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Strum - Pull strings?

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Strum - Play a stratocaster Strum - Pull strings? Strum - Use a pick, maybe Strum - Work strings Strum - Play chords Strum - Play guitar Strum - Sound some strings Strum - Play the dulcimer Strum - Take your pick? Strum - Play, in a way Strum - Play the balalaika Strum - Tickle, as strings Strum - Run one's fingers over Strum - Play with your fingers Strum - Noodle on a banjo Strum - Play lightly Strum - Play, as a uke Strum - Play, as the ukulele Strum - Play, as a mandolin Strum - Use a pick Strum - Play chords, possibly Strum - Play a guitar Strum - Stroke strings Strum - Make music, in a way Strum - Play, as a guitar Strum - Choose not to pick? Strum - Dabble on a uke Strum - Play guitar chords Strum - Play, as a banjo Strum - Not be picky with an instrument? Strum - Play the ukulele Strum - Play the guitar, in a way Strum - Play with a brushing motion Strum - Not pick? Strum - Play the uke Strum - Stroke the strings Strum - Play a ukulele Strum - Dabble on the uke Strum - Play, as a zither Strum - Not be picky with a guitar? Strum - Pick alternative Strum - Play lightly, as a guitar Strum - Use a pick, perhaps Strum - Act the harpist Strum - Play the banjo Strum - Play a banjo Strum - Play banjo Strum - Play banjo, maybe Strum - No, it may not make you well so to hammer the keys Strum - This must be about r if you beat it hard enough Strum - 'sound the strings, musically (5)' Strum - Pluck the strings idly Strum - Pluck strings Strum - Not tickle the ivories to make the rust grand Strum - Not the way to tickle the ivories with a drink at the end of the street Strum - So to play without feeling one must be around the capital of russia Strum - Play a uke Strum - Alternative to picking, as a guitar Strum - Play the guitar Strum - Guitar sound gives the street spirit Strum - Play idly on guitar etc Strum - Play with sweeps of fingers Strum - Sweepingly sound guitar strings Strum - Idly play guitar Strum - Play strings with sweep of hand Strum - Play stringed instrument with sweep of hand Strum - Fiddle with a lute, say Strum - Act the troubadour Strum - Doodle on the guitar Strum - Make a banjo heard Strum - Play a stringed instrument (badly) Strum - Brush strings Strum - Tickle strings Strum - Play music in street with spirit Strum - Use a plectrum Strum - Play, as a ukulele Strum - Play the guitar idly Strum - Opt not to pick? Strum - Sweep fingers over strings Strum - Good man needs drink to play guitar Strum - Idly play (guitar) Strum - Casually play guitar Strum - Casually play (a guitar) Strum - Theatre-goer's outside amidst returning characters from greek play Strum - Stumped by peculiar play Strum - Play a guitar, in a way Strum - Play with spirit on the street Strum - Play in a peculiar way at first Strum - Play on a guitar Strum - Play on stage, ageless and funny Strum - To play with sweep on street with spirit Strum - Play in street to get drink Strum - Casually play instrumental part Strum - A way to play Strum - Play with sweep of hand Strum - Play (guitar) casually Strum - Play a guitar casually Strum - Casually play (on a stringed instrument) Strum - Play some chords, perhaps Strum - Street with strange sort of sound Strum - Play chords, perhaps Strum - Play with strings Strum - Sweep a thumb across Strum - Sweep a thumb across