Alkali - Acid's opposite

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Alkali - Acid neutralizer Alkali - Poor soil ingredient Alkali - Soluble mineral salt Alkali - Acid's opposite Alkali - Potassium hydroxide is one Alkali - High-ph stuff Alkali - Acid-neutralizing compound Alkali - It turns litmus blue Alkali - Basic solution Alkali - Calcium hydroxide, for one Alkali - Litmus tester Alkali - Mineral salt found in arid soil Alkali - Certain soluble salts Alkali - Basic Alkali - Chemist's base Alkali - Describes some soils and sloughs Alkali - It's basic Alkali - Base Alkali - Soluble salts Alkali - Chemical base Alkali - Lye, e.g Alkali - Chemical compound Alkali - Basic stuff Alkali - It turns litmus paper blue Alkali - Blue litmus indicator Alkali - High-ph hydroxide Alkali - Substance with a ph higher than 7 Alkali - Soluble salt mixture Alkali - High-ph chemical Alkali - High-ph substance Alkali - It neutralises acid Alkali - That's too base to be a cid matter Alkali - That could never be a matter of 26 down Alkali - That's not a cid matter Alkali - The base of not a cid matter? Alkali - A cid could never be so base Alkali - Not a cid matter Alkali - Anything so base could never be a cid matter Alkali - With a base that's not 26 down Alkali - That's nothing to do with a cid Alkali - How base that it's not a cid matter! Alkali - Anything so base cannot be a c.i.d. matter Alkali - This base has a hindu deity at its base Alkali - Lit m with us till all is blue Alkali - How base is the cruel indian god at last! Alkali - Substance that neutralises acid Alkali - A cid could not be so base Alkali - It's base, but never a cid matter Alkali - Albert with shiva's wife ... basic stuff! Alkali - Chemical that's partly chalk - a little soft Alkali - One left with the destroyer makes for blue paper Alkali - Jolson's link with hindu goddess is something basic Alkali - Opposite of acid Alkali - In ph terms, not acid Alkali - Substance turning litmus blue Alkali - Soluble compound that turns litmus paper blue Alkali - Lye, for one Alkali - A large and violent goddess that reacts with 6 Alkali - Something this base has a tendency to be blue in the paper Alkali - Basic subject in chemistry? Alkali - Acid opposer Alkali - Acid neutraliser Alkali - Left indian destroyer by american base Alkali - It has a ph above 7.0 Alkali - Its ph is more than 7 Alkali - High-ph compound Alkali - Substance with ph of over 7 Alkali - Strong base Alkali - Soluble salt Alkali - The greatest house cocktail with heart of cantaloupe turns blue Alkali - Acid-neutralizing base Alkali - Acid-neutralising substance Alkali - Salt offered to the italian god Alkali - Some chalk a little acid? far from it Alkali - Eg, lime, caustic soda Alkali - Compound such as lime Alkali - Such as lime or caustic soda Alkali - Substance such as lime or caustic soda Alkali - Such as, eg, caustic soda Alkali - Eg, lime or caustic soda Alkali - Non-acid Alkali - Talk a little, framing base solution Alkali - Its ph is higher than 7 Alkali - Basic thing Alkali - Brit not quite overcome by a task all too tricky for li na? Alkali - Acid-neutralising chemical Alkali - Chemically, i'm over 7, so it comes in useful to talk a little Alkali - Not acid Alkali - The chemical in chalk - aliphatic perhaps Alkali - It will not pass the acid test Alkali - A vacant look shown by boxer? it's not acid Alkali - Chemical extracted from chalk -- a lime Alkali - Chemical compound since removed from us state no.51? Alkali - It will not pass 24 Alkali - Base dipso taken short when imbibing a litre Alkali - Compound that turns litmus blue Alkali - Louisville lip house cocktail, with heart of cantaloupe, turns blue Alkali - Trim troop at the greatest base Alkali - ___ metals (periodic table group) Alkali - Base in a chemistry lab Alkali - Potassium hydroxide, e.g Alkali - Base material Alkali - Substance turning litmus paper blue Alkali - Basic material Alkali - Freshness Alkali - Substance with a ph above seven Alkali - Caustic potash, e.g Alkali - Acid's counterpart Alkali - It has basic properties Alkali - Compound like lime Alkali - Eg, caustic soda or lime Alkali - Acid neutralizing base Alkali - Almost the first two to initially knockout the greatest base
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