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Barren - Sounds not so noble as 22 down to be so infertile

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Barren - 'desolate, fallow (6)' Barren - Arid of unfertile Barren - Arid or infertile Barren - Arid, infertile Barren - Bare and bleak Barren - Bleak and desolate Barren - Bleak, lifeless Barren - Bruce hornsby "___ ground" Barren - By way of illustration Barren - Desert Barren - Desolate Barren - Desolate, fallow Barren - Devoid of vegetation Barren - Doesn't make an issue in pub registered by apprentice at the centre Barren - Dry and desolate Barren - Dry? pub's about opening now Barren - Dull member of upper chamber given a hearing Barren - Empty farm building accommodates soldiers Barren - Empty pub about noon Barren - Empty pub with topless bird Barren - Far from arable Barren - Fruitless Barren - He will sound noble enough not to have an heir Barren - In the outbuilding, about to be no issue Barren - Incapable of sustaining life Barren - Infertile Barren - Infertile, unable to grow things Barren - Infertile, unable to reproduce Barren - Infertile, unproductive Barren - It has 'bare' inside Barren - It sounds so noble to be without an heir Barren - It's like a desert about in thebig shed Barren - Lacking vegetation Barren - Like a wasteland Barren - Like desert terrain Barren - Like land without vegetation Barren - Like the badlands Barren - Lord reportedly unable to have children? Barren - Noble said to be childless Barren - Noble sound with no sound air Barren - Noble-sounding but without issue Barren - Nonproductive Barren - Not fertile Barren - Not fertile or productive Barren - Not fertile, unproductive Barren - Not making an issue of ban about nationalist Barren - Not producing fruit Barren - Not producing vegetation or offspring Barren - Not the sound of a fur tile, but still a noble sound Barren - Nothing fertile from the barn roundabout there Barren - Sounds as if he's entitled to have no family Barren - Sounds as if one has a title but no heir Barren - Sounds as if the lord can have no heir Barren - Sounds as if the lord has no heir Barren - Sounds as if the peer has no heir Barren - Sounds like industrial magnate is unproductive Barren - Sounds not so noble as 22 down to be so infertile Barren - Sterile Barren - The noble, by the sound of it, had no heir Barren - There's a shed round about with nothing in it Barren - There's nothing that's fertile about here in the shed Barren - To slip up in prohibition is unproductive Barren - To speak of nobility is fruitless Barren - Unable to bear fruit, not fertile Barren - Unable to bear young Barren - Unable to reproduce Barren - Unable to reproduce, infertile Barren - Unfruitful Barren - Unproductive Barren - Unproductive 8, by the sound of it? Barren - Unproductive 8, by the sound of it? Barren - Unproductive lawyers' fee falling short Barren - Unproductive mogul, by the sound of it? Barren - Unproductive of life Barren - Unproductive, arid Barren - Unproductive, as a lord is said to be Barren - Unproductive, infertile Barren - Unproductive; bleak Barren - With no vegetation