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Eli - Yale grad Eli - 'boola boola' singer Eli - Lilly of lilly pharmaceutical Eli - Clockmaker terry Eli - Biblical priest Eli - Bulldog Eli - Yalie Eli - George bush was one Eli - Connecticut collegian Eli - Letter 'y' wearer Eli - Harvardite's rival Eli - Bush, for one Eli - One of the whitneys Eli - Yale student Eli - Connecticut bulldog Eli - New haven collegian Eli - Dweller in shiloh Eli - Actor wallach Eli - ___ lilly and co Eli - Cotton gin maker whitney Eli - 'my god,' in the scriptures Eli - Part of r.e.o Eli - William f. buckley, notably Eli - Ransom ___ olds Eli - ___ lilly and company Eli - High priest at shiloh Eli - Bush or taft Eli - Gin maker whitney Eli - Priest of i samuel Eli - Lilly, the drug maker Eli - Shiloh priest Eli - Yale bowl player Eli - Clinton or bush, once Eli - Samuel's teacher Eli - Wallach of 'the associate' Eli - Ivy leaguer Eli - 1951 play by literature nobelist nelly sachs Eli - ___ lilly & co Eli - Father of phinehas Eli - Lilly of pharmaceuticals Eli - Harvard hater? Eli - William f. buckley was one Eli - Samuel's mentor Eli - Crimson foe Eli - Biblical judge Eli - Philip roth's '___, the fanatic' Eli - Swedish economist heckscher Eli - New haven ivy leaguer Eli - New haven student Eli - Teacher of samuel Eli - Bulldog days participant Eli - Cole porter, schoolwise Eli - Samuel's judge Eli - Inventor whitney Eli - Shiloh resident Eli - New haven alum Eli - Samuel figure Eli - "bingo ___ yale" (porter song) Eli - Ransom --- olds Eli - David duchovny or jodie foster Eli - Yale graduate whitney Eli - Cantab rival Eli - 'once and again' son Eli - 43-down student Eli - Lilly or whitney Eli - Book of samuel figure Eli - One attending yale Eli - Samuel's teacher, in the old testament Eli - Book of samuel judge Eli - Biblical judge and priest Eli - Lawyer on tv's 'civil wars' Eli - Wallach of "the magnificent seven" Eli - 'the whiffenpoof song' singer Eli - Old testament judge Eli - First name among "the magnificent seven" Eli - Gin-maker whitney Eli - Cotton-gin inventor whitney Eli - Descendant of aaron, in the bible Eli - Mr. wallach Eli - Student at 18 down Eli - "boola boola" collegian Eli - Yale player Eli - 'y' wearer Eli - Cotton gin inventor whitney Eli - Crimson rival Eli - Student inside ivied walls Eli - Whitney or wallach Eli - First name in pharmaceutical giants Eli - Bulldog of connecticut Eli - Ingenious whitney Eli - Whitney of cotton gin fame Eli - Film star wallach Eli - New haven alum, whitney Eli - Carmaker ransom ___ olds Eli - New haven grad Eli - 'down the field' singer, at a football game Eli - ___ lilly (fortune 500 company) Eli - Samuel's teacher, in the bible Eli - Marrero of the st. louis cardinals Eli - Whitney, for one Eli - Druggist lily Eli - Wallach in "the magnificent seven" Eli - Lilly of pharmaceutical fame Eli - Noted gin-maker Eli - Yale bowl rooter Eli - First name in gins Eli - Drugmaker lilly Eli - __ lilly & co Eli - Athlete who's earned a 'y' Eli - First name among nfl quarterbacks Eli - Big red opponent Eli - Actor wallach of "the magnificent seven" Eli - Whitney or lilly Eli - Peyton manning's brother Eli - Pharmaceutical giant ___ lilly Eli - Gin name? Eli - George w. bush, for one Eli - Wallach or whitney Eli - Tony winner wallach Eli - Canadian poet mandel Eli - Dubya classmate Eli - Pharmaceutical giant lilly Eli - Wallach, for one Eli - Quarterback manning Eli - 'bingo, ___ yale' (fight song) Eli - Nutmeg state collegian Eli - Drug company founder lilly Eli - Wallach of the silver screen Eli - Qb manning Eli - Top pick in 2004 nfl draft Eli - Denzel washington