Lute - Pear-shaped instrument

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  • 3 - st. word T
  • 4 - st. word E

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Lute - Pear-shaped instrument Lute - Cousin of a bandore Lute - Fretted instrument Lute - Mandolin's ancestor Lute - Instrument shaped like a 69-across Lute - Guitar relative Lute - Long-necked instrument Lute - Cousin of the banjo Lute - Relative of a mandolin Lute - Madrigal accompaniment Lute - String instrument Lute - Guitar forerunner Lute - Vermeer's 'woman with a ___' Lute - Renaissance instrument Lute - Guitar-like stringed instrument Lute - Guitar predecessor Lute - Balladeer's instrument Lute - Minstrel's instrument Lute - Mandolin's kin Lute - Elizabethan instrument Lute - Julian bream's instrument Lute - Renaissance musicmaker Lute - Mandolin cousin Lute - Balladeer's accessory Lute - Shakespearean instrument Lute - Balladeer's aid Lute - Cousin of a mandolin Lute - Accompaniment for a madrigal Lute - Guitar ancestor Lute - Old instrument that's strummed Lute - Stringed instrument Lute - Bouzouki or mandola Lute - It has a low bridge Lute - Old balladeer's instrument Lute - Mandolin kin Lute - Mandolin relative Lute - Guitar's kin Lute - Instrument for a minstrel Lute - Instrument for julian bream Lute - Baroque instrument Lute - Instrument that's plucked Lute - Troubadour accompanier Lute - Boy's instrument in a hals painting Lute - Minstrel's strings Lute - Instrument for 19-across Lute - Vermeer's "woman with a ___" Lute - Troubadour's instrument Lute - Ancient stringed instrument Lute - Ancestor of a banjo Lute - Instrument with a pear-shaped body Lute - It's featured in two vivaldi concertos Lute - Madrigalist's accompaniment Lute - Guitar granddaddy Lute - One with a long neck and a rounded body Lute - Mandolin's forerunner Lute - Mandolin's cousin Lute - Bard's instrument Lute - Theorbo's cousin Lute - Old strings Lute - Subject of a lesson for katharina in 'the taming of the shrew' Lute - Pear-shaped stringed instrument Lute - Ancient guitar cousin Lute - Two vivaldi concertos feature it Lute - Mandolin cousin of old Lute - Sitar's cousin Lute - Troubadour's prop Lute - Guitar's ancestor Lute - Troubadour's accompaniment Lute - Guitar kin Lute - Old guitar-like instrument played by minstrels Lute - Old musical instrument Lute - Madrigal accompaniment, perhaps Lute - Stringed instrument shaped like a halved egg Lute - Medieval instrument Lute - One instrument or another needing no introduction Lute - Instrument left with victorian pick-up Lute - Musical instrument Lute - Elizabethan stringed instrument Lute - Old stringed instrument Lute - Serenade accompaniment Lute - Pear-shaped instrument of old Lute - Minstrel's instrument, perhaps Lute - Stringed instrument for a madrigal Lute - Renaissance music staple Lute - Sitar, e.g Lute - Turns up, university finds lawrence with plucky sort that makes music Lute - Signora leaves regulations to plucky musical type Lute - Not loud, or it would have been in the wind section Lute - Fellow leaves one instrument for another Lute - Stradivari specialty Lute - Guitar's older relative Lute - Old plucked instrument Lute - Plucked instrument; a sealant Lute - Instrument orff finally abandoned for another? Lute - Sir thomas wyatt's obeys Lute - Instrument taking f from another Lute - Protective packing for old instrument Lute - Instrument that's lifted things out of one's mouth Lute - Musical instrument producing oddly loud note Lute - Leader leaves wind instrument to get one that's strummed Lute - Heard brass instrument Lute - Fine to abandon wind instrument for plucked one Lute - One's made to pluck hot stuff from one's mouth Lute - Old stringed instrument with a pear-shaped body Lute - Clay and cement mixture used as a protective covering Lute - Clay covering used to protect old instrument Lute - One instrument or another not to be played loudly Lute - Instrument that's not musically loud? Lute - Old instrument Lute - Instrument female got rid of for another Lute - Vintage tull out-take reviewed in 'melody maker' Lute - Instrument's no lead instrument Lute - Salvation army would have this instrument for greeting Lute - Elizabethan strings Lute - Regularly flaunt electronic instrument Lute - Instrument Lute - Minstrel's music maker Lute - Intermittently loud, the instrument that minstrel played Lute - Instrument to steal from the sound of it Lute - Instrument for opening luggage and closing portmanteau with car key Lute - Woodwind is less loud instrument Lute - Minstrels' accompaniment Lute - Ill-gotten gains reportedly found in music store Lute - Troubadour's stringed instrument Lute - Pear-shaped classical guitar Lute - Pear shaped classical guitar Lute - Guitar-like instrument Lute - Sitar relative Lute - Guitar of old Lute - Instrument with a bent neck Lute - Renaissance faire instrument Lute - Face falling off glass instrument Lute - Bouché avec un ciment Lute - Type of stringed instrument Lute - Ancient cousin of the guitar Lute - Henry viii played it Lute - Instrument that's plucked or one that's blown, not loudly at first Lute - Plucked instrument Lute - Banjo ancestor Lute - Reportedly, stolen property in minstrel's possession? Lute - Mandolin ancestor Lute - Mandolin ancestor Lute - Instrument female dropped for another one Lute - Instrument female dropped for another one
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Pear-shaped instrument (****) 4 letter. - what is this?

**** - pear-shaped instrument. word on "L". 1 - st. letter L. 2 - st. letter U. 3 - st. letter T. 4 - st. letter E.

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