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Eyesores - Trash bins, graffiti, etc

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Eyesores - Trash bins, graffiti, etc Eyesores - Dumps Eyesores - They're not pretty Eyesores - Trash heaps, e.g Eyesores - Blots Eyesores - Graffiti, abandoned buildings, etc Eyesores - City blights Eyesores - Tacky lawn ornaments, e.g Eyesores - Weedy lots, e.g Eyesores - Blights Eyesores - Billboards, often Eyesores - Slums, e.g Eyesores - They are offensive to see Eyesores - They're very ugly to the eye Eyesores - Very ugly and offensive sights Eyesores - Things that are ugly to look at Eyesores - Things that are ugly to look at, hurt optics Eyesores - Very ugly sights Eyesores - Blots on blocks Eyesores - Looks at metal containers for dumps Eyesores - Blots on the cityscape Eyesores - Watches rose dancing - which may offend the viewers! Eyesores - Looks on minerals as horrible things Eyesores - Watches rose dancing - horrors! Eyesores - Sightseers hate them to observe battered roses Eyesores - Vista ruiners Eyesores - Escalates after i pronounced views people find offensive Eyesores - Dilapidated buildings, say Eyesores - Inspect damaged roses for blemishes Eyesores - Pig styes? Eyesores - Mine finally agreed its outputs produce carbuncles Eyesores - Sights to look around, taking in ruins of timeless troyes Eyesores - Carbuncles Eyesores - Looks at lumps of mineral? ugly things Eyesores - Sties are blots on the landscape Eyesores - Derelict buildings, e.g Eyesores - Condemned buildings, say Eyesores - No good monsters follow erebus's lead, of course, they're ugly things Eyesores - Urban renewal targets Eyesores - These are irritating for sightseers, naturally Eyesores - Point on flower coming up in certainly unattractive prospects Eyesores - Messy yards, e.g Eyesores - Sight blights Eyesores - Dumps types of surveillances on raw materials Eyesores - Unease rose, yet sent back to take in sights Eyesores - Blots on the landscape Eyesores - Landscape ruiners Eyesores - Abandoned buildings, say Eyesores - Demolition candidates Eyesores - Blots on the landscape leads to types of surveillances on raw materials Eyesores - Look out for wild roses from areas with too many ugly weeds