film: "the book of ___" Eli - Certain ivy leaguer Eli - Well-known whitney Eli - "boola boola" student Eli - Bulldog backer Eli - The 'e' of r.e.o. speedwagon Eli - "boola boola" singer Eli - Nickname for a 59-down student Eli - First name in gins? Eli - Wallach of 'the magnificent seven' Eli - Descendant of aaron Eli - Nfl qb manning Eli - Elm city collegian Eli - "bingo ___ yale" (porter tune) Eli - Lilly in pharmaceuticals Eli - Horologist terry Eli - Man's given name Eli - He's coming, according to three dog night Eli - Art collector/philanthropist ___ broad Eli - Peyton's brother Eli - Yale benefactor, familiarly Eli - Y sporter Eli - The "ugly" to clint's "good" and lee's "bad" Eli - Pharmaceutical pioneer lilly Eli - Y wearer Eli - Hillary or bill, but not chelsea Eli - One of football's mannings Eli - 32-across attendee Eli - Person singing "boola boola" perhaps Eli - Collegiate bulldog Eli - Skull and bones member, e.g Eli - John kerry, once Eli - Billionaire broad Eli - Judge in i samuel Eli - Giants quarterback manning Eli - Wallach in "the two jakes" Eli - Thornton wilder, circa 1919 Eli - Priest in 1 samuel Eli - Peyton's quarterback brother Eli - Wallach or lilly Eli - First name in pharmaceuticals Eli - Mr. whitney Eli - Roth who directed the 2005 horror flick 'hostel' Eli - Connecticut ivy leaguer Eli - "hostel" director roth Eli - Jodie foster, circa 1984 Eli - Ivy league nickname Eli - Constitution state student Eli - "the whiffenpoof song" singer Eli - 'hostel' director ___ roth Eli - Hebrew priest Eli - One of football's manning brothers Eli - Harvarder rival Eli - Hirer of the stunt man in 'the stunt man' Eli - Manning the quarterback Eli - Part of reo Eli - Ivy league bulldog Eli - Bulldog of the ivy league Eli - Biblical name Eli - Wallach of "lord jim" Eli - Student at 18-down Eli - Dubya, once Eli - Peyton's younger brother Eli - Pharmaceutical chemist ___ lilly Eli - N.f.l.'er manning Eli - Whitney who invented the cotton gin Eli - Drugmaker lilly who have spent over $100 million marketing cialis Eli - Michigan's ___ broad college of business Eli - ___ lilly, maker of prozac Eli - Gridder manning Eli - Ransom olds's middle name Eli - Priest of shiloh Eli - Bush or kerry, since college Eli - Hebrew judge Eli - Trainer of samuel Eli - Inventor whitney, for one Eli - Peyton manning's younger brother Eli - Eero saarinen, for one Eli - Giant manning Eli - Bulldog booster Eli - Elm city student Eli - Bush or kerry, collegiately Eli - Student whose school motto is "lux et veritas" Eli - Either 2004 candidate Eli - Film director roth Eli - Bill clinton, collegiately Eli - Cotton gin pioneer whitney Eli - Manning of football Eli - "my god," in the scriptures Eli - Pharmaceutical founder lilly Eli - Gin inventor? Eli - Nathan hale, circa 1772 Eli - One of the manning quarterbacks Eli - Member of the whiffenpoofs, e.g Eli - Scroll and key member Eli - ___ lilly Eli - Yale grad whitney Eli - Wallach in "night and the city" Eli - Father of hophni and phinehas, in the bible Eli - Manning of the giants Eli - New haven denizen Eli - Ford or bush Eli - Book of samuel character Eli - Manning of the nfl Eli - Super bowl xlii mvp manning Eli - Lilly of insulin fame Eli - Super bowl xlii m.v.p. manning Eli - Judge in 1 samuel Eli - Crimson's rival Eli - "__ stone": abc dramedy Eli - Gin-maker's first name Eli - Skull and bones meeting attendee Eli - Resident of new haven's es harkness hall Eli - He beat tom in super bowl xlii Eli - "___ stone" (abc show with jonny lee miller) Eli - With 10-down, abc series starring jonny lee miller Eli - Priest who raised samuel Eli - Mr. lilly Eli - Tv lawyer stone Eli - Pill purveyor lilly Eli - Billionaire philanthropist broad Eli - Inventive whitney Eli - Samuel morse, circa 1808 Eli - Part of 66-across Eli - Whitney with the gin Eli - Country music's ___ young band Eli - Short-lived series "--- stone" Eli - Whitney after whom whitneyville, conn., is named Eli - Manning with a ring Eli - Philanthropist broad Eli - 'hostel' director roth Eli - Son of archie manning Eli - Student at 41-down Eli - One of the manning brothers Eli - Yale supporter Eli - Yale blue wearer Eli - Yale daily news staffer Eli - '___, the barrow boy' (decemberists song) Eli - Abc dramedy "__ stone" Eli - Horror film director roth Eli - '___ stone' (abc cancellation of 2008) Eli - Harvard student's rival Eli - Wallach in "the associate" Eli - ___ broad college of business Eli - Harvarder's rival Eli - Pharma giant ___ lilly Eli - He followed peyton as super bowl mvp Eli - Brother of peyton Eli - Yeller in the yale bowl Eli - Yale collegian Eli - 'my god!,' as cried by king david Eli - 'y'-sporting collegian Eli - Wallach of "the misfits" Eli - The 'e' in 68-across Eli - Certain ivy league alum Eli - Wallach of the screen Eli - Popular amish boy's name Eli - "tough guys" actor wallach Eli - Gin-touting whitney Eli - 'inglourious basterds' actor roth Eli - A brother of peyton Eli - Whitney of the cotton gin Eli - "y" sporter Eli - Passing manning Eli - The "e" in reo Eli - One of the mannings Eli - 2010 title role for denzel Eli - Horror filmmaker roth Eli - Manning whose team missed the playoffs in 2010 Eli - Crimson opponent Eli - "the book of ---" Eli - He ruined tom's perfect season in super bowl xlii Eli - Football player manning Eli - One of the nfl mannings Eli - First name in gin-making Eli - Archie manning's youngest son Eli - 'the book of ___' (2010 film) Eli - 2010 denzel washington title role Eli - Certain constitution state collegian Eli - Denzel washington's 'the book of ___' Eli - Mr. manning Eli - Common hebrew name Eli - 44 across student Eli - Wallach of 2010's "wall street" Eli - Horror director roth Eli - Wallach of "cinderella liberty" Eli - Good, bad, ugly / clint, lee, ? Eli - Priest in i samuel Eli - 2008 super bowl m.v.p. manning Eli - 'the book of ___' (2010 denzel washington picture) Eli - Wallach of "the good, the bad and the ugly" Eli - Whitney the inventor Eli - Director roth Eli - Yale alumnus Eli - Yale alum Eli - Manning of the gridiron Eli - Wallach of film Eli - Certain ivy league student Eli - Skull and bones inductee Eli - Yale graduate Eli - 2010 title role for denzel washington Eli - Peyton's qb brother Eli - 'the book of ___' Eli - Name of oral roberts university's eagle mascot Eli - 'splat pack' director roth Eli - Pro quarterback manning Eli - Super bowl-winning manning Eli - Old testament high priest Eli - "the book of __": 2010 denzel washington film Eli - Horror-film director roth Eli - Roth of 'inglourious basterds' Eli - Philanthropist/art collector ___ broad Eli - ___ long, union general in the civil war Eli - He played calvera in "the magnificent seven" Eli - Lilly or witney Eli - Bush 41 at 21, e.g Eli - Old testament priest who taught samuel Eli - Bill clinton, once Eli - High priest of shiloh, in the bible Eli - Ransom's middle name Eli - Priest at shiloh Eli - Nfl star manning Eli - Wallach of 'the good, the bad and the ugly' Eli - Yale backer Eli - 43-across backer Eli - Yale student Eli - Ivy leaguer student Eli - Yale rooter Eli - Tv's '-- stone' Eli - Yale fan Eli - Quarter-back manning Eli - 44-across student Eli - Inventor wallach Eli - Nfler manning Eli - An ivy leaguer Eli - Bulldog, schoolwise Eli - Hollywood's wallach Eli - Biblical high priest Eli - -- lilly Eli - 'nuts' actor wallach Eli - Footballer manning Eli - Student of yale Eli - Nfl notable manning Eli - Yale bowl cheerer Eli - Yale daily news reader Eli - -- lilly (prozac producer) Eli - 'y'-wearing collegian Eli - Lilly or manning Eli - '___ stone' (abc show with jonny lee miller) Eli - Gin inventor whitney Eli - Football's manning Eli - That place might lie in dublin Eli - Biblical priest at shiloh Eli - Yale man Eli - Distort then untruth to get a biblical character Eli - '___ stone' (short-lived abc series) Eli - Ivy leaguer in new haven Eli - Bush or clinton, in college Eli - Noah webster, while in college Eli - "the book of ___" (2010 denzel washington film) Eli - Super bowl mvp between peyton and santonio Eli - One of two sibling quarterbacks Eli - Peabody museum patron, perhaps Eli - ___ lilly and company (pharmaceutical giant) Eli - ____ lilly Eli - An nfl manning Eli - ___ lilly, maker of cialis Eli - "the book of __": 2010 film Eli - Inventor witney Eli - ____ lilly and company Eli - Tv title lawyer stone Eli - "the book of ___" (denzel washington film) Eli - Yale bowl yeller Eli - Whitney with a gin Eli - Manning of an offensive line Eli - Wallach of "tough guys" Eli - Roth of "inglourious basterds" Eli - Musician/record producer bobby Eli - One of two sibling nfl quarterbacks Eli - 'y' student Eli - Peyton's bother Eli - New haven bulldog Eli - Certain new england student Eli - Reo part Eli - Tom's qb opponent, in super bowl xlvi Eli - Cantab's rival Eli - Manning who has won multiple super bowl m.v.p. awards Eli - New haven college student Eli - The manning with the most super bowl wins Eli - Peyton's brother on the gridiron Eli - Priest in the limelight repeatedly Eli - The man from whom samuel imbibed wisdom Eli - Old testament priest Eli - Thespian wallach Eli - ___ lilly pharmaceuticals Eli - 19th-century industrialist lilly Eli - ____ lilly, drug manufacturer Eli - Manning with two super bowl rings Eli - Member of the whiffenpoofs Eli - Art philanthropist broad Eli - Manning or wallach Eli - ___ lilly and co. (maker of prozac) Eli - Denzel washington film "the book of ___" Eli - Biblical name meaning 'high' Eli - Pharmaceutical company ___ lilly Eli - Meryl streep, circa 1974 Eli - Clint : the good :: ___ : the ugly Eli - Wallach of "the tiger makes out" Eli - Super bowl xlvi mvp manning Eli - 76 down student Eli - One of the super bowl-winning mannings Eli - Drug magnate lilly Eli - Certain ivy league athlete Eli - Connecticut co-ed Eli - Connecticut hall collegian Eli - Wallach of hollywood Eli - Collegiate "bulldog" Eli - One super bowl-winning manning Eli - Thornton wilder, while earning his b.a Eli - Noah webster, circa 1777 Eli - Oater actor wallach Eli - "the ugly" to clint's "the good" Eli - One 'coming' in a three dog night hit Eli - Divine healer in "xena" Eli - Yale of yale Eli - Peyton's brother in the nfl Eli - Peyton's little brother Eli - Harvardian rival Eli - One wearing a y Eli - Goldsworthy of 'degrassi' Eli - Hillary clinton, e.g Eli - Skull and bones member Eli - 25-down student Eli - Lilly of drugs Eli - 57-across grad Eli - Certain connecticut collegian Eli - New haven scholar Eli - "the book of __": denzel washington film Eli - Wallach of the movies Eli - 41-across athlete Eli - Noah webster, while living in connecticut hall Eli - Wallach of many films Eli - "bingo, ___ yale" (fight song) Eli - Actor roth Eli - Biblical priest who trained samuel Eli - Biblical priest of shiloh Eli - Wallach of 'the misfits' Eli - Ransom __ olds Eli - Bulldog, perhaps Eli - Student at 37-across Eli - One wearing a "y" shirt, perhaps Eli - New haven reuner Eli - Brother of peyton manning Eli - Title heartbreaker in a three dog night song Eli - Yale bowl fan Eli - Alan cumming's 'the good wife' role Eli - Anderson cooper, circa 1988 Eli - Nucky's brother, on 'boardwalk empire' Eli - Nucky's brother, on "boardwalk empire" Eli - Nordic nickname for helena Eli - Laura nyro album '___ and the thirteenth confession' Eli - Late actor wallach Eli - Timothy omundson's role on "xena" Eli - Teacher of prophet samuel Eli - Priest restricted by the liturgy Eli - Shiloh priest (bible) Eli - Priest's fib finally picked up Eli - Priest making regular appearances in the colonies Eli - Priest, one backing ecclesiastical extremists Eli - Priest at shiloh (samuel) Eli - Marrero, star batter with atlanta braves Eli - - wallach, us actor Eli - Biblical teacher of samuel Eli - Priest in shop removing hat Eli - Man's name Eli - Declaim regularly, being a priest Eli - Priest occupying the living Eli - Priest accepted by the literati Eli - Highest priest at shiloh Eli - Man giving a little samuel instruction Eli - - whitney invented the cotton gin in seventeen ninety three Eli - Priest seen among non-believers Eli - Antique unwrapped by catholic priest Eli - Couples regularly shunning clean-living priest Eli - Priest, teacher of samuel Eli - Survivor escaping clutches of catholic priest Eli - Samuel's teacher tells it regularly Eli - Teacher of old testament english moralising at centre Eli - Yale attendee Eli - Harvard man's rival Eli - Connecticut's __ football camp Eli - Whitney who went to yale, appropriately Eli - 71-down, collegiately Eli - '___, the barrow boy' (song by the decemberists) Eli - Streep, as a grad student Eli - Wallach of 'lord jim' Eli - Old ___ (yale, affectionately) Eli - Samuel's teacher in the old testament Eli - Samuel's teacher (ot) Eli - Samuel's teacher (old testament) Eli - Biblical priest who taught samuel Eli - Ot high priest Eli - Ot priest Eli - Priest contributing to the liturgy Eli - 5 not entirely reliable Eli - - - wallach, actor Eli - Priest, the parisian turned up and i followed Eli - -- wallach, one of 'the magnificent seven' Eli - I'm partially responsible for giving samuel instruction Eli - Priest repeatedly in the limelight Eli - Word twice used before 'lama sabachthani' by jesus on the cross Eli - In the old testament, the highest priest at shiloh, and teacher of samuel Eli - One of quarterback archie's boys Eli - Biblical mentor of samuel Eli - Reuner in new haven Eli - Priest Eli - Wearer of a "y" sweatshirt Eli - The 'e' of the reo speed wagon Eli - Pharmaceutical mogul lilly Eli - Hophni's father, in the bible Eli - Seed remover whitney Eli - Country's __ young band Eli - One of the nfl's mannings Eli - Cotton gin name Eli - One adopting the motto 'lux et veritas' Eli - Member of college music's whiffenpoofs Eli - Priest who mentored samuel Eli - 'the book of ___' (denzel washington movie) Eli - Typical bulldogs fan Eli - Lilly of the pharmaceutical biz Eli - Pharmaceutical purveyor ___ lilly Eli - He played 'the ugly' opposite clint's 'the good' and lee's 'the bad' Eli - Man's name that's hebrew for 'my god' Eli - Name derived from the hebrew for 'ascension' Eli - Manning of big blue Eli - Bulldogs backer Eli - Crimson booer Eli - Priest who taught samuel Eli - '31 moments this season in which ____ manning was definitely not having any fun at all' (2013 buzzfeed article) Eli - Little bro of the nfl Eli - High priest of shiloh Eli - High priest in the book of samuel Eli - Whitney, by birth and by education Eli - Manning taking a hike Eli - ___ whitney Eli - Old