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Lena - Horne who sang 'deed i do'

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Lena - Horne who sang 'deed i do' Lena - Actress olin Lena - ___ the hyena ('li'l abner' character) Lena - Singer horne Lena - Songstress horne Lena - Russian river Lena - Musical horne Lena - With 66-across, 'romeo is bleeding' star Lena - Sweet-sounding horne Lena - Georg büchner's 'leonce and ___' Lena - River through yakutsk Lena - ___ the hyena of 'li'l abner' Lena - Siberian river Lena - Horne who sang 'stormy weather' Lena - Miss horne Lena - Diva horne Lena - Swedish actress olin Lena - River to the laptev sea Lena - Al capp's hyena Lena - Yakutsk's river Lena - Horne of music Lena - "chocolat" actress Lena - Headey or horne Lena - "a raisin in the sun" heroine Lena - Capp's hyena Lena - Tuneful horne Lena - Horne or olin Lena - Ms. horne Lena - Horne of plenty of music Lena - Horne that sings Lena - With 41-down, 'alias' actress Lena - Melodious horne Lena - Entertainer horne Lena - Contemporary of cab and duke Lena - Büchner's princess Lena - Dogpatch hyena Lena - "stormy weather" singer horne Lena - Olin of 'chocolat' Lena - "stormy weather" horne Lena - 'beany & cecil' boat leakin' ___ Lena - Faceless capp creation Lena - Chanteuse horne Lena - Horne who sang "stormy weather" Lena - Horne of "stormy weather" fame Lena - 2,700-mile-long russian river Lena - ___ the hyena Lena - Mellow horne Lena - Georg buchner's "leonce and ___" Lena - Singing horne Lena - Olin of 'hollywood homicide,' 2003 Lena - Jazz singer horne Lena - Grammy winner horne Lena - Musical autobiography of 1965 Lena - Olin in "romeo is bleeding" Lena - Legendary ms. horne Lena - Singer horne, or place in manitoba Lena - Horne in jazz Lena - River whose headwaters are near lake baikal Lena - Legendary entertainer horne Lena - River through siberia Lena - Olin of "alias" Lena - Cartoon hyena Lena - Hyena from dogpatch Lena - River of siberia Lena - She played glinda in the 1978 film version of "the wiz" Lena - Great-sounding horne Lena - Buchner's "leonce and ___" Lena - River of yakutsk Lena - Horne of 'the lady and her music' Lena - Horne the singer Lena - Contemporary of ella and sarah Lena - Horne of "cabin in the sky" Lena - Jazzy horne Lena - "a raisin in the sun" character Lena - Honey-voiced horne Lena - Olin of "chocolat" Lena - Olin or horne Lena - Diana's protector in a '78 film Lena - River of irkutsk Lena - Legendary horne Lena - Capp/wolverton creation __ the hyena Lena - She played glinda in "the wiz" Lena - With 76a, "chocolat" costar Lena - A tuneful horne Lena - Lifetime achievement grammy winner horne Lena - Duke sometimes accompanied her Lena - Music's horne Lena - Hideous "li'l abner" character Lena - Vocalist horne Lena - Olin of "havana" Lena - . . . "traveling pants "girl Lena - ____ the hyena Lena - Horne, for one Lena - "terminator: the sarah connor chronicles" star headey Lena - Late singer horne Lena - Horne, the legend Lena - Memorable horne Lena - Legendary singer horne Lena - Talentwise, a horne of plenty Lena - 'havana' actress olin Lena - 2,700-mile river Lena - Headey of hbo's 'game of thrones' Lena - "stormy weather" singer's first name Lena - Glinda, in "the wiz" Lena - 'stormy weather' singer horne Lena - Horne who started at the cotton club Lena - Melodic horne Lena - Horne with a sultry sound Lena - Horne of song Lena - Olin of 'alias' Lena - Legendary miss horne Lena - Entertainment legend horne Lena - Headey of 'game of thrones' Lena - ___ the hyena ("li'l abner" character) Lena - 'chocolat' actress olin Lena - Horne who sang Lena - River to the arctic ocean Lena - Actress olin of "havana" Lena - Olin who played two roles in 'the reader' Lena - '___ ... lovely and alive' (1962 jazz album) Lena - "havana" actress olin Lena - Jazz great horne Lena - Hyena in "l'il abner" Lena - Olin of 'enemies, a love story' Lena - Horne of "the lady and her music" Lena - Sultry horne Lena - Olin of 'havana' Lena - Dunham of 'girls' Lena - 'girls' creator dunham Lena - Sultry singer horne Lena - "love me or leave me" singer horne Lena - 2,779-mile-long russian river Lena - ___ the hyena of "li'l abner" Lena - Horne with plenty of talent Lena - Young filmmaker dunham Lena - Director dunham Lena - Glinda in "the wiz" Lena - Ms horne Lena - Olin of "the reader" Lena - Horne of the cotton club Lena - River known for the goldfields in its basin Lena - 'girls' creator/star dunham Lena - Contemporary of ella Lena - Horne, the entertainer Lena - Horne of entertainment Lena - Woman banker in russia Lena - Horne on stage Lena - Left one woman for another Lena - Woollen anorak is much too big for her Lena - Dunham of hbo's 'girls' Lena - Horne with backup horns Lena - "girls" creator/star dunham Lena - Al capp character Lena - Dunham of "girls" Lena - 'a raisin in the sun' grandmother Lena - Dunham who plays lucky fiori in the music video for 32-down Lena - Dunham who created and stars in the hbo series "girls" Lena - Blues legend horne Lena - Horne or dunham Lena - "chocolat" actress olin Lena - Russian river to the laptev sea Lena - Filmmaker dunham Lena - Longest river entirely within russia Lena - Hbo's dunham Lena - "girls" creator dunham Lena - Dunham seen on hbo Lena - This one is in russia Lena - Legendary diva horne Lena - Actress headey of 'game of thrones' Lena - Dunham or headey on hbo Lena - Russian river to the arctic ocean Lena - Horne who played glinda Lena - "not that kind of girl" memoirist dunham Lena - 'not that kind of girl' memoirist dunham Lena - Legendary performer horne Lena - Siberian river to the arctic ocean Lena - With 37-across, "alias" actress Lena - Actress headey Lena - 2,800-mile river to the laptev sea