Fact - Not fiction

Word by letter:
  • Fact - Letter on F
  • 1 - st. word F
  • 2 - st. word A
  • 3 - st. word C
  • 4 - st. word T

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Fact - Not fiction Fact - You'd better believe it! Fact - It's true Fact - Datum Fact - 'is that a ___?' Fact - Almanac tidbit Fact - It's the truth Fact - Fiction alternative Fact - Almanac datum Fact - Verified information Fact - Almanac entry Fact - Almanac bit Fact - One true thing Fact - It's incontrovertible Fact - That's the truth Fact - It's undeniable Fact - Fancy's antithesis Fact - Bit of truth Fact - Kind of finder Fact - Piece of accurate information Fact - True thing Fact - Matter-of-___ Fact - Verifiable statement Fact - Thing that's fancy-free? Fact - Sure thing Fact - One might be in evidence Fact - Piece of information Fact - It's fancy-free? Fact - After the __ Fact - Something proven Fact - Not fancy Fact - Checker's item Fact - True story component Fact - Ain't it the truth Fact - Fiction counterpart Fact - It's not fiction Fact - Fiction's opposite Fact - Actuality Fact - You can be sure of it Fact - Reality Fact - Thing for sgt. friday Fact - Bit of information Fact - "is that a __?" Fact - Known truth Fact - Cold, hard thing? Fact - Something true Fact - Cold hard thing? Fact - Myth debunker Fact - Checker's determination Fact - It may be indisputable Fact - Concern for a checker Fact - Undisputable bit Fact - Nugget of truth Fact - Bit of reality Fact - It's not fancy Fact - Undisputed point Fact - Indisputable thing Fact - Piece of verified information Fact - Fancy counterpart Fact - Trivia buff's fodder Fact - Undeniable truth Fact - Truism Fact - Piece of data Fact - Bit of data Fact - Actually, it's in here Fact - Actually, you'll find it in this Fact - Actually it's in this, or it's added to make it mathematical Fact - It's true that it sounds as if arty might build on it Fact - In this it would be actually non-fiction Fact - Statement of verifiable information Fact - This might be the whole truth - or afterwards only contributory to it Fact - Something known to be true Fact - It's certainly not fiction Fact - ___ checker Fact - Thing that sgt. friday requested Fact - Sure thing? Fact - There are 336 dimples on a typical golf ball, for instance Fact - Item of truth Fact - Certain thing Fact - Piece of information known to be true Fact - Verifiable truth Fact - Truth Fact - Non-fiction Fact - Bit of trivia Fact - True statement Fact - Trivia champ's tidbit Fact - Really, after "in" Fact - It's never wrong Fact - It's the real thing Fact - Certainty Fact - Encyclopedia tidbit Fact - Fundamental of science Fact - In truth many will get covered with grease Fact - Fine performance is a matter of record Fact - Account in newspaper should be this Fact - Well-upholstered, initially comfortable to sit in? it's true Fact - True information Fact - An indisputable truth Fact - Piece of indisputable information Fact - True item; reality Fact - Truth, reality Fact - Something indisputable Fact - Verity's following routine Fact - True item Fact - Undisputed item Fact - Fine deed, in truth Fact - Second part of 12 Fact - Female performance conveying reality Fact - Piece of true information Fact - Truth from a conservative framed by newspaper Fact - Fait accompli Fact - Reality show supporting fellow Fact - A truth Fact - Actual event starts in finland and ends in baltic port Fact - Reality produced by fine performance Fact - Failure to act on the outskirts of reality Fact - Matter-of-__ (straightforward) Fact - Fine performance given Fact - Indisputable detail Fact - Loud performance, it's true Fact - Reference book tidbit Fact - True piece of information Fact - It's no lie Fact - 'when alexander graham bell invented the telephone he had three missed calls from chuck norris,' for example Fact - Loud performance in reality Fact - "is that a ___?" Fact - Proven thing Fact - Indisputable statement Fact - Loud variety turn in reality Fact - Undisputed truth Fact - Carbon will puncture spare tyre in particular Fact - "it ain't fiction, just a natural ___" Fact - Fiction's counterpart Fact - The 100% truth (accept no imitations!) Fact - "alternative ___" (bit of fake news) Fact - It's not debatable Fact - Correct "rock and roll jeopardy" answer Fact - One of john adams' 'stubborn things' Fact - One of john adams' "stubborn things" Fact - It gets checked, hopefully Fact - Verified statement Fact - Rumor killer Fact - Gospel truth Fact - 'the following is completely true:' Fact - Truth we hold to be self-evident? Fact - Not fake news!
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Not fiction (****) 4 letter. - what is this?

**** - not fiction. word on "F". 1 - st. letter F. 2 - st. letter A. 3 - st. letter C. 4 - st. letter T.

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