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Guest - Divine the sound of the one that will stay

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Guest - Talk show chatter Guest - Partygoer Guest - Hospitality recipient Guest - Party attender Guest - Talk show interviewee Guest - Hospitality target Guest - You may provide a bed for one Guest - One on a list Guest - Kind of room Guest - Invited visitor Guest - Visitor Guest - Wedding attendee Guest - Inn patron Guest - Kind of room or star Guest - Spare room user Guest - Invitee Guest - Weekender, maybe Guest - Hotel patron Guest - Party invitee Guest - Party person Guest - Hotel client Guest - Party attendee Guest - If the wind will blow like this round the east, this will come to stay Guest - Sounds as if you've hit on the answer to the one that's staying Guest - Sounds as if one has divined that one is only staying Guest - Estimated that one is staying, by the sound of it Guest - Might have divined, by the sound of it, that one was not a club member Guest - Sounds as if one might have got the answer to 21 across Guest - The host has found the answer to this, by the sound of it Guest - Customer of a hotel Guest - Sounds as if you've got the answer that's staying Guest - Person entertained by host Guest - Divine the sound of the one that will stay Guest - Sounds as if one may estimate one is staying Guest - Spare-room user Guest - Company Guest - Visitor forecast by audience Guest - Thought i heard a visitor Guest - See 2 Guest - Person entertained Guest - Person receiving another's hospitality Guest - "be my ___!" Guest - Hotel visitor Guest - One of the inn crowd Guest - Green-room visitor Guest - Outburst of emotion about english company Guest - One receiving hospitality Guest - Visitor reckoned to get a hearing Guest - A wartime footballer, perhaps Guest - Conjectured audibly 'who's been invited?' Guest - A wartime player was described as this by his host club Guest - Someone invited judged on the radio Guest - One who's invited Guest - Visitor american's supposed to listen to Guest - Outburst about european who takes hotel room Guest - Visitant Guest - Did judge in hearing appear when invited? Guest - Visitor's estimate reduced temperature Guest - Letterman interviewee, say Guest - Visitor fancied getting picked up Guest - Pinter leaves guttersnipe for one of those at the hotel Guest - Caller fancied speaking Guest - Recipient of hospitality Guest - Caller sounds determined Guest - Visitor who is paying for lodgings Guest - Speculated loudly whether one had an invitation Guest - Noisily speculated about visitor Guest - Visitor putting energy into blow Guest - Supposed, say, one's invited Guest - Someone invited Guest - Person being entertained is judged by audience Guest - Company man? Guest - ___ star Guest - A type of room or conductor Guest - Event invitee Guest - One who puts up with you Guest - Visitor to a green room Guest - Person who puts up with you Guest - Visitor figured in conversation Guest - Visitor to whom hospitality is extended Guest - Someone who puts up with you Guest - Sleeper sofa user Guest - Hotel vip Guest - Opposite of host Guest - One-episode series star Guest - Invited person Guest - Visitor supposed to speak Guest - One-episode costar Guest - Talk-show visitor