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Pivot - Center's position

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  • Pivot - Letter on P
  • 1 - st. word P
  • 2 - st. word I
  • 3 - st. word V
  • 4 - st. word O
  • 5 - st. word T

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Pivot - Come about Pivot - Center's position Pivot - Court position Pivot - Swivel Pivot - Turning point? Pivot - Turn on a dime Pivot - Turning point Pivot - Basketball maneuver Pivot - Offensive basketball position Pivot - Turn on one foot Pivot - Turn Pivot - Revolving door feature Pivot - Swing around Pivot - Fulcrum Pivot - Move on a court or a diamond Pivot - Scissors feature Pivot - Whirl on one foot Pivot - Rotating point Pivot - Hoopster's tactic Pivot - See 7-across Pivot - Shaft to support something that turns Pivot - Turn on central point Pivot - Court maneuver Pivot - Point of rotation Pivot - Some chap i voted for - everything depends on him Pivot - Turning pin Pivot - Pin, centre of revolution Pivot - Central turning point Pivot - Turn around a central point Pivot - Turn on an axis Pivot - What to do at second to turn two Pivot - Turn on a point Pivot - Whirl Pivot - Aircraft operator has change of heart, becoming kingpin Pivot - Turn to somebody for a lift Pivot - On which one turns Pivot - Crucial point as quartet comes in to play snooker Pivot - Central point around which mechanism moves Pivot - Point about which something turns Pivot - Point of turning Pivot - Swival Pivot - Turn around a centre Pivot - Pirouette, essentially Pivot - Turning-point? Pivot - Turn back to the vip Pivot - Turn very old in bed Pivot - To an important person getting up - it is the turning-point Pivot - A little voice from inside the hole makes one swivel round Pivot - Central shaft Pivot - Pin or shaft upon which something turns Pivot - Axis Pivot - Up to very important person to provide something upon which success depends Pivot - Turn to person of importance making a comeback Pivot - To important person on the way up it's the turning-point Pivot - Turn to celebrity for backing Pivot - Turn towards top person when on the way up Pivot - Central point on which things turn Pivot - Turning point for quartet in vessel Pivot - Rotation point Pivot - Revolution in basketball? Pivot - Abrupt realignment of policy priorities Pivot - Revolve Pivot - Turn on one foot, in basketball Pivot - Kind of wine grape Pivot - Basketball center, informally Pivot - Basketball move Pivot - Cagey debater's tactic Pivot - Turned to leading man or lady, one playing central role