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Agitator - Does this shake one the trouble this causes?

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Agitator - Firebrand Agitator - Troublemaker Agitator - Washing machine part Agitator - Bolshevik, e.g Agitator - Rabble-rouser Agitator - One stirring the pot Agitator - Certain troublemaker Agitator - One causes a riot with this tag Agitator - How disturbing is an american soldier, thanks to the capital of russia! Agitator - What you'll never get from this is 19 down Agitator - An american serviceman, thanks to the rise, may make trouble Agitator - This gives one a sound sheikh as a cause of the trouble (8) Agitator - I got a rat that created quite a stir Agitator - How one got at air, just to cause trouble Agitator - One causes the trouble that gives one the shakes Agitator - Person who stirs up trouble Agitator - A mover and shaker - or troublemaker Agitator - That'll shake you and cause trouble Agitator - Got tiara for a trouble-maker Agitator - Provocateur or rabble-rouser Agitator - He stirs things up, causes trouble Agitator - He stirs up trouble Agitator - Trouble-maker, he stirs things up Agitator - One who stirs things up, trouble-maker Agitator - He stirs things up Agitator - Does this shake one the trouble this causes? Agitator - 'this trouble-maker makes one sheikh, by the sound of it (8)' Agitator - One causing trouble in a washing machine? Agitator - A soldier and sailor going across to troublemaker Agitator - It creates a stir when a reptile swallows it Agitator - A good mixer, maybe, but a troublemaker Agitator - Rabble-rouser - blender Agitator - Stirrer up of public feeling Agitator - Disturber of the peace Agitator - Person stirring up public feeling Agitator - Fomenter of unrest Agitator - Georgia flicked it at soldiers, being a troublemaker Agitator - Political troublemaker Agitator - Government lawyer at riot surprisingly urges others to throw stones Agitator - Demagogue, a contemptible person, taking a rise Agitator - A good mixer, maybe, but a trouble-maker Agitator - Trouble-maker Agitator - Flexible times to see some quattrocento cherub at italian church Agitator - (political) troublemaker Agitator - It is eaten by a florida reptile, one causing disturbance Agitator - Firebrand - a reptile has swallowed it Agitator - Agent provocateur Agitator - One fomenting trouble Agitator - One stirring up (things) Agitator - Rabble-rouser a soldier volunteers to restrain at first Agitator - "on the fore-stage, an –– is addressing a tattered crowd" (t. s. eliot, the rock) Agitator - Resistance goes after a soldier thanks to one stirring things up Agitator - A gun soldiers used to arrest italian activist Agitator - It's not new, turning around to follow a revolutionary Agitator - A nameless revolutionary turning subversive Agitator - One stirring up trouble Agitator - Ace snapper lodging appeal, one causing a stir Agitator - One whipping up concern Agitator - Subversive ace turning up with no name Agitator - Washing-machine part Agitator - In a large reptile, it could be a disruptive influence Agitator - Rabble-rouser with awkward gait brought up roster Agitator - A soldier and sailor holding to one causing trouble? Agitator - Troublemaker a soldier has to turn endlessly back Agitator - Revolutionary adopting incoherent argument with other ends Agitator - Stirrer Agitator - Troublemaker got tiara smashed Agitator - Subversive person Agitator - Italian with list reflected by silver stirrer Agitator - Activist, a good one, thanks to queen