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Tossup - Tough call for a bettor

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  • Tossup - Letter on T
  • 1 - st. word T
  • 2 - st. word O
  • 3 - st. word S
  • 4 - st. word S
  • 5 - st. word U
  • 6 - st. word P

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Tossup - Even chance Tossup - Tough call for a bettor Tossup - 50-50 chance Tossup - Hard-to-make decision Tossup - Start of some games Tossup - Hard-to-predict outcome Tossup - Even-money situation Tossup - "it's anyone's guess" situation Tossup - Game-show question Tossup - Fifty-fifty chance Tossup - 50/50 proposition Tossup - Anybody's guess Tossup - It's even money that the sot will be back with a little drink Tossup - An even chance as determined by coin flip Tossup - As like as not, to the vessel, it's not on the bottom Tossup - It's even money that it may 17 across Tossup - Coin flip, an even chance Tossup - Flip in the air - it's a gamble Tossup - Even chance or risk Tossup - Even chance, like flipping a coin Tossup - An even chance, like flipping a coin Tossup - An even chance, like flip of coin Tossup - A gamble - flip a coin Tossup - Flip of a coin Tossup - Even chance as with coin flip Tossup - Flip of a coin, an even chance Tossup - Even chance like flip of the coin Tossup - An even chance - flip a coin Tossup - Throw in air, coin or salad Tossup - An even chance - flip coin Tossup - Difficult-to-predict outcome Tossup - Fair chance of drunkard turning to drink Tossup - Anyone's game, as manx cat and cat back to back Tossup - An even chance the matador will try to avoid Tossup - Where there's an even chance to bring back the cat Tossup - Spin a coin - prepare food quickly Tossup - Tough decision for a bettor Tossup - Tough call Tossup - Half a chance to return cat Tossup - 50-50 shot Tossup - A 50/50 chance Tossup - It's an even chance drunk turns up with drink Tossup - One seeks change before taking such a decision Tossup - The throwing of a coin to decide outcome Tossup - Use of coin to decide Tossup - Decision process that needs a bit of money raised Tossup - Alcoholic turning back on drink? that's hard to predict! Tossup - Situation with equally likely possible outcomes Tossup - To swing cat brings unpredictable result Tossup - 50-50 chance that dipso reverts to drink Tossup - Spin a coin Tossup - Gamble a matador hopes to avoid Tossup - Chancy way of raising money Tossup - Decisive process that requires raising a bit of money Tossup - Drunkard turning up to drink makes for uncertain situation Tossup - Take a chance to raise money Tossup - Spot us involved in chancy exercise Tossup - It's as likely as not to see mogs back-to-back (one manx?) Tossup - Raise money -- it's a risk either way Tossup - Even chance to turn cat over Tossup - Type of 'college bowl' question Tossup - Bit of change in the air? it could go either way Tossup - Even chance following to raise kitty Tossup - Even-odds situation Tossup - Risk of drunkard returning to drink Tossup - It could go either way Tossup - Even odds Tossup - Where neither is more likely to lift alcoholic drink Tossup - Game show question that determines which team plays Tossup - Head of turnip for fresh soups - it's anyone's guess how it'll turn out Tossup - It can go either way