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Clip - Illegal block

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Clip - Shorten the nails Clip - Device for holding papers together Clip - 11 across could do with one over the ear Clip - See how to prune this around the mouth Clip - Rate of speed Clip - Word with "art" or "joint" Clip - Sitcom excerpt Clip - Trim with scissors Clip - Cut, as hair Clip - Snip out, as coupons Clip - See 14 across Clip - A high speed piece of film Clip - See 21 Clip - Part of film Clip - Cut - piece of film Clip - Fastener - part of film Clip - Something that holds things together - cut Clip - Snippet of film Clip - Piece of film etc Clip - Cut - part of film Clip - Short piece of film Clip - Staple alternative Clip - Bit of film footage Clip - Hair accessory Clip - Bit of a tv reviewer's review Clip - Shorten, as nails Clip - Sitcom segment Clip - Movie fragment Clip - Cut, as coupons Clip - Remove, as coupons Clip - Head of coalition on verge of strike Clip - Trim Clip - Cut out, as a coupon Clip - Film snippet Clip - Cut part of 25's work? Clip - Film teaser Clip - Video segment Clip - Word after "paper" or before "joint" Clip - Cut and blow Clip - Bit of a film teaser Clip - Do some barbering Clip - Short movie segment Clip - Swindle, in slang Clip - Short extract from a film Clip - Pretzel-bag closer Clip - File attachment icon Clip - Film extract; rapid pace Clip - Short film extract; fasten Clip - Film extract; light blow Clip - Trim; jewellery item Clip - Trim; film extract Clip - It holds items together Clip - Cut short; cartridge holder Clip - Short film part for one that's the bulldog type? Clip - Fastener Clip - Cartridge holder; jewellery item Clip - Cut out; holder Clip - Cut speed Clip - One holding together trim sort of joint Clip - Fastener; cut short Clip - Extract provides both sides to classical scholarship Clip - Movie preview Clip - Wield scissors Clip - Youtube upload Clip - Cut, as a coupon Clip - Part of a televised movie review Clip - Small implement used to hold loose articles together Clip - Cut the speed Clip - Cut Clip - Cut, trim Clip - Hit and run? Clip - Magazine Clip - Cut with a blow Clip - Excerpt Clip - Cut off high speed punch Clip - Snippet Clip - Trim container for ammunition Clip - Cut makes conservative on edge Clip - Run about and spout Clip - Cutting Clip - Extract item from box of ornaments? Clip - Tie holder Clip - Good pace, informally Clip - Caught cheek with earring, perhaps Clip - Box you can use for prune Clip - Spring-loaded holder Clip - Staple substitute Clip - Trim, as a hedge Clip - Curtail section of programme Clip - Rate of motion Clip - Cinematic snippet Clip - Lick cut Clip - Curtail Clip - Cutting blow Clip - Rate of movement Clip - Hedge trimmer's sound Clip - What band puts on website Clip - Short piece of video Clip - 50 cent "fully loaded ___" Clip - Song teaser Clip - Some artists rap about a loaded one Clip - Short piece of concert footage Clip - Something gripping that makes you want to see the whole film? Clip - It could retain hair or cut it off Clip - Pince à ressort Clip - Scissor cut Clip - Movie trailer unit Clip - Bit from a movie Clip - Bit of film Clip - Shorten Clip - A bit of a catch in trim Clip - Trailer segment Clip - Caught part of face a blow Clip - Reusable fastener Clip - It can hold cartridges and hair Clip - Film piece Clip - Rate, so to speak Clip - Cut (into shape) Clip - Cut 100 on cheek Clip - Cold sauce for prune Clip - Pace often rapid Clip - Pace often rapid