Prop - Item in an actor's hand

Word by letter:
  • Prop - Letter on P
  • 1 - st. word P
  • 2 - st. word R
  • 3 - st. word O
  • 4 - st. word P

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Prop - Yorick's skull, for one Prop - Stage accessory Prop - Support, with 'up' Prop - Stage piece Prop - Stage item Prop - Stage device Prop - Play thing Prop - Skull in "hamlet," e.g Prop - Item in an actor's hand Prop - Tent pole, e.g Prop - Charlie chaplin's cane, e.g Prop - Support Prop - Stage furnishing Prop - Actor's accessory Prop - Stage support Prop - Theatrical object Prop - Skull in 'hamlet,' e.g Prop - Two-pound weight marked "one ton," e.g Prop - Yorick's skull, e.g Prop - Support (with "up") Prop - Brace Prop - Set piece Prop - Yorick's skull, for example Prop - Desdemona's handkerchief, e.g Prop - What a tent pole should do Prop - Support on stage? Prop - B-29 spinner, briefly Prop - Set item Prop - Gun on stage, e.g Prop - 007 gadget, e.g Prop - Rabbit, to david copperfield Prop - Telephone on stage, for one Prop - Object on stage Prop - Keep from falling, with "up" Prop - Plane mover, briefly Prop - Telephone on stage, e.g Prop - Actor's cane, e.g Prop - Fake sword, sometimes Prop - Knife or gun, in a play Prop - Item on the stage Prop - Stagehand's tote Prop - Chaplin's cane, e.g Prop - Buttress Prop - Telephone on a stage, e.g Prop - Source of support Prop - Support, with "up" Prop - Actor's pipe, e.g Prop - Play thing? Prop - Hold (up) Prop - Actor's aid Prop - Cane, to charlie chaplin Prop - ___ 8 [grumble] Prop - Object for 9-across Prop - Ringing phone on stage, e.g Prop - Groucho's cigar, e.g Prop - Item held by an actor Prop - Something on stage Prop - Watermelon, for gallagher Prop - Phone on stage, e.g Prop - Stage phone, e.g Prop - Movable stage item Prop - Phone in an actor's hand, e.g Prop - Top hat, cane or monocle Prop - Item used onstage Prop - Item on stage Prop - Shore (up) Prop - Hold up Prop - The support and driving force of an old plane Prop - Stay and sup with the port Prop - Stay with what isn't a jet, in short Prop - Person or thing providing support Prop - A rigid support - 37 across is one Prop - A rigid support Prop - Support to keep from falling Prop - A rigid supprot or piece of satge furniture (4) Prop - Rigid support Prop - One is usually among the strongest and heaviest rugby players Prop - Stagehand's responsibility Prop - Support offered 14's neighbour Prop - Player essential in pack for power Prop - Support for revolutionary part of craft Prop - Post for party leader Prop - See 14 Prop - Support - used on stage? Prop - Shore for 4 down Prop - Support - rugby player Prop - Portable film set item Prop - Support - item on stage Prop - See 5 Prop - Moveable object used on stage Prop - Sound-stage accessory Prop - Actor's implement Prop - Holdup? Prop - Support (a rugby player?) Prop - Holdup device? Prop - Stagehand's concern Prop - Weight marked "one ton," e.g Prop - Item on a broadway stage Prop - Comedian's visual Prop - Stage aid Prop - Cauldron or sword in 'macbeth,' say Prop - Superior home?: abbr Prop - Word before "comic" or "plane" Prop - Phone in a play, e.g Prop - "west side story" knife, e.g Prop - Actor's handful Prop - California ballot measure, informally Prop - Dagger in "macbeth," e.g Prop - Hold (up), support Prop - Support one needed at certain stages Prop - Supporter, like jason leonard! Prop - Rugby supporter Prop - Supporter at the front Prop - Supporter, like all black carl hayman Prop - Support; item on stage Prop - Support is genuine, without hesitation Prop - Temporary support Prop - Support; rugby forward Prop - Support rook blocked by pawn Prop - Rugby player; support Prop - What actor may carry forward Prop - One putting pressure on hooker? Prop - One trained at front of pack Prop - One expected to embrace hooker for tiny amount Prop - What an actor handles Prop - What holds up well? Prop - Support one playing rugby Prop - Either of the two forwards at the ends of the front row of a rugby scrum Prop - Forward at either end of front row of rugby scrum Prop - Timber supporting mine roof Prop - Support for cash Prop - Support for new pence Prop - Support for coppers Prop - Stay for the end of worship Prop - Front row forward Prop - Stay for start of play Prop - Support for head of police Prop - An arm and a leg? Prop - Forward support Prop - Stay for beginning of party Prop - Support for central portion of rampart Prop - Support for party leader Prop - For power, part of old aircraft that's forward Prop - Support used by actors Prop - Support for president initially Prop - Stay for theatrical item Prop - Driving mechanism, in short, for front of plane Prop - Theater stage item Prop - Something that gives rigid support Prop - Stage-play accessory Prop - What an actor holds Prop - Seize and hold firmly Prop - Rugby forward Prop - Support something put on stage Prop - Stay for start of party Prop - Object held on stage Prop - Means of support Prop - Kind of plane Prop - Pocket watch, to a hypnotist Prop - Part of a stage set Prop - Small plane's spinner, for short Prop - Item in the wings, maybe Prop - Coin for david copperfield, say Prop - Cessna spinner, for short Prop - Strut that rotates on a plane Prop - Yorick's skull in "hamlet," e.g Prop - A support Prop - Macbeth's dagger, e.g Prop - Support a rugby player Prop - Rugby player Prop - Staged thing? Prop - Theatrical accessory Prop - It may be passed on stage Prop - Yorick's skull or hamlet's sword Prop - Stage equipment Prop - Support; rugby player Prop - Stage dressing Prop - Chaplin's cane, for example Prop - Razor, for 36-across Prop - Airplane blade Prop - Theater accessory Prop - Bolster Prop - Stage telephone, say Prop - Stay in favour of suspect in the middle Prop - Support for parking Prop - Top hat, to a magician Prop - Top hat, to a magician Prop - Rugby player's item used in play Prop - Rugby player's item used in play
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Item in an actor's hand (****) 4 letter. - what is this?

**** - item in an actor's hand. word on "P". 1 - st. letter P. 2 - st. letter R. 3 - st. letter O. 4 - st. letter P.

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