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Super - ___ tuesday

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Super - ___ tuesday Super - Fabulous Super - Marvelous Super - Extremely Super - Swell Super - Perky accolade Super - Apartment manager Super - Terrif Super - Gasoline grade Super - Flat fixer Super - Bowl opening? Super - Top-notch Super - First-rate Super - 'fabulous!' Super - "fabulous!" Super - A-one, or one living in 1-a, perhaps Super - Perky accolade? Super - He may live in apt. 1a Super - Bldg. bigwig Super - Start of something big? Super - Crack Super - "excellent!" Super - Starter for "star" or "power" Super - A-one Super - "that's great!" Super - 'terrif!' Super - Apartment 1-a resident, maybe Super - Maintenance director Super - Apartment maintainer Super - A one, or one living in 1-a Super - __ glue Super - Fab Super - Very, in slang Super - Perfect Super - More than great Super - Tenant tender Super - "great!" Super - Awesome Super - 'fantastic!' Super - ___ 8 Super - Very big Super - Tenement worker Super - 'great!' Super - Apartment worker Super - Tremendous Super - Terrific Super - Excellent Super - Massive Super - Fantastic Super - That coud be a very special sort of purse Super - It's terrific about something the matter back there Super - It's grand the way the representative gets up to us Super - Informally great, really up there Super - First-rate, top-notch Super - Informally excellent, terrific Super - Prefix meaning over or extremely Super - Marvellous, terrific Super - Prefix meaning over-excellent! Super - Gushily great, excellent Super - First-rate, topnotch Super - Informally excellent Super - Informally terrific, splendid Super - Prefix meaning terrific or great Super - Sitcom's schneider, for instance Super - Prefix meaning above or informally great Super - Topnotch, terrific Super - Like some comic book heroes Super - That's grand about the matter up here Super - Grand to get through us up there Super - "fantastic!" Super - Apartment 1a resident, perhaps Super - Splendid meal for a penny more Super - Jolly good little police officer Super - Meal said to be short of vegetable, but still very good Super - Fish among gar used in a stew with powerful associations Super - Penny-pinching meal's great Super - Jolly good Super - Excellent - small-part actor Super - Exceptional Super - Outstanding Super - Smashing! Super - Smashing, terrific Super - Spiffing! Super - "outstanding!" Super - Prefix with "model" or "star" Super - Delightful Super - Apt. manager Super - "natural" starter Super - Great meal one page brought out Super - Incomparable Super - Outstanding evening meal priest left Super - Fantastic league? Super - Excellent; police officer Super - David fairclough-style sub Super - A substitute like david fairclough Super - (of product) of extra fine quality Super - Peerless Super - Weight of wessex non-com Super - Impressive like those furry animals Super - David fairclough was this type of substitute Super - Descriptive of rugby league? Super - Top cop Super - David fairclough-style substitute Super - Vikram solanki was the first england cricketer to play as this type of sub Super - Have a drink with the queen? smashing! Super - Exceptionally good policeman Super - Excellent; policeman Super - Smashing meal one quietly had to leave Super - Policeman has power to stop one taking action Super - It's great to drink with the queen Super - Marvellous meal with no second helpings Super - Policeman's pressure breaks man in court Super - Wicked man in court perhaps broken by pressure Super - Fabulous police officer may be seen shortly Super - Bridge player covering up queen and ace Super - Wonderful Super - Extra capital Super - Really good drink offered with little hesitation Super - Marvellous! Super - Great Super - Tip-top cop? Super - Splendid Super - Drink to hm? fantastic! Super - Persuaded to rewrite the opening, it's great Super - Presumably the head swivels? great! Super - Cool drink, half of beer Super - Brilliant police chief Super - Splendid! Super - Great meal, only 1p Super - Outstanding police officer Super - Neat drink followed by half of beer Super - First rate meal that's quiet but not very quiet Super - Excellent management, but lacking foresight Super - Extremely good Super - Very good Super - Police officer having a meal half-heartedly Super - Wonderful agent, american in the ascendant Super - Marvellous making use of change in purse Super - Great! Super - Splendid meal lacking source of protein Super - Apartment 1-a resident, often Super - Marvellous word for an american caretaker Super - Splendid meal abandoned by prince Super - "terrific!" Super - Marvellous purse embroidered Super - Marvellous embroidered purse Super - Top-drawer Super - Great to get american backing for each Super - Smashing Super - Great; wonderful Super - Smashing beer, half cut after drink Super - Great manager Super - Top cop, one petitioning for retention of power Super - Wicked senior police officer! Super - "awesome!" Super - Like a dc comics "man" Super - 'neat-o-rific!' Super - Top cop having risen in service, free of imperfection Super - Épatant Super - ___ tuesday (big primary day) Super - Senior garda backs agents holding underworld leader Super - Apartment manager, briefly Super - Delightful meal without papa Super - Capital Super - Fantastic meal only 1p! Super - Brilliant Super - Essence Super - Word that can precede the first parts of 15- and 61-across and 9- and 27-down Super - ___ mario bros. (video game) Super - 'terrific!' Super - 'terrific!'