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Tennis - Where to get fast service?

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Tennis - Wimbledon game Tennis - Lawn activity Tennis - Court activity Tennis - It has its advantages Tennis - Racketeer's pastime? Tennis - Court proceedings? Tennis - Game in which love is expressed frequently? Tennis - Court game Tennis - Venus williams' sport Tennis - Williams sisters' realm Tennis - Court proceedings Tennis - Wimbledon doings Tennis - 11-across' sport Tennis - Racketeer's activity? Tennis - Anyone for getting to clare there after tea? Tennis - Anyone for this in clare after tea? Tennis - After tea one gets to the court in clare Tennis - How one might serve up at the hotel in the set Tennis - Were sin to catch up with you, you'd go to court for it Tennis - It's very wrong so to turn it with the net on the court Tennis - Get this to court in clare after tea Tennis - After tea one gets to the court in clare (6) Tennis - In this one will serve to get there in clare after tea Tennis - A court matter in clare after tea Tennis - Perhaps a court case in clare after tea Tennis - After tea that's where one may get taken to court Tennis - After tea, having got to clare, one goes to court for this Tennis - Sent in to play the game Tennis - Sent in for the game Tennis - Racquet-game Tennis - Racket sport Tennis - Game played with racquets Tennis - Racquet game Tennis - Racket and ball game Tennis - Game with net and ball Tennis - Roger federer's game Tennis - Game played with racket and ball Tennis - Sent in, strangely, for sport Tennis - Sent in strangely to play the game Tennis - Pete sampras's sport Tennis - Roger federer's game - anyone for it? Tennis - Racket game - anyone for it? Tennis - Popular racket game - anyone for it? Tennis - Popular racquet game - anyone for it? Tennis - Sent in, oddly, to play a sport Tennis - Pete sampras's game Tennis - Game of the williams sisters and of roger federer Tennis - Game with racket and ball Tennis - Racket game Tennis - Sent in to play the game, oddly Tennis - Go to court for this in clare at last Tennis - It would be wrong to get the net up for this (6) Tennis - One may serve to start the set of it Tennis - Get there in clare after tea for some courting, perhaps Tennis - Play this in clare after tea Tennis - Start with a service after tea in clare Tennis - Sets there at court at clare after tea Tennis - Get to clare after tea and court her? Tennis - After tea the court for this is for clare Tennis - Go to court for this Tennis - 66-across's sport Tennis - Serena's game Tennis - Where one hears the starts of 18-, 23-, 34-, 49- and 54-across Tennis - The court action for northern ireland is after ten Tennis - Rafael nadal's game Tennis - First service and where not to put it when returned suggests this game Tennis - Fall trap set up for game Tennis - Anyone for this bouncing fault reaching the net? Tennis - Anyone for having 24 down for nought? Tennis - Game that's lost from the naughty nineties Tennis - A real sport! Tennis - Numbers seen around in backing game Tennis - Game won by the overforties Tennis - Sent in unconvincing actor to star in court drama Tennis - Game, or six of them, holding local up Tennis - Return of first serve, inaccurately placed, gives one the game Tennis - Local in crowd turned back from game Tennis - See 23 Tennis - Number for five-a-side? any number is required for game Tennis - Crowd outside pub turned up to see sport Tennis - 17 7 is an exhibition of 5 acrosses or 17s but not 16s Tennis - Ball game Tennis - Wimbledon sport Tennis - Game played on court Tennis - Racket-and-ball game Tennis - Net sport Tennis - Sport that has its advantages? Tennis - Turkish leader in clare for court appointment Tennis - Group outside pub coming back for game Tennis - Sport on a court Tennis - Our eighth most popular pastime Tennis - Game that starts with love? Tennis - It's played with wrong score the wrong way! Tennis - Sent in crackers for those either side of the net Tennis - Sport dwight davis gave trophy for Tennis - A real sport Tennis - A number turn up to do mischief? it's just a game Tennis - At which betjeman's subaltern, perhaps tactically, did not shine Tennis - Game, orig. sphairistike Tennis - - elbow; - shoe Tennis - Painful sort of elbow - out of game Tennis - Table -, - elbow Tennis - Real or lawn game Tennis - Some girls in netball turned up for another game Tennis - Returning ready to do something about pub game Tennis - Wrong score put up for game Tennis - Racquet sport Tennis - Game for two or four Tennis - Return of first of services, badly placed, gives one the game Tennis - Wrong overall about sport Tennis - The game of love Tennis - Game Tennis - A pair of fives - error raised game Tennis - Sent off, in turn, in the game Tennis - Mcenroe's game Tennis - Outside the pub ready for the return game Tennis - Game for courting couples? Tennis - Flipping trap! wrong game Tennis - Henman's game Tennis - Fifteen a side makes this game equal for a start Tennis - Lawn game Tennis - First score in bag turns game Tennis - Sent in (anag.) Tennis - Ball sport Tennis - Racquets Tennis - Games around pub get backing - one game in particular Tennis - Ball-game Tennis - Recalled major slip catch in game Tennis - Where 10 and 60% of 24 make game Tennis - Group outside tavern turned up for a game Tennis - Evil trap set up for game Tennis - Returning clear fault for game Tennis - Pair of fives -- wrong flipping game! Tennis - Sunniest perhaps without us turning up for the game Tennis - Figure recalled greed, perhaps, in sport Tennis - After fault, catch up for game Tennis - Perfect score: one dividing bridge partners in game Tennis - Wrath perhaps after tax put up in sport Tennis - One taken off team recalled pride, say, in sport Tennis - And 20 down: insert tokens in the right order for game play Tennis - Figure is protecting back of demonstration, rallies, etc? Tennis - Score halved, then point is added in game Tennis - Half score before point is added in game Tennis - Overturned clear fault to make comeback in game Tennis - Game figure, before something bad turns up Tennis - Retired group catching local game Tennis - It has aces and deuces Tennis - __ elbow Tennis - Sport enjoyed by henry viii Tennis - Set up games around pub - one game in particular Tennis - Activity in which love means nothing Tennis - Recalled big slip catch in game Tennis - Olympic sport Tennis - Game's raised from overs in nets Tennis - Net and ball game Tennis - Medieval, originally french, sport, codified by the british Tennis - Cream asked "anyone for" this Tennis - Cream "anyone for ___, wouldn't that be nice?" Tennis - Game time in clare Tennis - With 36-across, question for the court Tennis - Williams sisters' sport Tennis - Sport at wimbledon Tennis - Sport with grand slams? Tennis - King vs. riggs game Tennis - Rallying mid-morning? not quite Tennis - Game with yellow balls Tennis - Time to go to irish county town for a game Tennis - Number turn wrongdoing into game Tennis - Number turn wrongdoing into game Tennis - Raised offence -- what divides opponents in this court action