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Restless - Pacing, say

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Restless - Pacing, say Restless - Fidgety Restless - Bouncing off the walls Restless - Itchy Restless - Antsy Restless - Always moving Restless - Uneasy Restless - Young partner? Restless - Don't take so many breaks; be on the move Restless - Not still work harder, perhaps Restless - One is unable to be still like this Restless - Unable to relax or be still Restless - However energetic you are, be more energetic, perhaps Restless - Don't take it so easy so often - still not enough Restless - Don't take it easy so much - this makes you be wanting to be on the go (8) Restless - Do a bit more work, perhaps. you'll get no peace like that Restless - Don't take so many breaks, it makes one so unsettled (8) Restless - Don't take so many breaks; that only makes one jumpy Restless - Don't take it easy so much and yet be so fidgety Restless - Be more active, not quite quiet Restless - Just be more active, perhaps Restless - Don't take it so easy so much - always get a move on Restless - Please keep your nose more to the grindstone Restless - Please keep on working, not still like this Restless - Fidgety, uneasy Restless - Uneasy, unable to relax Restless - Not relaxed, unsettled Restless - What's left is not so fidgety Restless - Unable to be still Restless - Unable to keep still Restless - Unsettled, fidgety Restless - Don't take things so easy and not be still like that (8) Restless - Don't keep twitching and don't loaf so much Restless - Not be so still like this. keep moving more Restless - Be more energetic and not so unquiet Restless - What's left is not so much and won't keep still Restless - Keep still more but not be keeping still Restless - Don't keep still and be always on the move Restless - Not still minus the start of 22 across Restless - 'don't take so many breaks, be more uneasy (8)' Restless - 'don't take it easy so much, perhaps, and not keep still (8)' Restless - Don't take it so easy so much and fidget Restless - Having cabin fever Restless - Grapples topless with skinhead and becomes uneasy Restless - Not settled, so not given support Restless - Being worried, work longer hours? Restless - Being unable to settle, get up earlier Restless - Fidgety - unable to sleep Restless - Unable to relax Restless - Constantly moving about or fidgeting Restless - Sleep with start of 9 across on tenterhooks Restless - Worked up support at takeaway Restless - Worked up over hospital ward facing road with takeaway Restless - Too nervous to relax with takeaway Restless - Agitated, as interest is reduced by a half Restless - Uneasy and agitated Restless - Never still Restless - Unsettled wife having left, struggles with son Restless - Always on the move Restless - Fidgetty Restless - Not still agitated? Restless - Ill at ease without the others? Restless - Uneasy, having no support Restless - Clearly anxious to get the others reduced Restless - On the move, and not getting so much sleep Restless - Impatient, so not so much repose Restless - Uneasy, lacking support Restless - Disturbed others no more Restless - Do more exercise when unable to get off at night Restless - Worked up stress when prepared to entertain the french Restless - Ill at ease Restless - So play more fretful? Restless - Unable to settle balance? not so Restless - Wakeful Restless - Agitated Restless - Uneasy order to work more? Restless - Constantly moving about, fidgeting Restless - Ceaselessly in motion Restless - Unable to sit still Restless - Too nervous to relax on the foreign ship Restless - Section of trestle's stood on edge Restless - Turbulent struggles with son after wife's left Restless - Others not as unsettled Restless - Losing weight, fights in the ring with son, keeping moving