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Emotion - Sentiment

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Emotion - Sentiment Emotion - Cause of laughter or tears Emotion - Show of tears or fears Emotion - Heartfelt feeling Emotion - Stoic's concealment Emotion - Hate, say Emotion - What mr. spock suppressed Emotion - Love or hate Emotion - Fear or loathing Emotion - Android's lack Emotion - Poker face's lack Emotion - Love or hate, e.g Emotion - A director may ask for more of it Emotion - That gives one the feeling that there's something not still at the east Emotion - Feeling one's way in an easterly direction Emotion - One gets the feeling that the east is not still there (7) Emotion - One gets the feeling that the east is getting moving Emotion - Feeling strong enough to get the east going Emotion - Feeling like love or fear Emotion - Feeling Emotion - Hatred or love, say Emotion - A feeling - love, hate etc Emotion - Feeling, say love or hate Emotion - A strong instinctive feeling Emotion - Strong feeling as of love or hate Emotion - Strong feeling, love or jealousy Emotion - Intense feeling Emotion - Strong feeling Emotion - Feeling, sentiment Emotion - Feeling like love or hate Emotion - Feeling or sentiment Emotion - Feeling like hate or love Emotion - Feeling for moving to the east Emotion - Feeling there's a number one book back there Emotion - Have this feeling that number one volume might be up here Emotion - Feeling the movement of the east Emotion - Joy, for one Emotion - It may be repressed Emotion - English poet shows feeling Emotion - Feeling expressed primarily by poet Emotion - Passion for european travel Emotion - Mental agitation Emotion - Strong feeling of joy, fear etc Emotion - Love or rage Emotion - Feeling - sentiment Emotion - Melancholy, say Emotion - What the cold-blooded don't feel Emotion - Passion for cure in me too Emotion - Feeling obnoxious in turn, having a change of heart Emotion - Return to ranks, losing leadership, causes some feeling Emotion - Destiny'c child hit from 2001 Emotion - Feeling for a destiny's child hit Emotion - A feeling for oriental travel Emotion - E.g. fear, hate etc Emotion - As seconded by smokey robinson Emotion - Intuitive feeling Emotion - Seconded by smokey robinson? Emotion - Best selling book, perhaps, stirred up strong feeling Emotion - Strong desire, say, to send up top-selling book Emotion - The last movement arousing this feeling? Emotion - Something charged after book is returned produces a reaction Emotion - Hate, for instance, what might be put to online meeting? Emotion - Feeling poorly, omit one Emotion - Feeling upset with the number one book Emotion - Surprise, perhaps, having backed best-selling book? Emotion - Fear possibly caused by online movement? Emotion - Feeling of joy, love, hate etc Emotion - Gesture by english shows passion Emotion - Strong instinctive feeling Emotion - Elgar's first movement, with feeling Emotion - Proposal to support last move with feeling Emotion - Eg anger, fear, joy Emotion - Feeling caused by drug movement Emotion - The final movement of passion Emotion - Any strong feeling Emotion - Feeling engendered by english poet Emotion - English proposal to show feelings! Emotion - Mental feeling Emotion - Note proposal of love, for example Emotion - Passion Emotion - Feeling of degradation spending penny Emotion - Sentiment expressed by english poet Emotion - Feeling there's a string attached to proposal Emotion - Strong feeling when first volume turns up Emotion - Feeling generated by english movement Emotion - Going down without leader brings agitation of mind Emotion - Feeling i'm one to get pushed around Emotion - Fright or delight Emotion - Ultimately fiance appears with proposal, bringing joy perhaps Emotion - For example, fear european travel Emotion - Delight or fright Emotion - Agitation of mind Emotion - Feeling germany should avoid relegation Emotion - Feeling no one book should be promoted Emotion - Rage or regret Emotion - Movement number one with volume turned up Emotion - Feeling daughter should be excluded from downgrade Emotion - Agitation passagère Emotion - Lisa lisa "lost in ___" Emotion - What a vulcan suppresses Emotion - Feeling energy for action Emotion - Best ever book about agitation of mind? Emotion - Schadenfreude, for one Emotion - Elgar's first movement causes strong feeling