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  • 3 - st. word A

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Nea - "great public schools for every student" gp Nea - "great public schools for every student" sloganeer Nea - "jazz masters tribute concert" org Nea - "read across america" grp Nea - "shakespeare in amer. communities" co-sponsor Nea - 'jazz masters' org Nea - 'poetry out loud' org Nea - 'read across america' gp Nea - 'read across america' grp Nea - 'read across america' org Nea - 'sesame street' supporter, in brief Nea - 'the big read' org Nea - 'the big read' sponsor, for short Nea - - Nea - --- ionia (city north of athens, greece) Nea - 1995 tony honoree for excellence in the theatre: abbr Nea - 2.3-mil. member union Nea - 3 r's gp Nea - 3 r's org Nea - 3-r's org Nea - 3.2 million-member org. with a pi in its logo Nea - 3.2 million-member u.s. union Nea - 3.2 million-member union Nea - A funder of pbs's "american masters" Nea - Agcy. with a 'jazz masters' award Nea - Artists' $ source Nea - Artists' funding source Nea - Arts org Nea - Arts-funding org Nea - Big met supporter Nea - Big moma supporter Nea - Class-based society?: abbr Nea - Class-conscious grp.? Nea - Class-conscious org.? Nea - Classy gp.? Nea - Classy org.? Nea - Common core org Nea - Cultural affairs agcy Nea - Cultural funding gp Nea - Cultural funding grp Nea - Cultural funding org Nea - Cultural gp Nea - Cultural grant giver, for short Nea - Cultural grant giver: abbr Nea - Cultural grant org Nea - Cultural grant-giving org Nea - Cultural grp Nea - Cultural org Nea - Cultural org. since 1965 Nea - Cultural patron: abbr Nea - Cultural prog. funder Nea - Cultural support org Nea - Cultural underwriting gp Nea - Cultural underwriting org Nea - Culture-grant org Nea - Culture-supporting org Nea - Democracy day cosponsor Nea - Educ. lobby Nea - Educational org Nea - Educator's org Nea - Educators' org Nea - Educator’s org Nea - Endowments org Nea - Exhibit-funding org Nea - Exhibition funding gp Nea - Fed. funder Nea - Federal cultural org Nea - Federal performance funder, for short Nea - Federally funded program since '65 Nea - Frequent pbs benefactor Nea - Funder of some pbs shows Nea - Gallery-funding gp Nea - Gallery-funding org Nea - Gallery-sponsoring org Nea - Gi bill of rights advocate Nea - Govt. grant giver Nea - Govt. org. whose funding is perennially debated Nea - Gp. concerned with dropout prevention Nea - Gp. for teachers Nea - Gp. that often funds pbs Nea - Grant giver, for short Nea - Grant gp Nea - Grant grp Nea - Grant source, for short Nea - Grant source: abbr Nea - Grant-awarding org Nea - Grant-giving gp Nea - Grant-giving grp Nea - Grant-giving org Nea - Grant-granting gp Nea - Grant-making gp Nea - Grant-making grp Nea - Grant-making org Nea - Grant-providing gp Nea - Grant-providing org Nea - Granting grp Nea - Grants grp Nea - Grants org Nea - Grp. once battled by jesse helms Nea - Grp. seeking to improve no child left behind Nea - Grp. that discourages dropping out Nea - Instructors' org Nea - Its website has lesson plans, briefly Nea - Jazz masters fellowship-awarding org Nea - Jazz masters org Nea - King features competitor Nea - Kotter's org.? Nea - Labor union founded in 1857 Nea - Large teachers' union (abbr.) Nea - Large us union Nea - Largest labor union in the u.s Nea - Largest labor union in the usa Nea - Largest professional employee org. in the u.s Nea - Largest u.s. labor union Nea - Largest u.s. labor union: abbr Nea - Largest u.s. union Nea - Largest union in the u.s Nea - Largest us union Nea - Literature fellowship grp Nea - Major pbs