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Ajar - Slightly open

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  • Ajar - Letter on A
  • 1 - st. word A
  • 2 - st. word J
  • 3 - st. word A
  • 4 - st. word R

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Ajar - Slightly open Ajar - Not quite shut Ajar - Open a bit Ajar - Open, but just Ajar - Like some doors Ajar - Open a crack Ajar - Close to closed Ajar - Not quite closed Ajar - Not fully shut Ajar - Not shut tight Ajar - 'when it's ___' (old riddle's end) Ajar - Propped open, perhaps Ajar - Not fully closed Ajar - Cracked open Ajar - Like a 1-across, maybe Ajar - 'when it's ___' (old riddle answer) Ajar - Leaving a small opening Ajar - Cracked Ajar - Nearly closed Ajar - Between open and closed Ajar - Door positioning Ajar - Discordant Ajar - Cracked a bit Ajar - Partially open Ajar - Just open Ajar - A bit cracked? Ajar - Slightly cracked Ajar - "when is a door not a door? when it's ---" Ajar - Not quite 2-down Ajar - Neither open nor shut Ajar - Open slightly Ajar - Left so as to admit some light Ajar - Clearly not locked Ajar - Barely open Ajar - Allowing entry Ajar - A door that's not a door? Ajar - Propped open Ajar - "when it's ___" (riddle end) Ajar - Almost closed Ajar - Admitting a draft, maybe Ajar - Unshut Ajar - A little open Ajar - Open a tad Ajar - Shut some Ajar - Partially opened Ajar - Shy of shut Ajar - Somewhat cracked? Ajar - Allowing access Ajar - Not completely closed Ajar - A bit cracked Ajar - Opened just a crack Ajar - Allowing a peek, say Ajar - Certainly not locked Ajar - Open a little Ajar - Allowing a draft, e.g Ajar - Admitting a draft Ajar - Not totally shut Ajar - Partly open, as a door Ajar - Letting in a little air Ajar - Open some Ajar - A little cracked Ajar - Short of being shut Ajar - Annoying to a draft evader? Ajar - Cracked open a smidge Ajar - Cracked, as a glass door? Ajar - Just opened Ajar - Partly open Ajar - Obviously unlocked Ajar - Closed to some extent Ajar - Allowing a peek, in a way Ajar - Not exactly closed Ajar - Open a wit Ajar - Cracked a little Ajar - Slightly open, as a door Ajar - Allowing a draft Ajar - Enabling eavesdropping, perhaps Ajar - Not closed all the way Ajar - Like a door, when it's not a door, in a riddle Ajar - Close to shut Ajar - Allowing a peek Ajar - See 26-down Ajar - Barely admitting air Ajar - Nearly shut Ajar - Causing a draft Ajar - Admitting just a little light, maybe Ajar - Open enough to peep through Ajar - Barely allowing access Ajar - Not shut Ajar - Open just a little Ajar - Opened a bit Ajar - Shy of being shut Ajar - Not completely shut, as a door Ajar - Allowing a little light in Ajar - Letting in a bit of light Ajar - Somewhat open Ajar - Not locked Ajar - Not shut all the way Ajar - Letting in a draft, say Ajar - Open just a bit Ajar - Open Ajar - Clearly not latched Ajar - Imperfectly closed, as a door Ajar - Admitting peek traffic? Ajar - Cracked slightly Ajar - Half cracked? Ajar - Perfect for peeking through Ajar - When it's __: answer to an old riddle about a door Ajar - Allowing a draft, perhaps Ajar - The blue ___ (hank azaria's 'mystery men' role) Ajar - Not stopping the draft, say Ajar - Cracked a bit, as a door Ajar - Not really closed Ajar - Slightly gapped Ajar - Barely open, as a door Ajar - Openable with a gentle push, say Ajar - Allowing a little light Ajar - Open just a tad Ajar - Slightly cracked, as a door Ajar - Open somewhat Ajar - Admitting air Ajar - A bit open Ajar - Q.: when is a door not a door? a.: when it's ___ Ajar - Allowing peeking, perhaps Ajar - Mourn Ajar - A vessel has been opened just a little Ajar - The door is not shut on one of 6 down Ajar - A little bit open Ajar - A little bit open as of door Ajar - If a cat may look at a king, anyone may do this at a lord Ajar - Q: 'when is a door not a door?' a: 'when it's ___' Ajar - Of door, a little open Ajar - A little bit open, like door Ajar - Of door, a little bit open Ajar - A litle bit open Ajar - Just a little bit open Ajar - Partly closed Ajar - Cracked just a bit Ajar - Like gates, at times Ajar - Just shy of shut Ajar - Minimally open Ajar - Just open - so have a glass of ale Ajar - A container's not closed Ajar - Just open for a drink