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Eely - Slippery

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Eely - Slippery Eely - Hard to grasp Eely - Serpentlike Eely - Like elvers Eely - Hard to hold Eely - Wriggling Eely - Hard to catch Eely - Hard to hold onto Eely - Hard to pin down Eely - Squirming Eely - Sinuous Eely - Slithery Eely - Slippery and slithery Eely - Slimy and serpentine Eely - Snakelike Eely - Like a conger Eely - Congerlike Eely - Evasive Eely - Elusive, slippery Eely - Slimy Eely - Prone to wriggling Eely - Wriggly and hard to grasp Eely - Wriggly and slippery, e.g Eely - Hard to handle Eely - Hard to hold on to Eely - Long and squirmy Eely - Hard to keep hold of Eely - Hard to hang on to Eely - Slippery and slimy Eely - Slippery and snaky Eely - Wriggly and slippery Eely - Sorta fishy, sorta snaky Eely - Like a long, slithery fish Eely - Tough to get hold of Eely - Challenging to corner Eely - Tough to catch Eely - Difficult to grasp Eely - Wriggly, slippery and serpentine Eely - Wet and slithery? Eely - Not easy to hang onto Eely - Elusive Eely - Like a moray Eely - Wet and snakelike Eely - Lamprey-like Eely - Tough to grasp Eely - Slippery like a fish Eely - Wriggly Eely - Elusive and slippery Eely - Hard to catch, in a way Eely - Too slippery and slimy to grasp Eely - Lampreylike Eely - Long and slimy Eely - Long, wet, and snakelike Eely - Wriggly and slimy Eely - It's slippery, see - that's what we hear Eely - Serpentine Eely - Moray-like Eely - Hard to capture Eely - Slippery and hard to catch Eely - Difficult to get hold of drug, see? Eely - Like a slippery catch, hard for the blessed fellow to miss! Eely - Adjective for 51-across Eely - Relating to long fish Eely - Devious european to see Eely - Hard to control Eely - Mention of fenland place being devious Eely - Slippery as a fish Eely - Suggestive of a moray's motions Eely - Slick Eely - Tough to get ahold of Eely - Slithery and slimy Eely - Reportedly see like some ocean-breeding creatures? Eely - Hard to grab onto Eely - Hard to grab hold of Eely - Hard to get a grip on Eely - Hard to get hold of Eely - Difficult to grasp, as an elongated fish Eely - Evasive and congerlike