supporter Nea - Met supporter: abbr Nea - Museum benefactor (abbr.) Nea - Museum funder: abbr Nea - Museum funding org Nea - Museum-funding org Nea - Museum-supporting org Nea - Natl. education group Nea - Orch. supporter since 1965 Nea - Orchestra's funding org., perhaps Nea - Orchestra-funding org Nea - Org. assisting museums Nea - Org. awarded an honorary oscar in 1985 Nea - Org. awarding cultural grants Nea - Org. chaired by jane alexander in the '90s Nea - Org. concerned with common core Nea - Org. concerned with pedagogy Nea - Org. concerned with the no child left behind act Nea - Org. for teachers Nea - Org. funding many pbs programs Nea - Org. giving grants to museums Nea - Org. in the mapplethorpe brouhaha Nea - Org. interested in schools Nea - Org. making grants to museums Nea - Org. opposed to school vouchers Nea - Org. supporting common core Nea - Org. supporting exhibitions Nea - Org. that funded robert mapplethorpe Nea - Org. that funds cultural exhibitions Nea - Org. that funds exhibits Nea - Org. that gives out jazz masters awards Nea - Org. that might help fund an exhibit Nea - Org. that opposes school vouchers Nea - Org. that opposes vouchers Nea - Org. that sponsors exhibitions Nea - Org. whose logo features the letter pi with an arrow through it Nea - Org. with a "raise your hand" campaign Nea - Org. with a campaign called 'degrees not debt' Nea - Org. with a lesson plans web page Nea - Org. with pi in its logo Nea - Org. with the website Nea - Org. with the website Nea - Org. with the big read program Nea - Org. with the slogan 'because a great country deserves great art' Nea - Org. with writing fellowships Nea - Pbs backer Nea - Pbs benefactor Nea - Pbs benefactor org Nea - Pbs funder Nea - Pbs funding org Nea - Pbs helper Nea - Pbs supporter Nea - Pbs supporter, for short Nea - Pbs underwriter Nea - Pbs-funding org Nea - Pedagogic org Nea - Perennial subj. of federal funding debates Nea - Poetry out loud contest co-creator: abbr Nea - Poetry out loud contest org Nea - Poetry out loud org Nea - Pro-learning gp Nea - Pro-learning org Nea - Pro-learning union: abbr Nea - Pro-school gp Nea - Pro-school grp Nea - Pro-school org Nea - Proscholastic org Nea - Purveyor of the lily's blackboard blog Nea - Read across america day sponsor Nea - Read across america sponsor Nea - School grp Nea - School lobby gp Nea - School lobby org Nea - School org Nea - Schoolteacher's org Nea - Sculptor's funding org Nea - Sometime theater funder: abbr Nea - Sponsor of some pbs programs Nea - Student-focused gp Nea - Student-focused org Nea - Supporter of pbs Nea - Supportive org. since 1965 Nea - Tchr.'s gp Nea - Tchr.'s org Nea - Tchr.'s union Nea - Tchrs.' union Nea - Teacher's gp Nea - Teacher's grp Nea - Teacher's org Nea - Teacher's org. Nea - Teacher's union, for short Nea - Teacher's union: abbr Nea - Teachers org Nea - Teachers' gp Nea - Teachers' grp Nea - Teachers' lobbying org Nea - Teachers' org Nea - Teachers' union (abbr.) Nea - Teachers' union abbr.: Nea - Teachers' union, in brief Nea - Teachers' union: abbr Nea - Teaching org Nea - Theater funding gp Nea - Theater support gp Nea - Theater-funding gp Nea - Theatre-funding grp Nea - Three r's gp Nea - Three r's org Nea - Three-r's org Nea - U.s.'s largest labor union, in brief Nea - Union with 2 1/2 mil. members Nea - Union with 2.7 mil. members Nea - Union with 3+ million members, in brief Nea - Union with 3.2 mil. members Nea - United feature synd. partner Nea - Usa's largest labor union Nea - World's largest professional org Nea - ___ today (teachers' monthly)
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