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Ret - No longer active: abbr

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Ret - No longer active: abbr Ret - Like some profs: abbr Ret - Abbr. in some military names Ret - No longer working: abbr Ret - Through working: abbr Ret - Abbr. after a general's name, maybe Ret - In post-career mode: abbr Ret - Out of service?: abbr Ret - Like gen. powell Ret - Like gen. schwarzkopf Ret - Part of a.a.r.p.: abbr Ret - Not active: abbr Ret - Abbr. after some military names Ret - Abbr. after a colonel's name, maybe Ret - Abbr. after a name Ret - Like many sr. citizens Ret - Drench, as flax or hemp Ret - Abbr. for gen. colin powell Ret - Like some gen.'s Ret - Soak hemp Ret - Soak a fiber Ret - No longer in active serv Ret - Abbr. after an officer's name Ret - No longer active, in the mil Ret - Like some sgts Ret - Part of some mil. titles Ret - Soak, as flax Ret - Pt. of aarp Ret - Emeritus: abbr Ret - Drench Ret - Like gen. colin powell Ret - Soak flax Ret - Prepare jute Ret - Appendage for gen. schwarzkopf Ret - Inactive, in a way: abbr Ret - Abbr. in a military title Ret - Soak thoroughly Ret - On soc. sec Ret - Sells to the public Ret - Name affix: abbr Ret - Soak Ret - At leisure: abbr Ret - Soften fibers Ret - Rocks, so to speak Ret - Soak flax, e.g Ret - Like many a gen. or maj Ret - Soak hemp, e.g Ret - Out of practice?: abbr Ret - Gen. powell's status Ret - A.a.r.p. part: abbr Ret - Like gen. wesley clark Ret - No longer active, as a gen Ret - Like gen. clark Ret - Collecting soc. sec Ret - Pt. of "ira" Ret - Prepare jute, e.g Ret - Dampen flax Ret - Pensioner's abbr Ret - Out of the mil Ret - Out of bus Ret - Out-of-practice?: abbr Ret - Collecting a pension: abbr Ret - Pensioner's ltrs Ret - Soak thoroughly, in a way Ret - Abbr. after many a major's name Ret - Like some srs Ret - No longer working: abbr: Ret - Like gen. franks Ret - Collecting s.s Ret - Emeritus, briefly Ret - Abbr. after many a military title Ret - Abbr. after some generals' names Ret - Part of aarp Ret - No longer playing: abbr Ret - Abbr. after many a general's name Ret - Dampen flax, e.g Ret - Emeritus, for short Ret - No longer doing the job?: abbr Ret - Living in fla., maybe Ret - On a pension, briefly Ret - Aarp's r Ret - Emer Ret - Receiving a pension, briefly Ret - Like professors emeritus: abbr Ret - No longer in the usn Ret - Like gen. colin powell: abbr Ret - Gen. colin powell, e.g Ret - Soak to soften Ret - General powell's status, briefly Ret - Abbr. for some generals Ret - On soc. sec., say Ret - No longer serving: abbr Ret - Out of svc Ret - On a pension: abbr Ret - Part of ira Ret - Abbr. after many a capt.'s name Ret - Abbr. in military titles Ret - No longer active (abbr.) Ret - Receiving a pension (abbr.) Ret - On social security: abbr Ret - Like gen. tommy franks Ret - No longer working, briefly Ret - Finished working, for good (abbr.) Ret - Not working: abbr Ret - Like professors emeritus (abbr.) Ret - Abbr. for an old soldier Ret - Abbr. for an old general Ret - Like many seniors: abbr Ret - Emeritus, e.g.: abbr Ret - Finished with the usaf Ret - Like some mil. officers Ret - Living in ariz., maybe Ret - No longer in the mil Ret - Part of aarp (abbr.) Ret - Finished working, briefly Ret - Like a gen. who no longer has men Ret - Out of the bus Ret - On pension (abbr.) Ret - On pens Ret - Emeritus (abbr.) Ret - Pensioner's status (abbr.) Ret - On a pension (abbr.) Ret - Pensioned (abbr.) Ret - On soc. sec., maybe Ret - Eligible for soc. sec Ret - Like a prof. emeritus Ret - On soc. sec., e.g Ret - Getting a pension: abbr Ret - Pensioned: abbr Ret - On soc. security Ret - On social sec Ret - Part of aarp: abbr Ret - On social sec., say Ret - Like many a sr. citizen Ret - No longer practicing abbr.: Ret - Like gen. mcchrystal Ret - Soak in water, as flax Ret - No longer in the usmc Ret - No longer active, as a sgt Ret - No longer on active duty (abbr.) Ret - On social security, say: abbr Ret - Gone to fla., maybe Ret - Like emeriti: abbr Ret - Inactive mil. status Ret - On soc. security, say Ret - No longer in harness: abbr Ret - Letters after some officers' names Ret - Soak timber Ret - Abbr. after many an officer's name Ret - No longer working (abbr.) Ret - Soak in water, as hemp Ret - On soc. sec., often Ret - No longer in the mil., say Ret - Like many a mil. officer Ret - Like many aarp members, briefly Ret - Abbr. after many an old general's name Ret - Ira part: abbr Ret - The r in aarp Ret - Receiving a pension: abbr Ret - Abbr. in many a military title Ret - Like many workers, after age 65: abbr Ret - Like most hall-of-fame inductees: abbr Ret - Soak, as a fiber Ret - Out of the rat race, maybe: abbr Ret - With one's career completed (abbr.) Ret - Like a prof. emerita Ret - Abbr. in many an officer's title Ret - Abbr. after a name, sometimes Ret - Out of business: abbr Ret - Like some older profs (abbr.) Ret - Now and then arrest soak Ret - Like one after work?: abbr Ret - The "r" in aarp, briefly Ret - Soak in water Ret - Out of commission?: abbr Ret - Working no more (abbr.) Ret - It may follow a mil. title Ret - Abbr. for a professor emeritus Ret - No longer in the usaf Ret - Like gen. shinseki Ret - No longer in 3-down, briefly Ret - Collecting soc. sec., perhaps Ret - Coming in no more: abbr Ret - Through working, for short Ret - Mil.designation Ret - U.s. army rank qualifier Ret - No longer in the game: abbr Ret - Aarp part (abbr.) Ret - Out of practice? (abbr.) Ret - On soc. sec., perhaps Ret - Not working anymore: abbr Ret - Soften by soaking Ret - Abbr. after a former military leader's name Ret - No longer playing (abbr.) Ret - Abbr. after many a military name Ret - Hanoi holiday Ret - Moved to florida at age 65, briefly Ret - No longer in the u.s.n., briefly Ret - Abbr. for one no longer working Ret - Done with one's career: abbr Ret - Like hall-of-fame inductees, typically Ret - Abbr. for a former general Ret - Out of the game: abbr Ret - To soften fibre by soaking it