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Eritrea - Asmara is its capital

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Eritrea - Asmara is its capital Eritrea - Republic since 1993 Eritrea - United nations member since 1993 Eritrea - Red sea land Eritrea - Country on the red sea Eritrea - African nation since 1993 Eritrea - Neighbor of djibouti Eritrea - Breakaway country from ethiopia Eritrea - Land on the red sea Eritrea - Italian colony, 1890-1941 Eritrea - Former italian colony Eritrea - African seceder of 1993 Eritrea - Nation independent of ethiopia since 1993 Eritrea - Part of italian east africa Eritrea - Country that won its first olympic medal in 2004 Eritrea - Where tigrinya is an official language Eritrea - Nation born from war in 1993 Eritrea - Country once under the purview of emperor haile selassie Eritrea - Neighbor of sudan Eritrea - Red sea country Eritrea - Country with a camel on its coat of arms Eritrea - Where arabic and tigrinya are spoken Eritrea - Ethiopia neighbor Eritrea - Its flag features an olive branch inside a wreath Eritrea - Red sea nation Eritrea - Italian colony from 1890 to 1941 Eritrea - Horn of africa nation Eritrea - Djibouti neighbor Eritrea - Sudan neighbor Eritrea - Country of northeast africa Eritrea - African country Eritrea - African nation Eritrea - For this place the tree needs air Eritrea - It's wrong to tire before you are confused in africa Eritrea - Are up about a burst tire in africa Eritrea - Country to the north of ethiopia Eritrea - It declared its independence from ethiopia in 1993 Eritrea - Eire art in africa Eritrea - Province of ethiopia on the red sea Eritrea - 2001 canadian peace keeping locale Eritrea - Air tree of africa Eritrea - Nation north of ethiopia Eritrea - Tire, climbing about a location on the red sea Eritrea - When free, retire to a place abroad Eritrea - Irish air fatigue seen coming up to land Eritrea - East african country Eritrea - Northeast african country Eritrea - Country bordering the red sea Eritrea - 1890-1941 italian colony Eritrea - Disturbed ceremony regarding a country on red sea Eritrea - After work, retire to a foreign country Eritrea - African republic Eritrea - Eire art found in africa Eritrea - Country in the horn of africa Eritrea - Its capital is asmara Eritrea - Nation on the red sea Eritrea - River forming part of german-polish border Eritrea - African country's passion raised over deal being incomplete Eritrea - With five ejected, prevent anger mounting in the country Eritrea - Ne african state Eritrea - Almost went wrong, admitting italian to area in part of africa Eritrea - Retire unexpectedly, going to capital of african country Eritrea - Raised a flag after capturing rebel leaders in african country Eritrea - Retire, sent off to area in country Eritrea - State of northeast africa Eritrea - A royal flag raised in african country Eritrea - Wanting to move, retire to a part of africa Eritrea - A royal flag from east african country Eritrea - In winter it reaches the asmara area Eritrea - Country in africa overturned a queen and flag Eritrea - State north of ethiopia Eritrea - Weary over endless study in the country Eritrea - Retire to redevelop area in country Eritrea - African nation with a much-disputed border Eritrea - Asmara is the capital of this african country Eritrea - Northeast african country, capital asmara Eritrea - Proper it readiness is incomplete here in africa Eritrea - African country on the red sea Eritrea - African country on the red sea; capital, asmara Eritrea - Country altering rite in time Eritrea - African state: it's about to enter historic period Eritrea - A monarch to lose strength after revolution in the country Eritrea - Hunger, it really grips country Eritrea - Water i treated is more than enough for an african state Eritrea - Time to take in strange rite in african country Eritrea - African country's flag rolled with unending material Eritrea - African state Eritrea - Period in which exotic rite takes place in country Eritrea - Seen in water, it reaches land Eritrea - Country with a form of technology brought by engineers in time Eritrea - Eire art (anag) Eritrea - Time to take in strange rite by the red sea Eritrea - Retire abroad, going to a country in africa Eritrea - North-east african state Eritrea - Border disputer with ethiopia Eritrea - Horn of africa country Eritrea - I tear around following queen and country Eritrea - Nation east of sudan Eritrea - Key ceremony americans initially holding in republican state Eritrea - Asmara's nation Eritrea - Red sea country, capital asmara Eritrea - It achieved independence from ethiopia in 1993 Eritrea - Independent african nation since 1993 Eritrea - Exhaust having backfired, evident dropping back in african country Eritrea - Country bordered by sudan and djibouti Eritrea - ____ declared independence from ethiopia in 1993