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Easya - High mark with low effort

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Easya - High mark with low effort Easya - Class that doesn't require much studying Easya - High mark, little effort required Easya - Snap course Easya - Gut course, perhaps Easya - No-stress class Easya - Grade made in the shade? Easya - Cushy course Easya - Gut course Easya - Student's safety net Easya - Gpa booster Easya - Class that requires little effort Easya - You hardly have to study for it Easya - Soft course Easya - Course that doesn't require much studying Easya - Simple class Easya - Rocks for jocks, say Easya - 'intro to ballroom dancing,' most likely Easya - Expected grade in a gut course Easya - Course with no unexpected curves? Easya - Cushy class Easya - Cinch course Easya - It's hard to fail Easya - No-brainer course Easya - Piece of cake in school Easya - Cheese appreciation 101, say Easya - Gpa-boosting course Easya - Source of grade inflation Easya - Course to breeze through Easya - Snap course, in school Easya - Unchallenging college course Easya - No-brainer college course Easya - Breeze on a college campus Easya - Average booster Easya - Class with low standards Easya - No-brainer in school Easya - Course you can float through Easya - Student's delight Easya - "rocks for jocks" type of class Easya - Hardly a tough course Easya - Smooth-sailing source Easya - No-brainer class, an example of which is named by combining the ends of 20-, 36-, 42- and 55-across Easya - Breeze of a class Easya - Class that requires little effort to pass Easya - Snap of a course Easya - Simple course Easya - Cake course Easya - Breezy class Easya - Class you can sleep through Easya - 'rocks for jocks' type of class Easya - Class that requires no effort to pass Easya - 2010 emma stone movie Easya - G.p.a. helper Easya - Cruise course? Easya - Course that you waltz through Easya - 2010 emma stone comedy set in high school Easya - G.p.a. booster Easya - Very cushy course Easya - Class without struggle Easya - Class that's a cakewalk Easya - Rocks for jocks, most likely Easya - Course with no homework, say Easya - Snap class Easya - Sean of 'the lord of the rings' Easya - Piece-of-cake class Easya - Course that's a cinch Easya - Cushy school course Easya - Intro french class for a fluent french speaker, e.g Easya - Cinch of a course Easya - Unchallenging course Easya - Effortless course Easya - Gpa improver Easya - College softball? Easya - Class that's simple to pass Easya - Snap of a class Easya - Course for which you hardly need to 51-down Easya - Opposite of "tough course" Easya - Course that's good for one's gpa Easya - Course that's a walk in the park Easya - College booster? Easya - Class that's a piece of cake Easya - Lazy student's class Easya - Campus breeze Easya - Its material is not hard Easya - Emma stone movie Easya - Course you hardly have to study for Easya - Basket weaving 101, say Easya - Class that's a snap Easya - School class that's simple Easya - College picnic? Easya - Low-effort school course Easya - Class requiring little effort Easya - Undemanding course Easya - Virtually unflunkable course Easya - No-sweat grade Easya - Light course Easya - Walk-in-the-park class Easya - Class to breeze through