Fiddles for dances Twists - Forms into a spiral shape Twists - Gives a garbled version of oliver's intricacies? Twists - How wits do not go straight in turns Twists - How, perhaps, oliver and family take it in turns Twists - Interweaves or gives spiral form to Twists - Ironic tales' tails Twists - Ironic turns Twists - Kinks Twists - Meanders, does one? Twists - Murder mystery ingredients Twists - New wrinkles Twists - Parts of good mysteries Twists - Parts of some plots Twists - Plot shocks Twists - Plot surprises Twists - Plot thickeners Twists - Pole surrounded by idiots screws it up Twists - Road zigzags Twists - Rotates rapidly Twists - Rotates; distorts Twists - Silly types, swallowing small mixed drinks Twists - Soft-serve ice cream requests Twists - Story surprises Twists - Such winds go round and round for such as oliver Twists - Sudden changes Twists - Surprise developments Twists - Surprises in stories Twists - Surprising plot turns Twists - That gives you quite a turn for the family of oliver Twists - That goes in turn Twists - They turn to be such idiots about the south Twists - They're not what one expects from perverts Twists - They're not what one expects from the kinks Twists - Turns cards over and cheats Twists - Turns half of us into idiots Twists - Turns west first, into a back street Twists - Twines together Twists - Whodunit surprises Twists - Winds, turns around Twists - Wrenches out of normal shape Twists - Wrenches round Twists - Wrings
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