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Sprite - New soft drink of 1961

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  • Sprite - Letter on S
  • 1 - st. word S
  • 2 - st. word P
  • 3 - st. word R
  • 4 - st. word I
  • 5 - st. word T
  • 6 - st. word E

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Sprite - 'obey your thirst' sloganeer Sprite - Little one Sprite - Old british roadster Sprite - Fairy tale figure Sprite - Fairy Sprite - New soft drink of 1961 Sprite - Pixie Sprite - Robin goodfellow, e.g Sprite - Ariel, e.g Sprite - Drink since 1961 Sprite - Soft drink since 1961 Sprite - Alternative for cokeheads Sprite - 7up competitor Sprite - Caffeine-free drink Sprite - Elf Sprite - Coca-cola concoction Sprite - Brownie Sprite - 'obey your thirst' sloganeer, once Sprite - Puck, for one Sprite - Drink for which "lymon" was coined Sprite - "obey your thirst" brand Sprite - Competitor of 7up Sprite - 7 up alternative Sprite - Preternatural creature Sprite - Mischief-maker Sprite - Drink for which 'lymon' was coined Sprite - Pet, sir, could be a goblin Sprite - What an imp the priest can be! (6) Sprite - An elfin sort of a priest? Sprite - That could make mischief for the priest Sprite - Just a little trip in here Sprite - Seems that tripe's the cause of the mischief Sprite - Stripe on a fairy Sprite - An elf or fairy Sprite - Small, playful fairy Sprite - Tripe's all there is to such an elf Sprite - A fairy or goblin Sprite - Shakespeare's puck, for one Sprite - Is one of your little tripes feeling ill? Sprite - The tripes of the dainty little thing get twisted (6) Sprite - Spirit of spite for the most part Sprite - That mischievous creature may tie in the end your tripes in a knot Sprite - Is one lively enough to make a priest? Sprite - Tripe's what makes one an imp Sprite - Might a priest become such an imp? Sprite - Coca-cola brand Sprite - Supernatural being disturbed priest Sprite - Spend no end on ceremony for brownie? Sprite - Demon at odds with the liturgy Sprite - Hate holding royal imp Sprite - Elf wound round end of finger Sprite - Elf shows malice crossing river Sprite - Little imp nips mother's bottom in malice Sprite - Grudge-bearing queen is a dainty creature Sprite - Nimble elf-like creature - icon in computer game Sprite - Elflike creature Sprite - "limon" soda Sprite - Drink in a green bottle Sprite - Elf or fairy Sprite - Puck Sprite - Lemon-lime soft drink Sprite - Priest replaced by amazing type who is a bit of a legend Sprite - Malice consuming river fairy Sprite - Naiad Sprite - Betting system ceremony for water creature Sprite - Elf, fairy Sprite - Dash out with four for a game Sprite - Ill-feeling about river elf Sprite - Puck, say, initially placed on top of rink in position Sprite - Imp Sprite - Place in which priest's found fairy Sprite - Fairy queen gripped by bitchiness Sprite - Fairy's cattiness about romeo Sprite - Fairy queen consumed by bitterness Sprite - Spring ceremony for a fairy Sprite - Goblin Sprite - Goblin sets heart of fairies in bad feeling Sprite - Turbulent priest's mischievous essence Sprite - Fairy godmother's last letter enveloped in rancour Sprite - Goblin, elf or fairy Sprite - Impish type Sprite - Mountain dew alternative Sprite - Goblin has ill feeling about king Sprite - Small playful fairy Sprite - Goblin - elf Sprite - Elfish one Sprite - 7up rival Sprite - Fairy ring abandoned in vernal ceremony Sprite - Fairy godmother finally admitted to malice Sprite - 7-up alternative Sprite - Shakespeare's ariel, for one Sprite - Lemon-lime drink Sprite - Goblin shows ill will without resistance Sprite - Troublemaker showing ill-feeling around back of bar Sprite - Supernatural being attending special ceremony Sprite - Supernatural being attending special ceremony