Aver - Swear

Word by letter:
  • Aver - Letter on A
  • 1 - st. word A
  • 2 - st. word V
  • 3 - st. word E
  • 4 - st. word R

All questions by word:
Aver - Maintain Aver - Swear Aver - Declare as fact Aver - Say for sure Aver - Declare with confidence Aver - Say it's so Aver - State Aver - Profess Aver - Declare Aver - Allege as fact Aver - Say so Aver - Confirm Aver - Declare firmly Aver - Allege Aver - Assert Aver - Say positively Aver - Declare with certainty Aver - Express Aver - State firmly Aver - Posit positively Aver - State vehemently Aver - Affirm Aver - Swear to Aver - State categorically Aver - State confidently Aver - Claim Aver - Openly declare Aver - Hold Aver - Give a deposition Aver - State with certainty Aver - To declare as true Aver - State with confidence Aver - Declare positively Aver - State point-blank Aver - State with conviction Aver - Swear up and down Aver - State positively Aver - State forcefully Aver - Declare confidently Aver - State unequivocally Aver - State pointblank Aver - Assert with confidence Aver - Say seriously Aver - Say with certainty Aver - State with confirmation Aver - Say forcefully Aver - Affirm confidently Aver - Testify Aver - Make a statement Aver - State plainly Aver - Say Aver - Declare as true Aver - Say it isn't faux Aver - Say for the record Aver - Declare affirmatively Aver - State as fact Aver - State absolutely Aver - Not just surmise Aver - Affirm as true Aver - Declare decisively Aver - Affirm decidedly Aver - State strongly Aver - Affirm positively Aver - Report or maintain Aver - Declare openly Aver - Declare with conviction Aver - Assert as accurate Aver - Say with conviction Aver - - Aver - State emphatically Aver - Claim with confidence Aver - Asseverate Aver - Certify Aver - State with assurance Aver - Avouch Aver - Assert confidently Aver - Say confidently Aver - Declare assertively Aver - State peremptorily Aver - Affirmatively allege Aver - Affirm solemnly Aver - State as true Aver - Say assuredly Aver - Assert positively Aver - Affirm with certainty Aver - Declare to be true Aver - Hold as true Aver - State with firmness Aver - Profess as true Aver - Contend Aver - Make an assertion Aver - State unwaveringly Aver - Affirm with confidence Aver - Say and mean Aver - Make known Aver - Make a declaration Aver - State with authority Aver - State for sure Aver - Acknowledge Aver - Declare definitively Aver - Proclaim Aver - How a man of god might return to make his claim Aver - Claim to be the sort of age that might make one mean Aver - One's pal might claim that this would be just talk Aver - Claim that age might make one mean Aver - The way to claim t be mean if one is overage Aver - Thus might the cad claim to be dead Aver - So one may claim that age makes one mean Aver - How a cad might claim to be a corpse Aver - A pal might claim this would be all talk Aver - Claim to get mean with age Aver - How one might claim this to be a mean sort of an age Aver - So a pal might have a talk with this to make a claim Aver - State firmly - even rave about Aver - To declare or affirm solemnly as true Aver - Affirm, assert Aver - Declare to be the case Aver - 'affirm, assert (4)' Aver - Assert, state as true Aver - State firmly - don't rave Aver - Claim to be one in the church back there Aver - State firmly - rave about it Aver - State firmly, maybe rave Aver - Declare or affirm Aver - Say firmly, declare Aver - State as true, assert Aver - State firmly, declare Aver - State firmly, propound Aver - State firmly - rave on Aver - Orate with assurance Aver - Say firmly, rave if necessary Aver - Declare or affirm as true Aver - State firmly, rave about Aver - State firmly, even rave Aver - Strongly assert Aver - Vera could declare to be true Aver - Speak positively Aver - Declare or insist Aver - State firmly, perhaps rave Aver - State firmly in rave Aver - A cleric is back and mean with age Aver - Confidently state Aver - Strongly express Aver - Allege or assert Aver - Flag-bearer holding women back in state Aver - Hatred shown by this state to israel Aver - A parson upset enough to swear Aver - Get a welcome run and declare Aver - State welcome to king Aver - Confirm or ’esitate Aver - Maintain - state Aver - Maintain - assert - allege Aver - State assuredly Aver - Assert as a fact Aver - More than conjecture Aver - Declare solemnly to be true Aver - That's the case of a priest turning up Aver - Emphatically state Aver - Strongly say it's so Aver - Assert to be the case Aver - Claim with conviction Aver - Announce assuredly Aver - Solemnly swear Aver - State that it's so Aver - Make a definitive statement Aver - Say convincingly Aver - Declare, per a munchkin physician Aver - Swear to be true Aver - Say without a doubt Aver - Firmly maintain Aver - Wife having left, hesitate to make a statement Aver - Almost turn away, say, being assertive Aver - Assert, affirm Aver - State (to be the case) Aver - Partygoer loses initial right to protest Aver - State opposed ignoring the home counties Aver - State bible presented to her majesty Aver - Dither, having no heroin to declare Aver - State of mad speaker losing head Aver - Formally state Aver - State, assert Aver - Be indecisive, having abandoned western state Aver - Formally assert Aver - State decisively cut head off Aver - Partygoer deprived of initial right to affirm Aver - Make statement in a part of speech cut short Aver - State bible given to monarch Aver - State general not showing age Aver - State in which woman lifted foot over head Aver - Briefly turn away to swear Aver - Say with confidence Aver - State with surety Aver - Opposite of "question" Aver - Answer finished, not started say, with conviction Aver - Swear out a statement Aver - State formed by amalgamating virginia and vermont? Aver - More courageous, but not british, say Aver - Declare or vacillate after losing wicket? Aver - Declare stock Aver - A truly incomplete state Aver - Say it's usual with a coming of age Aver - A very small monarch, say Aver - State "14" has no time for Aver - Hail regal leader of state Aver - State with head off, tail off Aver - Swear and a parson gets upset Aver - Maintain, assert Aver - State; say Aver - A parson taken aback enough to swear Aver - State that's associated with maria theresa, at heart? Aver - Say with assurance Aver - State - virginia - handed over by sovereign Aver - State to wobble after leader deposed Aver - More than suggest Aver - State boldly Aver - Swear in wild party, beginning to end Aver - Declare true Aver - Confidently say Aver - Express zero doubt about Aver - Assert, state Aver - Categorically state Aver - Firmly declare Aver - State definitively Aver - Attest Aver - State requirement for sentence being cut Aver - Not equivocate about Aver - State firmly and positively Aver - Declare forcefully Aver - Wild person at party losing head, say Aver - Say to be so Aver - State linking indiana with vermont Aver - State with emphasis Aver - Hold true Aver - Positively state Aver - State of a cleric looking heavenwards Aver - Confidently affirm Aver - Assert as fact Aver - A parson must be upset to swear Aver - State clearly Aver - State to be the case Aver - State decisively Aver - Declare solemnly Aver - Claim a minister's coming round Aver - Emphatically claim to be true Aver - Declare solemnly as true
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Swear (****) 4 letter. - what is this?

**** - swear. word on "A". 1 - st. letter A. 2 - st. letter V. 3 - st. letter E. 4 - st. letter R.

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