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Shanghai - Major chinese seaport

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Shanghai - Major chinese seaport Shanghai - Carry away, in a way Shanghai - Abduct Shanghai - China's most populous city Shanghai - Chinese metropolis Shanghai - Welles' "the lady from ---" Shanghai - Port near the yangtze river Shanghai - China's largest city Shanghai - Chinese port Shanghai - City at the mouth of the yangtze Shanghai - City near the yangtze river Shanghai - Kidnap, in a way Shanghai - Forcibly detain Shanghai - To kidnap like this one may be suspended high at last, by the sound of it Shanghai - Largest city of china Shanghai - Gain hash in the chinese city Shanghai - Kidnap in chinese city-port? Shanghai - Kidnap in chinese seaport? Shanghai - Might the shah gain in china? Shanghai - Large chinese seaport Shanghai - A city to impress sailors Shanghai - Press men in china Shanghai - What makes you sing 'ha! ha!' in china? Shanghai - Impress sailors' leader; suspend from yardarm, say Shanghai - Force to serve port Shanghai - Informed about husband reportedly drunk in foreign city Shanghai - China's press? Shanghai - Drug and put on a ship Shanghai - Kidnap - asian city Shanghai - Kidnap - chinese port Shanghai - Chinese city Shanghai - Largest city in china Shanghai - Press for service in the city Shanghai - A city to impress sailors? Shanghai - Trick someone into joining a ship's crew unwillingly (in china?) Shanghai - Old iranian leader covers up poor result getting first class in china Shanghai - Branch of islam cut up over fatal old punishment in china Shanghai - It's wrong to gain hash in the chinese city Shanghai - Suspend in silence in middle of jamaican old illegal takeaway Shanghai - Port once used to drug sailors, possibly Shanghai - Yangtze port Shanghai - Exhibit haircut on sailor's head in pacific port Shanghai - Port of departure of those kidnapped in frank norris book? Shanghai - Press men at one time in china Shanghai - Trick is singular knack with most of locks Shanghai - Abduct; chinese port Shanghai - String up in quiet road in chinese port Shanghai - Force to join ship's crew, chinese port Shanghai - Lacking energy, geisha fails to entertain dynasty in oriental city Shanghai - Force into service of many chinese folk? Shanghai - From ghana, ship docked after storm, in asian port Shanghai - Trick (someone) into doing something Shanghai - Point of departure for one thus obliged to leave by norris? Shanghai - Trick (someone) into becoming a sailor Shanghai - Rest in quiet with fine port Shanghai - Darts combination by baum at hotel Shanghai - Depend on son having drunk, say, port Shanghai - Force into the service of many chinese folk ? Shanghai - Kidnap sailors Shanghai - Port in eastern china Shanghai - German navy has ordered hair to be cut in eastern port Shanghai - Has gathered i hang out with, in the east Shanghai - Trick into naval service Shanghai - City that used to impress Shanghai - Kidnap Shanghai - Impress producing great port Shanghai - Take someone aboard against their will from 5 down Shanghai - Impress when high as an engineer Shanghai - Chinese take-away? Shanghai - Impress producing large port Shanghai - Chinese city's press having got drunk Shanghai - Chinese location is quiet -- excellent! -- be in suspense entering it Shanghai - Eastern port and railroad Shanghai - Exhibit seen in quiet capital city Shanghai - Force to join ship's crew Shanghai - Huge city in ghana is built around front of harbour Shanghai - Hover in quiet road in oriental city Shanghai - Take-away chinese place? Shanghai - Dragoon Shanghai - Hear what slurring soprano did in asian city Shanghai - Put up with hotel in african country with one illegal takeaway Shanghai - Old ruler swallows newly opened grand, first-class port in china Shanghai - Port city on the yangtze estuary Shanghai - Container port on the yangtze river Shanghai - Large chinese city Shanghai - Oddly, you can gain hash in the chinese city Shanghai - Metropolis in saga composed around two hospitals