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Curare - Arrow poison

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  • Curare - Letter on C
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Curare - Arrow poison Curare - Paralyzing poison Curare - Poison arrow poison Curare - See you get it underdone, even if it kills you Curare - The poor brute is and is poisoned with this Curare - See you, that's a most unusual sort of a poison Curare - Just see you get it poisonously underdone Curare - See you have it underdone, even if it poisons you Curare - See to it you do not get overdone and poisonous Curare - See you get it underdone, even if it poisons you Curare - See you get it underdone, even if it's deadly Curare - Paralysing plant poison Curare - See you are poisonous, are you? Curare - See you get this not overcooked - that would be poisonous Curare - Antidote protects soldier from poison Curare - A recipe swallowed in remedy for poison Curare - Argon is part of antidote to poison Curare - Something reddish-brown, very red poison Curare - Poison applied to darts Curare - Poison used on darts Curare - Poison put on arrows Curare - Blowgun dart poison Curare - An arrow poison Curare - S. am. arrow poison Curare - Copper - it's invaluable - can be a paralysing poison Curare - Paralysing poison Curare - Copper, unusual poison Curare - Poison: after short effective treatment, live Curare - Copper encounters unusual poison Curare - Metal not commonly found in poison Curare - Copper clamping down on uncommon poison Curare - Copper, uncommon as poison Curare - When time is right serviceman gets poison Curare - Starts to convulse uncontrollably, taking unusual poison Curare - French priest included a recipe for poison! Curare - City in charge of arrow poison Curare - Antidote contains a right poison Curare - Poison remedy around tip of arrow, right? Curare - Killer copper, a little bloody? Curare - Violent poison Curare - Treatment: to swallow radium (it's poisonous)