testament priest, the prophet samuel's teacher Eli - 39-down quarterback manning whom i'm really tired of seeing in the super bowl Eli - Super bowl-winning #1 overall draft pick quarterback manning who fits in this entry Eli - His brother peyton just won the super bowl Eli - Instead of a clue, i'll just tell you this is either age, eon, or eli Eli - Two-time super bowl mvp manning Eli - 40-across's role on 'the good wife' Eli - Prozac maker ___ lilly Eli - Pharmacist lilly Eli - Peyton's bro Eli - 'sons of ___' (words in a yale fight song) Eli - Country's ___ young band Eli - Pharmaceuticals maker ___ lilly and co Eli - Nutmeg state student Eli - Streep, in grad school Eli - Peyton's nfl brother Eli - "the book of __" (washington movie) Eli - Saint's bones, possibly, abandoned by roman catholic priest Eli - Tom wolfe, circa 1956 Eli - Prozac maker __ lilly Eli - "the good wife" crisis manager gold Eli - Ivy league alum Eli - Peyton's gridiron brother Eli - Wallach of "wall street" Eli - Man's name that's an anagram of 63-across Eli - "the book of ___" (denzel washington movie) Eli - Wallach of "the godfather part iii" Eli - __ blue (crimson alternative) Eli - Wallach of 'how the west was won' Eli - "boola boola" warbler Eli - Whitney or manning Eli - Connecticut's ___ whitney museum Eli - See 4 down Eli - Manning on the field Eli - Entrepreneur/philanthropist broad Eli - Ivy league student Eli - The 'e' of reo Eli - First name in new haven Eli - ___ lilly of pharmaceuticals Eli - New haven learner Eli - "y"-sporting collegian Eli - Wallach of 'nuts' Eli - Wallach of "mystic river" Eli - Taunting singer of "goodnight, harvard" Eli - The 'e' of 14-across Eli - Cole porter's "bingo ___ yale" Eli - Yalie's nickname Eli - Gold on 'the good wife' Eli - ____ whitney, gin inven-tor? Eli - Old priest absorbed by the litany Eli - One of archie manning's boys Eli - Yale athlete Eli - Y-sporting collegian Eli - Manning in the nfl Eli - Wallach of 'mystic river' Eli - Manning who was twice super bowl m.v.p Eli - 70-across collegian Eli - Rodham or clinton in 1971, e.g Eli - 'my god!,' as cried by jesus Eli - Sotomayor, in the late '70s Eli - Collegian sporting a "y" Eli - The manning with more super bowl mvp awards Eli - Manning in metlife stadium Eli - Reader of the bullblog Eli - One manning of the nfl Eli - Samuel alito, clarence thomas or sonia sotomayor, schoolwise Eli - Yale moniker Eli - 2010 role for denzel Eli - Manning of the nfl's giants Eli - Name that's hebrew for 'my god' Eli - Drug mogul lilly Eli - Wallace of 'stargate universe' or wallach of 'the magnificent seven' Eli - New haven alumnus, informally Eli - Bush or clinton, collegiately Eli - Rooter for the bulldogs Eli - Skull and bones collegian Eli - ___ gold, chief of staff on 'the good wife' Eli - __ lilly Eli - Wallach who acted well into his 90s Eli - Old testament teacher of samuel Eli - "the whiffenpoof song" collegian Eli - Man's name meaning 'my god' Eli - Manning in dunkin' donuts ads Eli - Broad with billions Eli - Wearer of a 'y' sweatshirt Eli - Manning with two super bowl wins Eli - Gridiron star manning Eli - Manning in a huddle Eli - Apple of the giants Eli - Yale student, informally Eli - Manning on the gridiron Eli - Student wearing a y Eli - Wallach who was "the ugly" in a 1966 movie Eli - Super bowl mvp after brother peyton Eli - Wallach of 'winter kills' Eli - Super bowl mvp after peyton Eli - __ bucks (ivy leaguers' dining certificates) Eli - Country music's mike ___ Eli - Country music's mike ___ Eli - Samuel's mentor, in the bible Eli - Lie about biblical priest Eli - Lie about biblical priest Eli - "the book of ___"