Ajar - A grating not fully closed Ajar - Just open a grating Ajar - It could contain jam, but is certainly not jammed Ajar - 9 in a bottle Ajar - Open a drink Ajar - A container with an opening Ajar - Fractionally open Ajar - "when is a door not a door? when it's ___" Ajar - Not completely closed to the idea of a pint Ajar - Cracked open, as a door Ajar - Like a door that doesn't afford complete privacy Ajar - A little bit open to a pint Ajar - More or less open for a drink Ajar - 'wearing the face that she keeps in ___ by the door' (beatles lyric) Ajar - Cracked, as a door Ajar - Like a cracked door Ajar - Admitting a breeze, perhaps Ajar - Slightly shy of shut Ajar - Half open Ajar - Letting in a little light Ajar - Open government australia's brought back Ajar - Out of a jamb? Ajar - Open some, as a door Ajar - Closed, for the most part Ajar - Admitting a draft, perhaps Ajar - Open just a crack Ajar - Allowing eavesdropping, perhaps Ajar - It's nearly open for a glass of beer Ajar - A vessel partly open Ajar - (door) to, not shut Ajar - Not to answer upsets prince Ajar - (of door) slightly open Ajar - Not close to a drink Ajar - Of door (slightly open) Ajar - A container partly opened Ajar - Open a six container? Ajar - One vessel partly open Ajar - A container that's been opened Ajar - Having a jack and a queen, opened tentatively? Ajar - A government in india that's regressive and not very open Ajar - Not to back asian ruler could be a shock Ajar - Retiring indian dignitary, not entirely open Ajar - One beer near closing? Ajar - Open grate covered with ashes, principally Ajar - King from the east is not very open Ajar - (of a door) slightly open Ajar - Broadcasting Ajar - Open by a chink Ajar - Open with a shock Ajar - Of a door, only slightly open Ajar - A container not completely closed Ajar - Not completely open - that's a shock Ajar - Open a beer Ajar - A marmalade container, perhaps, not properly shut Ajar - A pot of marmalade, perhaps, partly open Ajar - Raja (anag.) Ajar - Partly open a container Ajar - A grate not fully closed Ajar - A glass container left open? Ajar - A grate partly open Ajar - Half-closed Ajar - Not totally closed -- you can get a glass of beer Ajar - Partly open a small bottle Ajar - Guadalajara's opened up Ajar - Not closed Ajar - Just open -- so have a glass of ale Ajar - Nearly open for a drink Ajar - The answer is not to overthrow indian prince Ajar - Article recalled imperial rule lacking closure Ajar - Open a beer perhaps Ajar - Open a pickle container for example Ajar - Partly open a grate Ajar - Unlatched Ajar - Isn't quite shut of a colonial regime review Ajar - Open a touch Ajar - Of a door, not quite closed Ajar - Not fully open Ajar - Open minimally Ajar - What a door is when it's not a door? Ajar - Not completely shut Ajar - Open a little container with key, initially Ajar - Hardly open, as a door Ajar - Cracked just slightly Ajar - It could contain jam but is certainly not jammed Ajar - Permitting peeking, perhaps Ajar - Open a pot of jam? Ajar - Open-ish, as a door Ajar - Just a little cracked Ajar - Almost closed, doorwise Ajar - Left open Ajar - Not merely unlocked Ajar - Admitting the draught, perhaps, is a bit of a shock Ajar - Part-open Ajar - Like a door facilitating eavesdropping, say Ajar - Unlatched, say Ajar - Open a smidge Ajar - Admitting a draft, as a door Ajar - What you might have in a pub that's just opened Ajar - Not quite closed, doorwise Ajar - Open a smidgen Ajar - Not fully closed, as 1-across Ajar - Cracked a smidgen Ajar - Wilco "she's ___" Ajar - Dinosaur jr. "in ___" Ajar - A-ha "door ___" Ajar - Cracked open? Ajar - Dropkick murphys "caught in ___" Ajar - Just about to answer, then clash Ajar - Cracked, in a way Ajar - Brand new "in ___" Ajar - Just a bit open Ajar - Not all the way closed Ajar - Just a wee bit open Ajar - Phish "sample in ___" Ajar - Hardly open Ajar - Nearly open for a drink? Ajar - Presumably you'll get one of these in 25 across if one is a little open Ajar - A little open area in front of grate Ajar - Allowing peek traffic? Ajar - Just a little open Ajar - Modest mouse "fly trapped in ___" Ajar - Slightly open, like a 34-across Ajar - Slightly open, like a 34-across Ajar - A container is slightly open