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Fail - Flunk

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  • Fail - Letter on F
  • 1 - st. word F
  • 2 - st. word A
  • 3 - st. word I
  • 4 - st. word L

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Fail - 'no go, if it is a turn for anna for a party (4)' Fail - 'words ___ me!' Fail - Be unable to achieve one's object Fail - Be unsuccessful Fail - Be unsuccessful in fighting against insurgency leaders, initially Fail - Be unsuccessful, say in exam Fail - Become insolvent Fail - Bite the dust Fail - Bomb Fail - Break down following trouble Fail - Come to naught Fail - Come up short Fail - Conk out Fail - Crash and burn Fail - Disappoint Fail - Do not pass Fail - Do not succeed Fail - Don't pass Fail - Earn no credit Fail - Epic __ Fail - Epic ___ Fail - Fall flat Fail - Fall on one's face Fail - Fall short Fail - Fall short of success Fail - Feel ill, following first collapse Fail - Flunk Fail - Flunk out Fail - Following trouble, go bankrupt Fail - Founder of football body i left Fail - Get 29-across Fail - Get an f Fail - Get no credit for, in school Fail - Get no credit, in a way Fail - Get terrible grades Fail - Give out Fail - Go bankrupt Fail - Go belly up Fail - Go belly-up Fail - Go broke Fail - Go bust Fail - Go kaput Fail - Go out of business Fail - Go pfft Fail - Go under Fail - Go up in smoke Fail - Go wrong Fail - How fianna might no longer succeed in governing Fail - How the fianna might have no success with a seat Fail - How the fianna might not be able to get in with this Fail - If it turns over on anna over this, that'll be quite a party! Fail - It's their destiny to get this in the end without success Fail - Let down Fail - Miss the mark Fail - Need remedial courses Fail - Need repair Fail - Need to retake in summer school, say Fail - Neglect (to do something) Fail - Neglect school Fail - Not catch on Fail - Not cut it Fail - Not even get a d Fail - Not make the grade Fail - Not make the grade? Fail - Not pass Fail - Not succeed Fail - Not work Fail - Not work out Fail - One may be epic Fail - Opposite of pass Fail - Pass alternative Fail - Pass opposite Fail - Pass's opposite Fail - Prove deficient Fail - Require a retest Fail - Require a retest, maybe Fail - Run out; flop Fail - See 5-down Fail - Sounds as if anna won't get the fee for the party Fail - Stop working properly Fail - Strike out Fail - Suffer a defeat* Fail - Tank Fail - Urged to leave lifeguard or go broke Fail - Wash out Fail - With 55-across, 58-/46-across movie (1964) Fail - Without ___ (religiously)