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Guam - Apra harbor is its main anchorage

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Guam - One of the marianas Guam - Island discovered by magellan Guam - Southernmost of the marianas Guam - Trans-pacific stopping point Guam - 'where america's day begins' Guam - Apra harbor is its main anchorage Guam - Largest island in the marianas Guam - Its slogan is 'where america's day begins' Guam - Locale of some u.s. naval forces Guam - Magellan discovery Guam - U.s. pacific island Guam - Largest of the marianas Guam - Where america's day begins Guam - Island captured by japan in 1941 Guam - Largest of the mariana islands Guam - Island explored by magellan Guam - Agana is its capital Guam - U.s. territory Guam - "where america's day begins" Guam - Us island in the pacific Guam - U.s. pacific territory Guam - Island visited by magellan Guam - Island east of manila Guam - U.s. possession since 1898 Guam - Acquisition of the u.s. in the spanish-american war Guam - W.w. ii battleground Guam - Us island territory Guam - Home of the war in the pacific national historic park Guam - Stop on magellan's circumnavigation of the world Guam - Micronesia's largest island Guam - Pacific island Guam - 1521 stop for magellan Guam - American territory Guam - Agana's island Guam - Island 'where america's day begins' Guam - U.s. territory in w.w. ii fighting Guam - U.s.-owned island Guam - U.s.-owned pacific island Guam - Site of apra harbor Guam - A u.s. possession Guam - Apra harbor's island Guam - Territory discovered by magellan Guam - Japanese capture after pearl harbor Guam - U.s. island in the pacific Guam - Island in 'typhoon alley' Guam - American territory in the pacific Guam - It can bubble up around a pacific island Guam - Swot up about a pacific island Guam - Island in the west pacific Guam - North pacific island, base for the us navy and air force Guam - U.s. island territory Guam - Subject of the 53rd 'state quarter' issued Guam - U.s. territory in the pacific Guam - Us island east of the philippines Guam - Spanish cession in the spanish-american war Guam - Nw pacific island with large us base Guam - What's chewed all round a us base? Guam - Take stick about a us territory Guam - Stick around a place in the marianas Guam - Stick around a us base Guam - Pacific island 'where america's day begins' Guam - Us acquisition of 1898 Guam - Island "discovered" by magellan Guam - Us pacific island Guam - Us pacific territory Guam - Largest and southernmost of the mariana islands Guam - One of the mariana islands, capital agana Guam - Island leaders' group usually against marriage Guam - Largest island of the marianas Guam - The largest of the mariana islands Guam - Where chamorro is spoken Guam - Stop on the first trans-pacific air route Guam - Magellan landing spot Guam - University in publication about island Guam - One month and another back in us base Guam - U.s. territory since the spanish-american war Guam - Island near the mariana trench Guam - Largest island of micronesia Guam - Territory acquired in 1898 Guam - Island encountered by magellan Guam - Its biggest city is dededo Guam - 'where america's day begins' island Guam - The japanese captured it in 1941 Guam - 53rd 'state quarter' locale Guam - Micronesian island Guam - Westernmost american territory Guam - Territory east of the philippines Guam - U.s. territory since 1898 Guam - Stick around a pacific island Guam - U.s. territory in kim invectives